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  1. If I go into a battle with a CV, I just leave, AFK and pick a new boats with a new battle, CV's suck so bad I don't care if it screws everyone else in the battle. My enjoyment is more important then anyone elses enjoyment
  2. removing CV's would make everything better
  3. Capt_h2o

    after careful consideration......

    I suppose, just seems that now its ok to dump torps into teammates
  4. Capt_h2o

    after careful consideration......

    you don't understand, I have been unable to get penalized under the new change. You can put a dozen torpedo's into your team mates with no penalty
  5. There is no reason at all to avoid giving team damage, I've tried to get a penalty, still haven't, just the on screen warning. Really not seeing how this change has helped the game,
  6. Capt_h2o

    Why not just delete Rocket planes?

    really? the advise DD players got was to Get Gud, So Get Gud!
  7. Capt_h2o

    Why I deleted the game after enjoying it for years

    720 battles, lmbo all that experience!
  8. sounds like a good time for CV players to leave, the other 3 classes won't miss you
  9. the best thing that can happen is for CV's to sink 30 seconds into a battle, but WG keeps getting idiots to buy premium CV's, so most of us have to deal with the sky cancer. CV's have cost this game a lot of players, but WG keeps bringing more of the sky crapinto the game. Go to [edited], because this game is on life support
  10. Your stupid CV rework is great, 11 players waiting for a T5 battle? I wonder where everyone went? Oh I know, to a game that doesn't make planes the top thing in a boat game! Its world of warships, not world of CV's!
  11. Capt_h2o

    Team Kill, There has to be a better way

    try t4 random, its nothing like coop
  12. so I have started another account, I have 10,000 battles with this account, and with a brand new account, I feel like I'm pink all the time. When you are spending every battle with stupid bots, maybe there needs to be some change for new players starting, because I'm starting to understand why new players complain about being pink
  13. Capt_h2o

    Abusive purple players

    you assume that anyone cares what happens to the others in a battle? I play for my enjoyment, I could care less if anyone else enjoys the battle
  14. Capt_h2o

    Abusive purple players

    1st, block your stats 2nd, blacklist and block everyone in chat that is anything but helpful 3rd, when you start a new battle, it will show you who you have blacklisted and blocked, sail away from them and don't support them ever again
  15. Capt_h2o

    Abusive purple players

    block your stats, block everyone that is toxic, enjoy playing!