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  1. Splinter's camo pack by Mebius_lW doesn't show the permanent (premium) camos for Puerto Rico, California and Poltava. I tried to reach the thread for his camo pack, but it's in the Russian forum... So, Aslain, pls forward this note to Mebius_lW
  2. Brooklin82

    Never were pictures of warships

    I took inspiration in this picture: The Russian battleship in question is the Oryol, which, in spite of sailing under her own steam, eventually had to be towed to Japan to keep up with the rest of the surrendered fleet, as the ship began to list and her engines failed. So, in this alternate reality, Mikasa, being hit in the armour belt a few times, would have a few boilers disabled. Still able to put out steam, but way too little to keep cruising speed with the rest of the fleet. Hence the smoke out of the funnels.
  3. Brooklin82

    Never were pictures of warships

    Thx! Or the USS Enterprise, HMS Warspite. There was considerable public pressure to keep both as museum ships when they were sold to scrap. The first was the only surviving carrier from the 30's (and present in almost every battle between carriers), while the other was a veteran from WW1 and WW2.
  4. Brooklin82

    Never were pictures of warships

    And another one... a bit different starting point, but same concept.
  5. Wherever he is now, I believe he would appreciate the invite. But being in the afterlife, I believe he might be facing internet connections issues and won't join us in a timely manner.
  6. mod pack for 8.7.0 is out. Thanks! Now get some rest, Aslain.
  7. Brooklin82

    Never were pictures of warships

    @zproxy I didn't know my PS could design an entire new port...!
  8. Inspired by the pictures found in the European forum (https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/6872-alt_naval-and-other-never-were-pics/), I decided to play with images in photoshop and see what would come out. Cruiser Kronshtadt, preserved as a museum ship, passes through the Palace Bridge bound to repairs in... Kronshtadt! Cruiser Barroso, former USS St. Louis, preserved as a museum ship just across the Arsenal of the Brazilian Navy on the Ilha das Cobras. Battleship Bismarck, resting as a museum ship in the German marine museum in Wilhelmshafen. More will follow, as I like to dabble in photoshop so I won't forget what I've learned.
  9. And they will be just a shadow of their airborne might as long as WG tries to fit a keg into a circle with the nerfing bat. Airborne naval warfare single-handedly brought down in 4 years of war 400 years of artillery -based naval warfare. How can you fit this might into artillery-based surface combat without unbalancing it? Unless CVs get their own game mode, where CV players face each other in equal terms, we will watch this funeral march of CVs.
  10. Brooklin82

    Falta de União

    Acho que essa é a habilidade base para qualquer classe de navio. Eu praticamente navego pelo minimapa, evitando colisões e encalhar em ilhas. A interface é só para mirar e desviar de torpedo. Se vale uma dica aqui, eu treinei essa habilidade em cenário. Uma vez que você pega o ritimo dos bots (de que lado eles vêm, para onde vão), você acaba treinando manter o curso desviando de ilhas e evitando colisões. Outra coisa que o minimapa oferece, é a habilidade de ver as linhas de frente e de flanco se movimentando (recuando, avançando e estagnando) e ajuda muito a escolher para que lado ir e qual tática adotar (sair 'kiteando', 'tankear' de frente - ou bow-tanking- ou silenciar a artilharia, se ocultar e mudar de posição). Pelo contrário... o que existe de seal clubber no tiers baixos não está no gibi. Fato. E com tendência a piorar. Mas, inevitavelmente, o jogo se desenrola em torno do cap. Eu, quando jogo de DD, não sou muito do tipo que entra no cap... eu chego, fico em volta, enrolo um pouco para ver se o DD inimigo entra do outro lado. Se tiver RPF no capitão, lanço torpedos na direção e me afasto um pouco do cap. Se for para entrar, faço de um jeito que eu fique com a popa virada para o inimigo. Ao menor sinal de problema, acelero e sumo na neblina. (até o radar me achar e eu me f*der com força) Seja como for, independentemente da classe, fique razoavelmente perto do cap. Claro que, sendo um BB, a distância pode ser maior. Mas, ao ter que se afastar/reposicionar, tente manter o meio do mapa ou a proximidade a um (ou mais) cap. Ainda que o jogo esteja indefinido, é certeza que ele vai se desenrolar em torno dos caps. A maioria está jogando sozinha, sim. Tente jogar em divisão e, se possível, com comunicação direta (discord, teamspeak etc.). Além disso, tente usar um monitor de matchmaking. Eu escolho perto de qual jogador eu vou ficar baseado no que vejo no MM monitor (e prepare o estômago para ver coisas bizarras no MM monitor). Dá para tirar uma boa base de informação sobre seu time e o time adversário só de olhar para o monitor. Há casos e caso... se eu estou no spawn de cruzador e só com um encouraçado atrás de mim e na minha frente está o cap A, não quer dizer que eu preciso ir para A ou flanquear por A. Na verdade, muito vai depender do que o encouraçado atrás de mim decidir fazer. O mesmo vale para o DD. Eu não vou me aventurar no cap na minha frente sem, no mínimo, suporte de um cruzador. Mas também não é nada inteligente cruzar o mapa para chegar em C por que "no C é mais fácil capear". Sem suporte no A, vou para B ou fico entre um cap e outro e vejo como que as coisas se desenrolam e soltando torpedo para os pontos de entrada no cap/gargalos do mapa.
  11. Brooklin82

