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  1. yeah, I noticed the gun barrels especially have this issue.
  2. After the recent update, I noticed that all of my ships seem to be blurry in port and in battle. My settings are all on high so it's not a hardware issue. Is anyone having this issue?
  3. Vulgarr left a long time ago.
  4. Leopard_IX

    Clan Battle CV boycott

  5. Leopard_IX

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    What are you talking about? This post has no ego or entitlement whatsoever.
  6. Leopard_IX

    Boycotting CVs in Clan wars

    WG is somewhat listening - they have nerfed some of the CVs before and they are nerfing Hak in the current test update.
  7. Leopard_IX

    Boycotting CVs in Clan wars

    We can handle them in CW when they become balanced. Currently, they are not so they shouldn't be in that mode.
  8. Only Missouri has radar.
  9. Leopard_IX

    WG doesn't care

    They have not said anything about the next season of CBs.
  10. Leopard_IX

    Smolensk is Ruining the Game

    If a smol is hitting you from range, go dark or just run away.
  11. Leopard_IX

    Slava testing is hell on my mind

  12. Leopard_IX

    WG doesn't care

    Who says there are CVs next season?
  13. Leopard_IX

    14 km Concelment "WIP" Slava= Mind Blown

    Yup, so many people overreact when it is a Russian ship.