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  1. yup, that was an insane amount of damage.
  2. Leopard_IX

    WOWS moves on, so do CPUs

    Like everyone has said, Macs are not meant for gaming. They are created for office solutions and they don't have the ability to carry high graphic games like WoWS. I once spoke to some developers who produce the Farming Simulator series, and they were telling me that macs should not be used for games as issues start to arise. They also mentioned that macs are meant for office solutions and not for games. As the other have said, I would highly recommend buying a PC instead of a Mac.
  3. Leopard_IX

    Am I reading this right?.....

    The goals are a bit crazy in my opinion. I don't think anybody is going to reach them. But I think they are just there for people to measure how much they have done for the event.
  4. Leopard_IX

    Lessons from Coops

    Very true!
  5. Leopard_IX

    Why the twitch crates make a lot of sense

    Others include @Lord_Zath, @ASHLEYakaASHLEY, @Vulgarr, @Femennenly, @Khreegor, @BlackEagleOps, @HotelKiloActual, @NoZoupForYou, @Mejash, @Resp21, @Starshield, @keviseeb, @tmGrunty.
  6. Here are the list of CCs for the NA server. @ASHLEYakaASHLEY is now a CC as well. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/168544-master-list-community-contributors/
  7. Leopard_IX

    Wg contributing to the delinquency of youngsters

    This isn't really gambling(at least in WoWS). Gambling is usually when you give something and there is a chance of that "something" will get you nothing. On the other hand, whenever you get a loot box in WoWS, you will always get something out of it(although it varies with value).
  8. Hi everyone! If you haven't heard, WG has announced that Musashi, Kronstadt and Missouri will be available in super containers. What surprised me was that they brought back Missouri.
  9. Leopard_IX

    urgent request believe privacy breech

    It could be the case. I would ask @Gneisenau013 or @Femennenly about that.
  10. Leopard_IX

    Games getting harder.

    Whenever I play DDs, I love to hide behind islands and ambush battleships. Great way to not get spotted.
  11. Leopard_IX

    USS Missouri

    I am working toward the Salem. I hope I can get it soon. It is pretty good ship from what I have heard from my clan-mates and others.
  12. Leopard_IX

    USS Missouri

    Why do you think that the Alaska will give credits like the MO?
  13. Leopard_IX

    USS Missouri

    I agree.