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  1. The Colbert and Ohio have been up there a while, any word when something new will come along? Like maybe a researchable DD? Thanks!
  2. Fombo

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    If you look at my stats, I am an average skilled dd player (I use the Somers in clan battles with good success). I have the Visby (which is fun), but at tier 10 just looking at the torpedoes so far I see the European line as this: DD's with super fast torpedoes that hit for 10k damage. The torpedoes are in a tight formation, meaning it is possible to get 2 or 3 hits per salvo. But probably not all four torpedoes will hit. So why would I pick a Euro dd over the Gearing (19k damage per torp), Shima (21? 23?k damage), or the Somers? I might only get 1 or 2 torp hits per salvo but that is the equivalent of 2 to 4 torp hits from the Euros. And you give up smoke? And less torps? And and and? I just don't see the new line as being a real contender. Daring is way better 1v1 imho, and the torps on the Gearing, Shima, and Somers hit soooo much harder. I would love to see the numbers on actual reaction time from seeing Euro torps compared to regular speed (60 to 70 knots) listed below: Type 93 mod. 3 23766 12.0km 9.6km 67kt 72kt 1.7km 66.7s 49.7s 9.4s 8.8s 107% 100% 406% Shimakaze, Yūgumo USN Mk 17 17900 16.5km 13.2km 66kt 71kt 1.4km 93.1s 69.2s 7.9s 7.3s 90% 83% 301% Gearing
  3. I just about fell out of my chair!!! LOL
  4. This is the perfect opportunity!!! We will have everyone home over the next month, we need new lines! Release the subs!!!
  5. Waited two and a half minutes for my Visby tier V dd, and get a match with SIX carriers. Somehow I don't think the mm has been fixed.
  6. Fombo

    Twitch Stream Code

    Same, NA getting invalid code
  7. For DD's I would say that Japanese will help you learn to torp, and Russians will be the most frustrating. For CL's I would say that the Italians are fun and have smoke to cover a newbie's mistakes, where as the Wooster (American's) while they maybe useful end game are kinda frustrating. For Heavy Cruisers it is hard to beat the Des Moines line for clan battles, so I would recommend suffering through the line to the top of that. The hardest line for heavy cruisers would be British- imho they are just garbage. For BB's the US line is pretty easy, as is the French, but the French don't see as much play in clan battles (which is mostly German and US). The US are painfully slow in speed, but have nice accuracy over distance. The German's shoot like a shotgun until the GK, and you will want to get in close to brawl with their secondaries which is just not a feasible mechanic in this meta (you will get destroyed before you ever get close enough to brawl early game as everyone will focus you for farming damage.) I don't have all of the BBs yet so can't really tell you which is the hardest to grind up the line.
  8. Fombo

    Game starting to feel tiresome....

    I am actually looking forward to the submarines being added, as I think it will refresh gameplay and bring back a lot of players. I know as a dd main with all these CVs I am looking forward to being able to torp without being picked on constantly by the CVs.
  9. Fombo

    IFHE All Night Long

  10. Does anyone have a guide? I know Notser usually posts one, but I checked his channel this morning and nothing yet. Which cruisers and dd's still benefit from IFHE? Is there a simple rule? Thanks!
  11. Fombo

    "G" key is now reserved?

    Devs response please? Why is the "G" key reserved now?
  12. The "G" key is now reserved and cannot be assigned in keybinds. Was this intentional and does anyone know what it is reserved for? Depth charges? Thanks
  13. Was I supposed to get the ARP Kirishima after finishing the mission or just the commander for it? All I got was the teddy bear commander.
  14. Watched the battle of Midway, and no where in that movie was ROCKET planes. Just sayin'.