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  1. Brooklin82

    More Scenarios Would Be Fun

    I'd pay for having back Cherry Blossom and Dynamo. Economy could be nerfed to the ground; it doesn't matter. Fun factor was way greater than having to go through depressing blowouts in randoms. Those operations were really fun. I hope to see any of those scenarios (or newer ones) eventually.
  2. Brooklin82

    Looking to contact a WoWS ship modeler

    Check https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/nicholas-453e1c555b2c49ed8959b60d6c7b655f This profile houses almost every ship model in WoWs. I'm not a member there, so I can't say if that is just showcasing the models or if they're actually for sale. But you can start your research from that profile in sketchfab.com
  3. Hello everybody! Soviet light cruisers added to the roaster, except for Lazo, which will have a dazzle camouflage. The skin is almost done (final touches only). Also added Saipan, which had no Cold War paint, Irian (that light blue skin for Irian almost burned my eyes the first time I saw the ship with no camo) and Almirante Abreu. I'll move on to French cruisers, as I noticed there are many ships with missing camo or with incompatible guns/hull/superstructure. Furthermore, I've been requested to aid the Brazilian community with tutorials on modding graphic data in the game (skins, camo, flag, commander portraits etc.) and I'll have to set aside some time to that project as well.
  4. Франция будет первой
  5. I have been more busy than anticipated. But I have been working on Soviet light cruisers. I still have one cruiser to be done.
  6. Извините, я был занят. Однако я работал над русскими лёгкими крейсерами.
  7. Brooklin82

    Most Impressive

    open your World of Warships folder and get the file 'global.mo'. It is located in bin> update # (choose the largest number) > res > texts > en (or other language if you're not playing WoWs in English) > LC_MESSAGES Google the internet for a free .mo converter (just type ".mo free converter"). Convert global.mo to global.po file and edit this second one in any text editor (Notepad++ is great for that, but it isn't mandatory). Search for the exact spelling FDR has in game. There will be several entries for the search. Change them all. Save global.po and reconvert it to global.mo. Finally, just drop it on the same folder you got the original from. You have officially modded the game. NOTE: if you run any other mods that change text strings (e.g. gun calibers in inches, commanders with lady names etc.) you have to, first, get that mod installed and, then, alter the global.po file which has the modification in it. Otherwise, you'll erase the other mod.
  8. well... I'm speechless right now
  9. Soviet cruiser split is done. Tallin, Riga, Petropavlovsk and Bragation have historical appearance in Baltic gray paint. I also took the liberty of fixing USNA_76's skins for Kirov and Moskva, so that, now, the polished brass of the name shield can shine once more. Added skins for Diana and Aurora.
  10. Added a Cold War paint for Des Moines (pennant numbers and everything) and three skins for Phoenix. Working on Ohio proved to be harder than I expected, as she shares several textures with Georgia, which is a ship I wasn't planning editing the skin so early. Soviet ships seem to be less daunting for now...
  11. Easy now, everybody... I know there hasn't been a skinner active for some time and the amount of ships without skins has only grown. I'll try to cover all, but I can't spill out skins like a machine. I'll have historical skins for most ships and will have some semi-historical skins for others. And everyone is free to whether use it or not. Speaking of semi-historical camouflages, @Albrecht_Brandi could you find more about this book? The title is "Проклятый линкор" and the author is Сергей Патянин. If I could understand it right, the pictures show different camouflages used by Giulio Cesare, later Novorossiysk. But is any of them a camouflage used by Novorossiysk while commissioned in the Soviet Navy?
  12. @Albrecht_Brandi Was there any study of camouflage for ships that were build, but never completed as Kronshtadt, Sovetskiy Soyuz and Stalingrad? For the brief time USSR had Gulio Cesare as war reparation, did the Navy consider camouflage schemes for that battleship?
  13. Well... it is a lot of job, as not every BB has the same height of freeboard. That means I'll be creating masks with all three layers for almost every ship (except Kreml and Slava, which share the same hull). And it's not historical, even less so for battleships operating (or that would operate) outside the Baltic Sea. Generating Baltic Sea gray (or Northern Sea gray) plus white pennant number of the freeboard is way easier to create and to solve the problem of current Soviet battleships showing no historical appearance in game. In the other hand, I have toyed with the idea of altering the models to remove the red star of every hull. Since we are spared from having to watch a parade of swastikas when a 3-Bismarck-division charges in the game, I'm keen to also remove all red stars and hammers and sickles. All my Soviet ships already fly the St. Andrew ensign and all my UI related to USSR shows current Russian colours, flags and coat of arms. But removing Soviet paraphernalia on models is still out of my current modding skills. Now... I believe we can reach a compromise, giving the 'Novik-destroyers-scheme' to battleships that were designed during Imperial Russia. That would include Pyotr Velikiy, Izmail and Sinop (which, astonishingly, have no red stars of their hulls, and only Pyotr Velikiy bears a small Soviet coat of arms on the stearn), besides Nikolay I., Gangut and Knyaz Suvarov. And this is already a lot of work, and priority would be given to those ships with absolutely no historical skin available.
  14. Still working on that... port side ready (but I have to tweak the shades of the colours yet) Tomorrow, starboard side and, hopefully, superstructure.