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  1. I noticed this too last night, it sounds so muted
  2. Navcab4422

    WG ship rental program

    This, honestly I feel like the training room is really neglected
  3. Navcab4422

    How is Worcester?

    I disagree, I'm not a great CV player but because the Worcester usually stationary and siting away from other ships its easy to kill in one strike (AP bombs hit really well) even though I lose half of my planes from the attack run it elimates the HE spam and allows our DDs and BBs to push up
  4. Navcab4422

    CV Captains believe they can win without the team

    This is part of the problem, I haven't figured out how to defend against the 3 fighter squadrons of the Taiho in my Essex, unless I get off a lucky strafe I spend half the game trying to take down his fighters while his planes attack with impunity or my attack planes get shredded by his 3rd set of fighters.
  5. They definitely mean credits but put gold coins in the promo haha
  6. But you get 500,000 dubloons for each ten tokens at 0.7.8 Got to love wargaming misprints
  7. Navcab4422

    Ships seem very slow lately?

    I've been feeling this as well especially when playing DDs
  8. Navcab4422


    Nope you don't, I watched some last night without having it downloaded.
  9. Navcab4422

    WG, Do You Want to Fix CVs? Then Get Rid of Strafing

    I agree with this I just always fall into the strafing weave and so far I cant figure out what I can do about this I wish the USN CV had the same number of fighter squads as the CV's they face it would be interesting to see if that tweak would make any difference
  10. Navcab4422

    Submarines are now in the game

    The Cimarron in my tech tree (Aslain's extended tech tree) is listed as a tier V Submarine lol
  11. Navcab4422

    Mass Effect, fast becoming my favorite ship

    I stay around the cruisers and push just behind them, the secondaries are great but those main guns pack a huge punch at 15 km or less. I usually try to put an island to one side of me to help reduce incoming fire.
  12. Navcab4422

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    So the short version is you trade off range (21.1 vs 18.3 km) and accuracy Sigma (1.9 vs 1.7) for better secondaries (5 km and 6 second reload to 7.5 km and 4 second reload), slightly more hp (63,300 vs 66,300) and a reduced cooldown on your heal (120 seconds vs 60 seconds). I believe there's also an accuracy buff to the secondaries. So with a commander and loadout secondary specced you end up with a secondary brawler with a range of 11.3 km's. Yeah your guns aren't as good at range as the Alabama but you play up close where it doesn't matter and let your secondaries deal with any destroyer that gets close. For me I remember one of the most frustrating matches was I had 2 DD's attacking my Alabama until I burned to death because I couldn't get my shots to land (potatoing hard) but with the Massachusetts they get eaten alive by secondaries (Last night watched a full health Haida charge a Massachusetts and he was at <50% health before he launched torps and dead before they hit).
  13. Navcab4422

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    So far I'm loving this ship, I haven't played the Tirpitz so I can't compare but this is probably the most fun I've had in game
  14. Navcab4422

    Most overrated ship in WOW's?

    That went right over my head haha, I'm nearly through the grind with it and unless I'm against another ranger I hate life, the Saipan is just stupid
  15. Navcab4422

    Most overrated ship in WOW's?

    I don't know who says that, IMO its the worst CV in the US line and by far the worst CV at 7, maybe in the old days before you couldn't pick your load out. The biggest thing is dealing with other cv's fighters and they strafe escape while the second squad then strafes your fighters.