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  1. Game crash

    I had the game lag and drop 3 times on Saturday. Wasn't on my end, then again last night had a mate in my div lag and drop, but we did lose discord. Felt like a glitch on WG's end.
  2. Game is broken

    So I will ask, could the BB's see the spammer? My only complaint is the spammer that can be hit, but if the BB's could see him, bad BB captain's
  3. GPU overheating

    I run boost, my GPU is at 100% all the time, temp is always maxed out, on every game
  4. Not anymore, will sit 20km back from the caps, watch DD's and cruisers die and miss everything I shoot at, because that's the current Meta.
  5. Bizmarck works, 11.3km my secondaries come alive, and I can turn to miss torps. And it's secondaries rain down shells. I've stopped trying secondary builds on everything else because they just don't work
  6. Unreasonable penalties on game crash

    It's not the game, it's your computer. Something is wrong on your end.
  7. I think some of you missed the point, it wasn't the HE rounds, or the rate of fire, or the actual fires that were burning. It's the fact that I never had a target to return fire at! The secondaries don't come alive if the boat isn't visable, there was just rounds coming over an island, nothing to shoot at. Once I was in range, it was too late, but I should have had something to shoot at. With the exception of a few replies, I should sit 20 km from the cap and let the DD's and cruisers die and waste the best HP and armour while not hitting anything with the awful mains.
  8. Tier 10, in my Kurfurst, without being able to hit the cruiser that is spamming me with HE rounds I drop 109k in HP before I can reach the cap while he hides behind an island. That's why BB's sit at the back and refuse to engage. No boat should be able to send a steady stream of HE rounds while not being able to be hit. @Radar_X @Gneisenau013
  9. If the boats you played got nerfed,use different boats
  10. So I've been in 3 different clans, added almost 4000 oil to one of them, the problem, none of them do or are able to get 7 players together to do a battle. I've logged in every night ready to play for 4 hours, and every night done zero battles. In 2 days I'm able to join a clan again, I don't care if the clan is good, bad or ugly, I just want to battle in clan wars, play on a team, have a common goal. I don't care if I'm on the "A" team, "B" team or "C" team, I don't care if you only have 6 members, as long as your clan can get 7 boats on the water for 16 hours a week, I will be there. I will get tons of oil for your clan, hell I might even help your clan win. I just want a clan that fights on clan night!
  11. Clan battles how to start.

    I'm looking for clan #4, alot of clans don't do battles or can't get 7 people on to form a division or can't get anyone of importance to start the battle. My clan wars experience has been very poor so far too! Hard to believe that Ranked was better then clan, but it's true.
  12. I quit for 9 hours today, now I'm back.
  13. Quick question....

    I got 2 cidadels on a Bizmarck today, thought that was odd
  14. 7 day ban for not cheating

    Never had a problem with your Mod packs Thank You for your time and efforts
  15. 2 afk's turns you orange? Is that really a thing?