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  1. bigshinyboat

    10 Tips for ranked play beginners

    You're right... I have no idea what that means? What is a delta loss?
  2. bigshinyboat

    Toxic Ranked

    Not a bad idea... Even at 6-10 you'll still have players with 40% win rates. Or maybe have separate divisions of ranked based on win rate?
  3. Made it to rank 5 today. Only played a half dozen battles so far, but very very few DD's (0-0-2-1-0-1), lots of BBS though (4-4-3-3-4-2) But maybe it's just the time of day.
  4. bigshinyboat

    Lemming Trains Lose Games

    It always amazes me how often just the sight of torpedoes in the water can stall a lemming train and get them hiding behind islands.
  5. bigshinyboat

    10 Tips for ranked play beginners

    At first I thought we were playing different games. But seeing as you've only 4 ranked battles with no wins, and a random WR of 45%. You might want to follow some of this advice. But seeing as you haven't played this captain in quite a while, I'm sure you have a unicum alt somewhere.
  6. bigshinyboat

    10 Tips for ranked play beginners

    Thanks... I haven't tried Modpacks yet, will certainly check it out
  7. bigshinyboat

    What are the most satisfying ships to play?

    Really love the Derzki. It's like driving a go-cart with guns and missiles. The Omaha. There's something about that rain of fire that no doubt satisfies the hidden pyro in me. The Bogue. Relaxing and therapeutic after a tough losing streak. It's almost like playing the game in slow motion.
  8. I may not be the best and probably will never rank out, but some of the play I've seen in ranked has been more than brutal. Hopefully some of these will help at least someone improve their game. 1) Play to win. Don't just play not to lose a star. Your team will lose far more often and if you're that kind of player, you'll probably lose a star anyway. And really, if you're not playing to win, why are you playing ranked anyway? 2) Most maps have an easy cap and a hard cap. I'm sorry, but if you're the only DD or radar ship, it's the hard cap for you. In most situations you should never send more than 2 ships to the easy cap anyway. 3) I know, little DD, I know. There's a lot of radar in this game. That's why when you go to a contested cap, unless there's an island that's rock solid to hide behind, it's your job is to spot, screen and launch volleys of torpedoes until the radar is gone. Just stay 10km from most radar ships and you're safe. (as pointed out, Russian CA's have an 11.7 range and US radar can last 43 sec) 4) And BB's, I know you have awesome range. Really I do. But you do have armour and a ton of hit points. And with 30 second reloads between each volley, if you're not hitting ships consistently, you're too far away 5) Discourage early game full team pushes. I guarantee it won't work, as half the team will lag behind and you'll be picked off one by one. 6) Just because you think the coast is clear, don't yolo into a cap until you have a good idea where all the red ships are, or you'll be in for an unpleasant surprise. As a matter of fact, if you're the yolo type. Or like to "push hard all the time", stick to randoms. please. 7) Don't chase ships around the map. Honestly, I can't believe how many times I've seen BB's chase DD's to the far corners of the map to end up dead. Don't chase Zao's either for that matter. 8) If you're not sure where to go, just ask. These maps were used for clan battles and there are some basic strats and locations for certain ships that are tried and true. No one will think less of you. 9) If there are CV's in play and you're alone, unless you're in a ship with good AA, You Will Die, probably sooner rather than later. And it will be your fault. Don't blame your CV for it. 10) And finally, if you're losing, don't get salty. If you're a sub par player, there's a good chance you had something to do with it. And if you're a good player, screaming instructions and insults doesn't help anyone anyway.
  9. bigshinyboat