    Why would we want pre-dreadnoughts in the game?

    ... lobbying for SMS Schlesien. Pre-dreadnought, long career and nasty fame. But, until KMS Gneisenau was launched, carried the title of largest German warship.
  12. Brooklin82

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Nice work, Wyvern! Any chance that original textures for Russian BB to be added in a near future? Would love to have my lower tier Russian BB to look like this:
  13. Brooklin82

    I Thought this was fixed ?

    Ship happens... But if this match was set up during the wee hours of the morning, expect this to happen more frequently. Too few players in queue and MM starts to fill in the gaps with every poor devil it can lay its hands on.
  14. Brooklin82

    This, is World of Warships. Why We Play.

    It reflects it, but in a tempered way. Since ships are almost three times larger than irl and everything (shells, ships, torpedoes, planes) moves almost three times faster, the actual chance of hitting anything is much higher than irl. The best hit ratio in the navies during the artillery era was around 7%; in WoWs even the lousiest player has three times better hit ratio. Thus, to maximize the chance of landing shells on the enemy, battleships during Jutland (Surigao or Tsushima) would show their broadsides and free all main guns and have the highest chance of landing hits. Their own broadsides would be fairly safe from hits while operating in the "safe zone", where enemy shells would fall too flat to penetrate the horizontal armour, but would have lost kinetic energy and could be absorbed by the vertical armour. Besides, keeping a fair distance away from enemy heavy fire, the shell would travel in an arc trajectory and hit the armour in a wider angle than 0°. The effect described by you would set in, so that angling on a vertical axis would further absorbing kinetic energy from the shell falling in an angle < 0º. Keeping a "safe" distance irl would play the angling effect on an vertical axis, while WoWs angling plays the same effect on a horizontal axis. We usually play our games outside the safety zone, as our maximum gun ranges are the actual "effective firing range" in real life. Some in-game ships have even a shorter range that their official "effective range". Most battles in WoWs are fought at point-blank range, which is a distance no belt armour was designed to survive a hit, with targets three times larger. The 'T' crossing was achieved by positioning in such way that your position enabled your fleet to have the maxim um firepower over the enemy, while denying the enemy the ability to fire all their main guns by staying in front of their bows (or afts, perhaps). The enemy fleet would then counter-maneuver and try to keep a position where all guns could still be fired. But in an environment where ships fire at each other at point-blank range and are far larger targets than irl, the logic of 'crossing the T' becomes inverted. The ship which stays at the sharpest angle takes less damage and can penetrate the enemy ship in its vital parts. Truth be told, the principle of approaching the enemy in a sharp angle isn't totally fabricated for WoWs environment. I eventually came across manuals of the Kriegsmarine listing the (presumed) safety zone of each known class of ship in enemy navies and advising a maximum approach angle, in which the plating could still deflect incoming shells of that class. This was especially true for cruisers, while for capital ships, the instruction was not to stay under a specific distance.