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  1. Alienmenace_1

    Submarines Gone ....... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    When did they take the subs out of the person's lineup? I thought when you bought it, it would stay forever in your line of ships. I understand taking out the 19 point captain's, but not the sub's itself.
  2. Alienmenace_1


    It took it but didn't give me anything.
  3. Alienmenace_1

    Smolensk Breaks Game for Me

    I know that now since you answered a 10/14/2019 post.
  4. Me too! Born in the Eisenhower Administration, and "DON'T" want Richard Nixon back...
  5. Alienmenace_1


    So True!
  6. Alienmenace_1

    PSA: Black Ships and the Doubloon Mission

    I understood it, but since I never had the plain jane Mass. this silly combat mission should never come up on the combat mission's page. In other words, it still stinks.
  7. Alienmenace_1

    Look of Ships????

    Except, there was a Roon and her sister ship Yorck. Both pre-WWI ships. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roon-class_cruiser#World_War_I But they did not serve in WWII.
  8. Alienmenace_1

    So Salty....

    Everyone has had this in some sort of way. This is mild, I seen and had a lot worse.
  9. Alienmenace_1

    Twitch you SUCK

    Use a password manager like "Abine Blur - https://www.abine.com/" or "LastPass - https://www.lastpass.com/". I use the free version of "Blur". And I also use long complex passwords.
  10. Why you removed the Nomogram site?
  11. Alienmenace_1

    NOBBIE NEEDS TO FIND MODS. that are ok wth WG.

    I downloaded the "Alsain" mod pack so I can have the (nomogram) crosshair. Did wonders for my aiming. and the only other thing that I changed was the color of the range indicator to yellow, a whole lot better.
  12. Well heck, miss out on my 3rd container. When I got back in, it gave me the 1st container of the day. Oh well, 2 more to go on a new day.
  13. If I can get into the game at 7 am, the WG message said 8 am for servers to be back up.
  14. Alienmenace_1

    Has anyone ever seen something like this?

    Still kind of cool tho.
  15. Yea, waiting for my last container to show up, and they close the servers for 3 hrs. Now I won't get my last container probably. Can't log in till 8 am central time.