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  1. @DrHolmes52 - I've run into occasional angry in-game chat since then, but that experience in T1 was off the charts. Never had anything even remotely close since. Although, I did have a teammate who - and I know it was intentional - torped me during a game yesterday. Actually hit me with one before I realized what he was trying to do. He was cursing in Spanish in chat. The only way I knew it was aimed at me was he said "Pensacola de mierda" and I was driving a Pensacola. Claimed I stole his kill, which happened right after he asked everyone to concentrate fire on the Warspite we were trying to dispatch. They had almost killed each other, but Warspite was rapidly printing himself another ship when I hit him with a salvo after the call to concentrate fire. Then my Spanish-speaking friend launched a salvo of torps at me from close range down the throat, and how I only collected one is a miracle, due probably to the narrow beam of Pensacola. He came around behind me and launched again and I evaded. Game ended shortly after, victory to us on points, so who knows how his tantrum would have ended.
  2. ENSParker

    Cleveland...why is service cost so high?

    Yes, @warheart1992, that's probably it. My only other T8 ships are Alabama and Prinz Eugen. Here are screenshots of the Credits & XP postgame screens from my most recent game in each earlier today. I got my Cleveland at T6 just before the US cruiser line split and got to play it some at T6. When I first played it at T8 the credit results were shocking. Prinz Eugen Alabama
  3. Why is the service cost so high on my Cleveland at T8? It's 60K credits even after taking 20% off for the perma camo and signal flag. There are some bad games where I actually lose credits! That has never happened to me on any other ship. It's 50% higher service cost than my other T8 ships.
  4. ENSParker

    Pensacola vs Dallas

    I was in CQB against a Dallas in my Pensacola a couple of weeks ago...I was hitting her pretty well with my 8" guns but then got citadeled by her 6". We were broadside to broadside and I didn't get any cits on the Dallas, and I'm a pretty good shot. wth? The fragility of the Pensacola and the turret nerf combined with her slow reload makes her very hard to like. Just got a Dallas, and she's a lot of fun to play.
  5. ENSParker


    Would agree with everything just said and add use your hydro to find those DDs. If you find yourself spotted and can't figure out where it's coming from, there's almost sure to be a DD around, especially if you hear incoming torps. Also, hydro will help you spot those torps sooner. WASD and spam HE. It's especially gratifying to light those BBs on fire, over and over again, and your guns have about the same range as T4 BBs. Save your AP for lower tier cruisers, Omaha, and enemy Phoenix. The torps aren't bad, just short ranged. Ambush and if you are being chased let'em have a salvo or two of torps while you're WASDing. If finding yourself in close proximity to a BB, like @Fishrokk said, you might give broadside and that's what the torps are for, knife-fighting range. I've made several BBs regret it when I got that close. Get the top level hull researched and purchased quickly. Those extra guns give you a lot more punch. You've actually got longer ranged guns on Phoenix at T4 than Omaha does at T5. Omaha has better and more torps, though.
  6. ENSParker

    Things that make me want to quit this game

    @BBsquid It was IJN Haruna that was detonated, if I remember correctly. Some of what A_Crying_Hipster pointed out was correct and useful, but psychoanalysis in the forums is no more welcome than flaming people in game chat. @evilleMonkeigh hit it spot on. Stick to the facts - paragraphs 2 and 3 of the quote were germaine - the rest was babble about emotions, maturity, and attitudes. What makes me want to quit this game is when I get hammered by the two enemy CVs while driving my Texas and get no fighter support from the two allied CVs. They weren't attacking anyone but me and I was ripping on the enemy BBs - when I could - because I was too busy dodging torp and DB attacks. I shot down 24 planes, almost as much as the rest of my team put together (more than both allied CVs combined), but took 5 torps and 1 bomb in the process. Yelled for help on chat and no response from anyone. Texas isn't exactly what you would call maneuverable...or fast. She can't keep up if everyone else runs away. But for the majority of my time in the game I was the nearest ship to allied CVs and it would have been easy to put a squadron or two of fighters over me for CAP, especially as Texas was such a magnet for the enemy attacks. They could have easily whittled down enemy attack planes and scouts and saved me for my purpose, whipping up on enemy BBs. It was a strange game, too, in that there were no cruisers at all.
  7. Yeah, what is it with Tier 1 random battles? Those people are crazy. I realized that after seeing a few things, like how many people knew each other, the weird play style which reminds me of WoT, and once when I realized that one of the opposition team was running at least a 10 point captain in a T1 ship because I was radio-located (I was new and had never seen that icon before, nor did I know what it was). After a T1 random battle late one night where I emerged victorious alone against the sole surviving opposition member, this person harassed me through PM accusing me of cheating, using illegal mods, had looked up my stats and was telling me how badly I sucked and that I couldn't have beaten him without cheating, etc. Unbelievable! At that point I had been playing for a month, and I have a real life with a wife and work and everything else. I immediately moved up to T2 (apprehensively, as I was worried it would be as nasty as T1) and beyond and never went back, but if I ever do I know what to expect. Are the T1 randoms on other servers as crazy as North America?
  8. ENSParker

    0.7.7 Public Test Bug Reports

    Tried to view a replay of a game I played on the PTS and it not only wouldn't play, it generated a critical error and locked up my system. Unfortunately even though the critical error was displayed in a separate window I was never able to pull up that window and take a shot as my system was mostly locked up. About the only thing I could do was cycle through open apps with Alt+Tab but none would ever display. I was stuck on the screen where the PTS client was loading. The error would occur shortly after the progress bar showed loading complete. Another point, the critical error (I was able to see enough of it to get this info) showed that the program that failed was not the PTS client, but the client, even though I right clicked on the replay file and used the dialog to point at the PTS client to open the file with. Also, replays using my 0.7.6 client also no longer work since this problem surfaced. Same critical error message. python.log