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  1. All CV pilots please do this!
  2. Lots of other games that are better, that reward you, and don't screw the whole game up with a stupid change. Glad I stopped paying and playing, only wish I'd done it sooner. And now I spend my money on a north America run game, and give my money to normal people, not the "other" country that has no clue.
  3. Capt_h2o

    Petition to WG to unistall

    The same fools that did the CV rework. Not dealing with a lot of brain power at WG. More like brain dead.
  4. Find a different game to play. WG and WoWS is dead because they are stupid
  5. CV's in any battle are stupid, but here we are. Don't question stupid, it can't be fixed.
  6. No one besides WG wants them in the game at all! Correction: the few that kiss up to WG clam they want them, but no real paying players do.
  7. It's so much more fun just not playing the stupid world of CV's and playing a game that isn't broken. Not only that, but other games give you a bonus when you spend money, WG gives the shaft dry!
  8. Capt_h2o

    (VIDEO) CVs are broken

    World of CV's! No planes in the new game I'm playing, they reward me for spending money and don't make stupid updates that wreck the game. But this is WG, the clueless ones
  9. Capt_h2o

    Useful links for wiki editing

    Only update anyone wants is "cv's removed" otherwise it's a crap and useless update
  10. Capt_h2o

    State of the playerbase?

    Troll where ever I want, criticise when ever I can, play and spend my money else where. So throw another kiss at WG and the Russians!
  11. Capt_h2o

    State of the playerbase?

    Already gave up on the game, and once you move on and find a new game, there is no time to come back. It's just over and forgotten.
  12. Black Bank Upgrade, oh wait that's in the game I'm spending my money in now
  13. WG needs to replace the money they have lost when people stopped spending and then stopped playing.
  14. Capt_h2o

    Wargaming wake up!!

    .the rework has been more fun, because I stopped playing wows and moved on to a different game.
  15. That's easy too, so this will be my last post, and my last game of WoWS, enjoy playing your [edited] class of boat, I mean plane