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  1. KilluaWalker

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Sounds like this could have been fixed with Easy communication. Being honest with what they wanted LWM and friend to do and then communicating about the ideas they submitted. Sad to see but not unlike WG. Needless to say I will not be buying that trash
  2. KilluaWalker

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    YES, DD aren't that hard done by, if any class should be [edited] about the amount of crapthat brutalizes them are the BB mains. In saying that the rocket change 100% needed to happen. The problem with the old CV DD interaction is with a few exceptions the CV could deal decent damage to the DD while risking almost nothing which didn't feel good at all. Even if a CV went against a lone BB they will probably lose a couple planes, not alot but at least you taking resources away from that CV, that just isn't the case with DD's. CV's already counter DD's by negating their concealment, being able to do free damage to them was a little overboard The do need to reduce the rocket time a little bit though.
  3. KilluaWalker

    rocket plane changes leave carriers undefended.

    You need to explain to me how you lose 27 planes to a mutsuki, a ship that at most deals 100 damage per second with one flack, you were either hitting his 1 burst a flask a lot or staying in his close range AA for a collective 275 seconds at minimum with only t4 rocket planes so you are either really bad at CV (not an insult) or lying. You listed off a few exceptions to the rule, those ships will [edited] a CV up, but in the t8-10 range theirs about 50 other DD's in those tiers, almost all of them lack sufficient AA to make attacking them even remotely risky. Personally i would chop 50-60% of the health of off HE rocket planes and revert the rocket change which would give CV's the ability to deal the DD's but also allow DD's to make the CV's pay in resources, but im not the dev :P Yeah WG kinda put DD interaction with CV's in a bad spot, unless they want to make radical changes i doubt we will get a system that feels great for both the CV and DD player I personally don't like that idea because the current AA system just wouldn't be able to facilitate that without it feeling really bad for the CV. Imagine as a battleship you die to a cruiser behind an island that clicked a button and starting dealing continuous damage to your ship without them inputting a single command. That would feel IMO pretty bad, not to mention we do have a similar system with plane resources it just feels a bit less [edited]. Nah i used to have sympathy for DD players but they add so much more even compared to CV's. Cv's can: Provide short term spotting provide small-medium amounts of chip damage easily reset caps. Map presence (which if you want to argue CV's have less influence spread out on the entire map and DD's have more influence in a smaller zone i could understand) DD's provide: decent DPM (usually) Long term spotting. High damage torpedo's Smoke cap pressure Edit: and probably more but im dumb and posted this without finishing it :P BB's are the true victims here
  4. KilluaWalker

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    To actually use Cv's effectively their is a significant amount of skill involved, if you deny this you are either ignorant or blindly hating on CV's. We have been aiming ahead of the target since the beginning of time this is nothing new. What is new is the inability to deal with DD's without the help of your team which is going to take time to adjust to but it'll happen. The next thing we know DD's will be [edited] about CV's ability to spot (more than they are now) despite being the most influential class in the game.
  5. KilluaWalker

    rocket plane changes leave carriers undefended.

    No No No. CV's should not be able to interact with a DD with almost no penalties. If you go to attack even a lone BB you are going to have some amount of plane loss as it should be. When you attack a DD's 95% of the time they will be lucky to kill 1 or 2 planes with almost no reasonable ways to interact with that attack (just dodge isn't a valid answer, sorry). CV's already have an immense advantage against DD's with the ability to negate their good concealment, being able to deal significant amounts of damage for basically free was just a little too unbalanced. Now CV's are going to have to think about where they can place their hull to not only to increase DPM but also where their allies are and balancing that i think is going really help contentious players shine. It can be really hard to hit cruisers which might be a bit excessive
  6. KilluaWalker

    rocket plane changes leave carriers undefended.

    Im late respond but i want to engage with this after playing with the change a bit. With a more coordinated team The rocket change was absolutely necessary, being able to mark a DD call it out and have people respond to it is just so damn OP against a class who's primary asset is their stealth. In random's on the other hand where people just don't give a [edited] and would rather light a BB on fire 16 km away the change feels........ [edited]. In saying that the interaction between DD's and rocket planes was super unequal, unless you are facing a Halland you will be able to damage the DD while risking almost nothing which undoubtedly bad feels for the DD. At the end of the day CV players like myself will learn to be more contentious on where we put our hulls and learn to abandon a DD if the entire team doesn't want to kill it and try to gain value somewhere else. I wish their was a way CV's could interact with DD's in a way that gives risks onto the CV AND the DD with room for skill to shine, the way CV's have been implemented into the game however i don't see that as a possibility. P.S. DD's [edited] way to much, you are by far the most influential class in the game with the least amount of counters and have no more excuses.
  7. KilluaWalker

    rocket plane changes leave carriers undefended.

    Ignoring your probable bad aim/ability to to predict your enemy (can't say I'm good at it) WG doesn't want CV's to easily and directly interact with DD's but rather interact with them by spotting, which in a battle where you are talking with your teammates they are still incredibly protected against DD's. In randoms where teammates rarely actually target the things you spot it's different. CV's are being sculpted to counter BB's and slow cruisers (cause BB's dont have to worry about enough but boohoo DD players) which sucks but that's what it is. I think they are talking specifically about a DD that breaks through a point or one that goes all special mission DD, they will have a very hard time dealing with them without help (not saying it's a good or a bad thing)
  8. KilluaWalker

    Rework on the CV rockets. maybe i have an idea

    This sounds like a crazy idea. Not only would most players never play in CV games essentially killing the class, whenever you design a ship you have to take into account all different elements of the game interact with the ship, do you take some power here to put there? Essentially killing alot of ships in different modes We just need a way surface ships can interact with CV's more so when they complain about planes we can call them poopoo and move on.
  9. KilluaWalker

    WG please Shrek the game

    BuT wHaT aBoUt HiStOrIcAl AcCuRaCy
  10. KilluaWalker

    CV Rocket Planes Useless

    No they are complaining that CV's are almost useless against DD's now and have nothing to properly deal with them aside from landing a lucky bomb. CV players have to rely on teammates when DD's do special mission [edited]. Also stop with those CV's are untouchable nonsense you play a resource game with CV's like every other ship. If youwant to [edited] about the interaction or lack their of id understand
  11. KilluaWalker

    Please Fix Hidden Menace

    I can agree with this, especially with the russian cv's relying on stealth, keeping it the way it is now would mean those planes would get [edited]mutilated on the ascent XD
  12. I think their concealment is fine as long as we have relatively reliable ways of temporarily making DD's vulnerable, radar is awesome at doing this AND let's that player take advantage of it. CV's are going to have to rely mainly on their team to take advantage of the vulnerability since after the rocket change it's going to be hella hard to hit a DD.
  13. KilluaWalker

    CV tips and some Dark Side points

    You just need to be crapat the game like myself and you'll never have to worry about it :)
  14. True, literally in reality the only two things that counter a DD's awesome concealment is radar and CV's and you know DD mains are [edited] about both of them XD
  15. KilluaWalker

    over 50k random battles

    That's uh, alot. And to play 50k games and only have 1200 average exp, sucks the big one XD