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  1. do you mean i can retrain my commander with the kirov and give it to the nevsky with no retrain? how does that work?
  2. thanks guys that helps alot, now i know what to avoid for a farming ship
  3. Im a relatively new player and am a bit confused on the color coding in this game. why does the z-44 have a gold triangle and the Marceau only has a white one? is there any difference?
  4. Hello, I am a relatively new player who has not reached my first t10 yet and was wondering which of the "free" ships are best for credit/free xp farming. I dont have much of a preference for type of ship although i feel like dd will be the quickest for farming. I also have a kirov and a texas as far as premium farming ships go. I currently have 376k free xp and 120k coal with a 25 percent discount available for coal ships.