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  1. Max0017

    On Destroyer Balance

    Your analysis may be right on the money. I just don't play in the games that you have described. I check the team results after each battle. Inevitably the highest kills are associated with DD's. That being the case, it doesn't matter when they get killed. The damage from their attacks is evident and four DD's per side extend the game regardless when they are killed. They are weakest ships but their influence on the game results depends which team has the best DD's captains.
  2. Max0017

    On Destroyer Balance

    A fair statement. If there is an issue with DD's, my opinion is no ship should be more than it should be...DD's are the weakest ship on the map but because of the game mechanics they control the map. Four DD's in the map for each team pretty much stymies the game. That in itself should be a clue to the tech folks that the game becomes frustrating....I own DD's and play them mostly in co-op or scenarios as I am impatient with them in Random....getting killed by a DD that is invisible for most of the game is worrisome at best.
  3. Max0017

    Magical Torpedoes Suck !!

    Of course its still relevant. The game has faults and defending those faults seem to be in order. Check out the upload and see if your video is appropriate. The DD in question was never on the map and never spotted seems. 20190810_164204_PASB018-Iowa-1944_52_Britain.wowsreplay
  4. Max0017

    Magical Torpedoes Suck !!

    Play this game. DD was never visible 20190810_164204_PASB018-Iowa-1944_52_Britain.wowsreplay
  5. Max0017

    Magical Torpedoes Suck !!

    I agree 100%. The game is flawed. DD's are invisible, torps show up from no where, and all the time we are suppose to just play and have fun. Well the fun is gone when you face enemy DD's that float in mid air, mid ocean and about everywhere else. The game is rigged in DD favor and losing a battle to an invisible ship is really the pits. 20190809_201916_PRSC109-Dmitry-Donskoy_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  6. Max0017


    The Boise is a great ship. One of my favorites.
  7. It seems to me that WOW should reduce the operating cost of these tier 9 and tier 10 ships. Maybe I am wrong , however the goal of each player and suggested by WOW is to work toward the tier 9 and tier 10 ships in order to participate in Clan and the higher tier Ranked battles...but once we achieve this goal, we can no longer afford to play these ships unless you do 50K in damage in a single battle.....or at least that is how it calculates out to be break even at best. Most often a player is in debt to the battle.....
  8. Max0017

    Idea to make BB players help the team .

    You obviously read my reply incorrectly.....reading and understanding a point is difficult sometimes.
  9. Max0017

    Idea to make BB players help the team .

    so where DDs are present there HAS to be concern for the BB drivers...simple logic I would say
  10. Max0017

    Idea to make BB players help the team .

    Here lies the issue...….DDs are ghost ships....here one second and not here the next...…..vanishing at 1-2 km.....not even on the map for probably 45% of the time......hence no strategy for the BB's......cannot move forward......to cumbersome to dodge torps...…...can't hit a DD when they spot one as gun traverse is so moderately slow...…….until the programmers realize that the strategy for the BB is actually no strategy the game will be as it is...….slow and non aggressive.……….make DDs visible for say 80% of the battle and more BB players will engage the team and move forward...….that's my opinion anyways.....
  11. Max0017


    Where is the battle data summarized for the weekly scenario battles?? Is it stored in co-op data or some other link?
  12. Max0017


    Thank you for the advice...I have learned to operate Hood better since I first wrote that comment and you are spot on. th
  13. Max0017

    win rules

    thanks to each
  14. Max0017

    win rules

    I was in a random battle where the enemy had amassed 778 points to our teams 345 point......I thought we had definitely lost the game ...we did have the same number of boats on the map but their lead was outstanding...….I commented on this lost to the team to push them on even though I was out of the game with 40000+ damage in hand.....another team member said we were not losing as long as we kept the other team form capping the three bases...…..we had them in capture but the points were still way lopsided......I was not sure the team member knew what he was talking about but as the five minute mark came up we were still couple hundred points back but still held the bases with two ships to their three...….at the end we had one ship to their two but still held the bases...….we won...…….what I want to know is how did we win such a game??….what are the rules regarding bases and other type maps where bases don't come in to play like the ring ……..