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  1. Brooklin82

    Salem or Jean Bart?

    My best advice would be to keep stockpiling steel/coal/fxp. We will have additions to the arsenal in the next patch and none of the current available ships will be removed. So you'll still have the option to get Salem or Jean Bart.
  2. Brooklin82

    Putting it in perspective

    My educated guess makes me assume that this is regular steel and not cemented steel (Krupp armour). But it's still nice to have the perspective.
  3. Cossack ...but I'm still in a polyamory relationship with Stalingrad/Kronshtadt.
  4. Brooklin82

    USS Hornet Wreck Discovered

    USS Hornet in her glory days ...and the sole remaining ship of the Yorktown-class: USS Enterprise
  5. Brooklin82

    USS Hornet Wreck Discovered

    Some pictures of the wreck:
  6. Brooklin82

    The true core of the problem has not been fixed.

    - Torpedo squad 1 to base: spotted BB in sector X bearing Y - FleetCom confirms there's no BB in this sector. Can you identify it's KMS Bismarck? - Positive! - Engage enemy and return to base. - Roger. Torpedoes successfully launched. (Minutes later, message from light cruiser HMS Sheffield, which happend to be in that same sector, shadowing KMS Bismarck) - Why in the bloody hell are you f*cking launching torpedoes at us?! (based on true events. Luckily all torpedoes missed) If you want to see how rudimentary was spotting and identification made by planes, just type "friendly fire incidents WWII" in google.
  7. Brooklin82

    The true core of the problem has not been fixed.

    Considering that in real war experience most pilots couldn't distinguish friend from foe unless flying close enough to see the colours hoisted to the mast (and risking "collecting" a few pounds of explosive and shrapnel of the AA defense in case that were a foe), planes from a CV shouldn't spot. An icon in the minimap showing the position of the spotted ship should be the maximum amount of information the CV could hand his team.
  8. Brooklin82

    The time has come!

    You get a torpedo soup, and you get a torpedo soup and you get a torpedo soup, too! Torpedo soup for everybody! .... I've just imagined this monstrosity in a hands of a wallet warrior noob. Setting torps left and right, in the path of everybody i his team. It will be a miracle if he doesn't torp himself.
  9. Brooklin82

    0.8.0 is here, but still no alaska?

    WG has their hands full now with the CV rework. Next we have RN CVs and next month, premiums CVs will become available. Until late March, WG will still be working around CVs and their (im)balance. Any data gather from testing (if any is being conducted now) will be analyzed in April or even later. Let`s face it, Alaska comes out in July.
  10. Brooklin82

    Ranked starts in 10 minutes!

    Already with the special upgrades, fully rigged with signals and with premium consumables: HMS Lion, Kronshtadt, Dimitri Donskoi and HMS Jutland. I might give a chance to USS Seattle, HMS Neptune and Musashi.
  11. Same feeling here. Although I'm still skeptical towards patch 8.0, I want the game flourishing and not withering. Assuming WG pays attention to what happens in their forum and will be able to differ from plain salty outcry from actual educated input, let's discourse about the issue. The main concern now shouldn't be the (im)balance of CVs, as next patches will address the issue, but the strain it has been placed upon DD players. Detection should be reworked in a way that air spotting doesn't automatically make the DD visible to the entire enemy fleet. The DD should become visible in the minimap only (similar as spotting in bad weather currently happens). So that the enemy team knows that there is a DD in a given position. One can choose to chase it, ambush it, launch preemptively torpedoes. BB could already change course to avoid incoming torpedoes... Being air spotted in this scenario would already be a set back for a DD, forcing it to abandon the ambush, withdraw or stall the launching of torpedoes, but wouldn't ruin its game entirely by outright killing it. Actually, all ships should become visible in the minimap only when air spotted, as aircraft in those days had no GPS to give accurate position to fire controllers on board of capital ships, which in turn operated the aiming of the guns via optical devices.So, no visual contact, no target. Notice of the sighting of an enemy ship in a given position and bearing would be passed to the entire fleet, but nothing more. Rangefinders would try to find the ship in that position with a big chance of missing it entirely (especially smaller vessels like a DD). Only larger ships (BB/CV/CA), if within range of the main guns could become hard spotted and thus become real targets. For gameplay purposes, only in this case, larger vessels could be subject to shelling even if the enemy ship has no visual contact.
  12. Brooklin82


    Fato. A maioria dos encouraçados não sabe diferenciar esquerda da direita e só escolhem o alvo mais próximo (por ser mais fácil acertar) ou o maior (para mais pontos de dano). E esquecem que o navio pode fazer curvas. Mas eu estava pensando mais como um cruzador.
  13. Ranked will be a great opportunity to play without CVs around. And, personally, it will be an awesome to take my Kronshtadt out of the harbor once again. With so many CVs around, I don't dare taking her into battle just to see her anemic AA trying to tickle aircrafts to death.
  14. yeah. you have one of them among you. (Although, I wouldn't say I hate the new gameplay, but I have become skeptical towards it and I still deem the rework as flawed in its basic assumptions).
  15. Making it easier doesn't make it more challenging (rather the opposite) and might induce to boredom once the player reach the skill ceiling (which has been clearly lowered). Hopefully new play styles will develop from the rework and push up the ceiling again (but, in return, that might bring back the abysmal difference between a experienced and an average player that started this chaos in the first place).