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  1. These are some Italian destroyers that I found on wikipedia that should be added to W.O.W.S.Their is a wikipedia link next to each suggestion. Note: Wargaming can even these ships to their proper tiers if neccesary. 1.Tier II Curtatone-class_destroyer 2.Tier III Sauro-class_destroyer 3.Tier IV Italian_destroyer_Aquilone 4.Tier V Italian_destroyer_Alvise_Da_Mosto 5.Tier VI Soldati-class_destroyer 6.Tier VII Comandanti_Medaglie_de_Oro-class_destroyer How do you think?
  2. kellan_8

    Make Argus T4

    How would the aircraft be balanced as of lower tier carriers? A few suggestions...Great Britain Aircraft Carrier Tech Tree.gdoc
  3. kellan_8

    British CV's

    At tier IV.
  4. kellan_8

    British CV's

    They had other planes besides spitfires during ww2 + I don't thnk you guys took a look at the fighters they used during ww1 witch are suprisingly very matched up with comparable american fighters and TB's but no dive bombers.
  5. kellan_8

    British CV's

    Just a few ideas. Great Britain Aircraft Carrier Tech Tree.gdoc