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  1. Commander_Krill

    Football's back Boi's!

    NCAA football is superior to the NFL in all levels of entertainment. And my Michigan State Spartans will get back to the playoffs this year. Book it. Done.
  2. Commander_Krill

    loyalty switch trigger?

    Silly question: 20 games is something like 5 straight hours of play, right? Good for you to have the time and patience to do that.
  3. Commander_Krill

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Mid-Tier Battleships

    This exactly. When I first broke into seeing T6 and there was a Fuso, I basically played to the other side of the map. They aren't as scary now but I still respect them.
  4. Commander_Krill

    Not Really a Free Game

    I haven't paid a single penny yet and I'm playing. I consider that 'free.' I'm pretty sure that's the definition. OP just likes complaining about things. My favorite part is where being a disabled veteran somehow makes his opinions more important than vets who aren't disabled (me) or non-military types.
  5. Commander_Krill

    Absurd Chat Bans

    There's calling out by saying, "Hey, DD, I badly need a spot over here and some smoke, PLEASE!" and then there's "Hey, you stupid MFer, get your (redacted) (edited) out from behind the (*****) island and get the (****) in the fight!" I'm curious about language used. Does OP have the actual chat screen shot?
  6. Commander_Krill

    Ryujo (and higher) question

    I recently started playing Ryujo, mostly for operations since I don't have a captain to match the other 10+ point captains in randoms. I'm looking for affirmation for Random play. In Co-Op, I don't immediately go out and attack with my TBs and DBs. I try to engage the AI fighters and let my ships wear down AA modules first. Then I go for finishing off limping ships or ships that have taken a decent amount of fire in the hopes their AA umbrella doesn't kill me. I also try to target lone DDs ahead of the pack early. Is that a decent strategy or am I doing something wrong? I blitzed through T5 because I wanted to get on with manual dropping and strafing but is my general thought process not bad for a beginner? Or am I way off the mark? Thanks.
  7. Commander_Krill

    About BOT

    The scary part: At first I laughed because I thought this was said tongue-in-cheek and you were referring to taxing new players who were terrible. Then I realized, "No, there may really be something here." I guess I haven't noticed it. I'll have to watch out. Can anyone tell me a strategy for a business or hackers or whoever for fielding bots? Why?
  8. Commander_Krill

    How my Orion build is doing thus far

    I just started grinding the line and I've followed the "Use AP for almost all situations" battleship rule. I'm a IJN/German BB player and the line is new to me. Should I audible to HE for the Orion? I'm new to her but I've had success with AP until DDs get up close and personal. Tell me what I'm doing wrong firing AP, please.
  9. Commander_Krill

    Got the Varyag !!!!

    Can I be the first to say the Varyag sucks and is a waste of time. I can't believe I spent time playing it. The guns are bad, the turrets slow, the boat is slow, and the HP pool is weak. I feel shame playing it.