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  1. Bailen

    Gearing, Why would i play this over anything else

    I run the legendary mod on the Gearing, and still like it (but don't play it as much now that I have the Daring). I find that RDF allows me to get the jump on all boats including the Shimi (which is the only one that spots me at the same time- same detectability). You do have to switch between the AP and the HE though to be competitive, and the torps are definitely good (I use the shorter range torps with the quicker reload). RDF and getting the first shot off seems to be the key.
  2. Bailen

    DD captains need a stat shown

    So when you look up a player you see all their stats- damage done, kills made, dps dps dps... DD captains need a stat shown that will tell the world that they are worthy team players... ...CAPTURE POINT ribbons! Can we please have WG add Capture point ribbons to the stats page? DDs aren't just about kills or dps- we will never be able to compete with the Mushies of the world! Our torps are great burst damage IF they hit! But overall dps is very difficult to maintain as a dd captain. We are more about scouting, spotting, and in a game where 100% of the games have capture points- we CAP! So in the statistics page we need a percentage of caps per match! We need this proud stat shown for the world to see! When other players try to match us up to dps and kill ratio, we will also be able to say "Whoa there buddy- don't you see my Point Capture statistics? I cap 3.222 caps per match! I am that sneaky dd that you can't find, but keeps the point capped for my team!" Sure, my guns aren't as big as yours, and my dps is below 50k per match, but I CAP!!! I am no KHAB or Haragumo! I actually contribute to the team objectives! So what about it WG- can you throw us dd's a bone? Give us a stat we can proudly point to and say "I am a DD captain!"
  3. Bailen

    Best Tier VII Gold Destroyer?

    With the over abundance of CVs at this tier, I always prefered my Sims. Slow torps, but wow the guns! And defensive AA rolfcopters those CVs!
  4. Why is the default for divisions now the locked state? I liked it much better when they weren't auto locked...
  5. This is still a thing, WG please fix!
  6. If you buy x20 of the mega christmas boxes, can you send one each to separate friends or does it all go to just one friend?
  7. Bailen

    Goodbye lootboxes?

    I would much prefer buying the individual Halloween skins then buying Pumpkin boxes- not only do I get the exact camo that I want for the ship I actually play, but I don't waste real money on skins for ships I will never use. If the Halloween skins were made available today I would buy them today, but I never once bought a pumpkin box.
  8. Bailen

    RDF....is it worth the 4 pts ?

    I use RDF on all of my dd's and some of my Cruisers (esp. Minotaur). It provides a way to locate dd's. It helps in positioning. I can't tell you how many times RDF has me pointed in the right way when a volley of torps comes screaming in. With RDF you can forgo Vigilance. With RDF you can always have your guns pointed in the right direction for that first shot. RDF ROCKS!
  9. Since the latest patch, subsequent logins after the first for the day require the user to resubmit their password. Is this intended?
  10. Our clan is anxiously awaiting what we consider to be the BEST part of this game!!! Come on WG- through us a bone!
  11. Bailen

    KotS ships sampling with images

    What I find interesting is what is NOT being played: German BB Grober Kurfurst British BB Conqueror (with strong AA I thought this one would be viable) Japanese DD Shima (this I found shocking) German DD z-52 and the Russian DD Khab (which isn't surprising). And the one team that brings the Midway is the one that wins! I know that anti-air is a big thing in KotS, but the Conqueror fits that. Shima imho is still a strong boat but I didn't see any listed at all probably because of it's horrible AA. It definitely puts the spotlight on what the competitive community thinks are good team boats as to what are not!
  12. Just wanted to provide another snapshot of the ships picked for KotS for people looking at ship comps for the next clan battle season (even though there will still be no carriers)... King of the Sea ships Aircraft Carriers Hakuryu 11 Midway 1 BB's Republique 4 Yamato 9 Montana 11 Cruisers Des Moines 3 Worcester 14 Stalingrad 17 Hindenburg 6 Henry IV 10 Minotaur 3 Zao 3 DD's Gearing 13 Grozovoi 1 Harugamo 1 Please pardon the cut and pasting done from the Youtube videos, but they can be verified! :D
  13. Bailen

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    Will they be giving refunds on permanent camo? I spent 5000 doubloons on her camo, and soon she will be nothing more than a port queen (if I don't sell her outright)...
  14. All I know is our guys were ready and EXCITED to play last night and now we wait patiently for another chance. Here's hoping we can get the games in this weekend... Also- ranked sprint ROCKS compared to regular ranked season- but our clan thrives the most during clan battles!!! More clan battle seasons please!!!