    New to carriers? Things you should know

    Apparently they've been reworking them for a while now. But I'll see it when I believe it. In the meantime, playing those low tier ones can be a lot of fun!
  10. Advice for new carrier captains (tiers 4&5) and apologies for the wall of text to follow. So... you finally unlocked a CV and want to be the next Captain Chtholly (https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1027898162,ChthoIIy/ ). Well, here are some things you should know. Some would say the CV line is very broken. Very unbalanced at some tiers. And the learning curve when you get to tier 6 can be unforgiving. That's when the game gives you the opportunity to strafe with fighters and manually drop your bombs and torpedoes. And until you learn those skills you will be at a most definite disadvantage. But playing the tier 4s and 5s can be a lot of fun. Play them right and you can rack up the wins. Play them wrong and you will hear nothing but complaints from your teammates. CV's can carry a game, but just as easily lose it before it's even started. One is way more fun than the other. 1) Don't play a random battle until you've upgraded at least your fighters on the tech tree. If you don't, you'll be pwned like a wood cutting noob. So either use free XP or fight Co-op battles until you get them. 2) Buy the Air Group Modifications for your upgrades. They are inexpensive and will certainly give you the advantage over many who don't. 3) Captain skills should be Aircraft Servicing Expert, although Dogfighting Expert comes in handy for US CV's. And then Torpedo Acceleration. If you play them long enough to get 6 or 10 skill points then it's Torpedo Armament Expertise followed by Air Supremacy. 4) When the battle is loading, hover your mouse over the enemy ships to see what their AA level is. There are some ships, even at those lower tiers that will absolutely devastate your squadrons. Just avoid those ships until later in the game. 5) Your planes are on a Carrier, not an airport. Which means you can move around. Ideally you want to be in a place close enough to the action to get your planes back quickly, but far enough, not to be spotted. Also, don't forget to check how the battle is going and relocate as needed. 6) Unless you're directly under attack, your priorities should be BB, CA, DD, CV. And preferably a ship that's all alone or at least on the edge of a cluster of ships. That way you limit the amount of AA that will be brought to bare on your planes. 7) When dogfighting enemy fighters, try to engage them over your ships. It will give you the edge in what would otherwise be an even battle. 8) Watch your attack planes go in, if your target ship thinks it's your target, it will turn. Change your attack angle appropriately until you have the shot you want, otherwise it will be a wasted strike. Bombs line up straight as you can and torpedoes from the side. 9) Many DD's and CA's are very hard to torpedo if their captains are paying any attention because they have such great maneuverability, learn which ones are a waste of time to attack. Unless you're playing a IJN CV, they can come with 2 torpedo squadrons, in which case, learn to cross drop. Basically, you want them to attack at the same time, but at a 90 degree angle from each other. You don't have to worry about the angle of attack on the ship, just the timing and the angle to each other. 10) Don't use your fighters to escort your own planes. It's always a losing proposition in so many ways. If the target is that well protected, pick another one. Instead, use them to keep the other carriers planes away from yours and to spot enemy ships. 11) Yes Spot!... Spot spot spot. Especially enemy DD's. It's often worth it to use a returning DB squadron to just hover over an enemy DD that's causing your side grief until it's sunk. Your team will love you for that. 11) Don't attack ships that are about to die anyway just to get a kill. It's a waste of a strike and takes those planes out of the game for far too long while they return to rearm. But Do attack ships that have taken a lot of damage, even if they're on your avoid list as there's a pretty good chance their AA will be greatly degraded. Also, if you notice a ship has just put out a fire, go for a torpedo run. If you get a flood or two you will do tons of damage if not the kill. 12) If there are 2 CV's per side, coordinate your fighters to get air superiority. You can link your fighters to theirs or just follow manually. But as soon as they're engaged make sure you join in as fast as you can. Also, avoid the fighters that have a higher tier than yours one on one. Just press the alt key when they're on you tactical view to see what tier their planes are 13) And finally. As a tier 5 CV, you will occasionally be up against tier 6 CV's. If that's the case DO NOT link your fighters. They will get wiped every time your opponent tries to strafe your teammate. Keep your fighters close enough to your allies to help when he engages, and your strike squadrons far away. Tier 6 CV fighters can strafe for devastating results without dogfighting and can literally wipe out multiple squadrons at a time if they're in close proximity to each other.