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  1. CMD_Flid

    PSA Bonus codes

    Yes, not working
  2. CMD_Flid

    Who got Missouri from Santa Crates?

    I got she on mega.
  3. CMD_Flid

    Baús de Natal e Navios Raros

    Eu estou na categoria dos sortudos. Consegui todos os navios raros.
  4. CMD_Flid

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    Yes, I know. Just got all withdrawn ships
  5. CMD_Flid

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    Hello Captains, I bought 100 mega containers and received the following rewards. I am very happy with my gifts. Ships Missouri Kutuzov 2 x Monaghan, converted in doubloons and por slots, plus American captain +10 4 x T61, converteted in doubloons and port slot, pus German captain +10 Gremyashchy Nikolai I Kransny Krym Kamikaze Mutsu Belfast Molottov Blyskawich Perth Abruzzi Premium Flags Basilisk: 120 Dragon: 150 Hidra: 180 Leviatã: 60 Ouroboros: 90 Red Dragon: 150 Scylla: 30 Wyvern: 90 Camouflages Sky Spring: 25 Mosaic: 5 Streamer: 680 Doubloons: 50800, including Monaghan and T-61 converted Coal: 25.000 + 7% bonus clan In my case, the probability of winning a ship was 20%
  6. CMD_Flid

    PSA: New Code

    Thanks! Works fine here!
  7. Thank you for clarifying.
  8. On this page: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/public-test-0712/ I read: Special features of the Update test You can purchase Premium Account time from within the game client: both standard Premium Account time or Warships Premium Account time. Tier X ships will be unavailable to research, but players will be able to get them in exchange for Coal and Steel in the Arsenal. "Snowflakes" on Tier VI–VII ships will provide Coal, while "Snowflakes" on Tier VIII–X ships will provide Steel. What does the sentence written in red color mean? Will Tier X ships be no longer available with XP and credits when the update is released?
  9. CMD_Flid

    Some Jean Bart screenshots

    Release date? Someone known?
  10. CMD_Flid

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Release date?
  11. Sério. Ocorreu na atualização 0.7.8.
  12. @sea_you Após a microatualização de hoje, observei defeitos de imagens na tela da base do clã. Veja a imagem abaixo. Isto ocorre na base de outros clãs também.
  13. CMD_Flid

    Finally made 750k free XP, what next?

    When will they be released?
  14. Realmente. Fiquei assustado com a qualidade dos jogadores nas batalhas classificatórias na etapa Tier X. Imaginava uma coisa bem diferente...