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  1. Leopard_IX

    Bad Idea WG

    First of all, your example of a ship firing every 10 seconds is better is completely false. A competent CV player can dodge flak and a surface ship can't counter this. At least with the "ship that is shooting every 10 seconds, going dark or shooting back are options you can take. Also, I have seen many runs that do 5k-7k each and most times, there will be multiple runs. Mentioning that there are a lot of DDs in matches has nothing to do with this argument.
  2. Leopard_IX

    Bad Idea WG

    With Shimas, it's true that you don't have time to attack when its AA is off but you can easily just make a second run because you now know where he is. Have you tried to dodge in your DD or even cruiser against a competent CV player? I guess not. It is almost impossible to do.
  3. Leopard_IX

    Bad Idea WG

    Well said. I find that most people who defend CVs have no idea what they're talking about or are just good in CVs. In the case for WG employees, like you said, it may be that they are required to defend CVs whether they are broken or not. And it is probably the case.
  4. Dead post And so are you @TheRealSenpai247
  5. Leopard_IX

    The [NKVD] wants you

    Dead post
  6. Leopard_IX

    My First Coal Ship

    My advice is to pick a ship in a line or class you are good in.
  7. Leopard_IX

    Concealment-Build Kleber

    I run CE on mine because I still use the torps every now and then since they are very useful when in range of ships.
  8. Leopard_IX

    Riddle me this

    Might be a bug with the system - Try to check on wows numbers. Even if it was a bot, it would still show a number of battles for this past ranked season.
  9. Leopard_IX

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    Stalingrad has many ships that counter it. The ship doesn't matter as they might be potatoes and many people don't know how to play it correctly. If you found a triple DM div with unicum players, you know that they will probably wreck everything in their path and that's not because of the ship but because of the player in the ship.
  10. Leopard_IX

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    Like I said, reaching rank 1 means nothing. Spam enough games, anyone can reach rank 1.
  11. Leopard_IX

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    Stalingrad doesn't have hard-hitting guns unless the ship is showing broadside or a Cruiser that it can over-match. Other than that, it's similar to a BB. Even its captain build is a BB build. If you're in that mindset, then taking any 3 of the same ships will be OP.