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  1. I was surprised no one posted a reminder yet (or maybe I just didn't find it). In the game it says 14 hours until the next performance bonuses are available. Don't forget to reset your ship line today if you haven't used the 2x and want to.
  2. Bomont

    When to Shoot the Wounded??

    Resource containers. Coal is very useful. Odds are you'll get more ships from coal than supercontainers and the try your luck containers are still low odds of getting a supercontainer.
  3. Bomont

    Pointing people out in game

    If a ping is in an open area I assume it's radio location. Often I'm not sure what it's for when it's on a green ship. Hardly ever is there a follow-up saying what the ping is for. Sometimes green ship pings are obviously showing displeasure (like a ship going to the back corner) but sometimes I have no idea why they're pinging that ship. Last night someone pinged me several times in a row. I assume it was complaining that I was hanging back too much(?) since I was way behind the other two ships on my flank. I was also sailing along an island at the time, so maybe he thought I was island camping? But I was in a mid-tier slow BB and the other ships on my flank were a destroyer and cruiser that were way faster than me. I was full speed ahead when he was pinging me (and virtually since the start of the battle). Oh well, I find it entertaining when someone gets riled up and shows they don't know nearly as much as they think they do. That's why I've never blocked anyone. I'd miss out on too much entertainment from that guy that was the first sunk and is now telling everyone else how bad they are.
  4. Bomont

    Wargaming, I'm ticked off!

    There is a twitch stream on the official WOW twitch right now. If you can, put that on, mute the tab, lower resolution and let it run minimized. After an hour or so you should have the tokens (though you'll have to link your WG and twitch accounts).
  5. I wonder if it would give more variety, but still give WG the balance they want if they would let you take one or two skills outside your tree but cost an additional point (or maybe +1 point for the first, +2 points for the second, etc.). For instance a cruiser could take fire prevention but it would cost 5 points instead of 4 since that's not on the cruiser tree. It would give you more freedom to build the ship how you want (i.e. secondary build on a cruiser) but have to be weighed against the greater cost.
  6. Bomont

    Wargaming, I'm ticked off!

    If you play that much I think you're right but lots of players don't play that many games every day. I seldom get through all 6 daily missions and I suspect there are a lot of players like that. However, that's my choice/priorities so I just look at missions and when they end and decide whether it something that's worth trying to get (which oftentimes it isn't). Having played a number of FTP games over the years, I soon realized that they can't balance the grind/payoff around casual players like me. If they did, players who spend a lot more time and/or money than me would probably get bored. The events would be trivial for them. IMO, this game is better than most for a casual player as you really don't need all of the premium ships/perma-camo's/etc. to participate fully. They help with captain training, credit gathering, etc. but you can still play any battle at any level with only tech tree ships. It's not like you can't participate in a raid or something with your buddies because you aren't high enough level or don't have that quest unlocked. Or you took a break for a couple months and now your clan has out-leveled you and you can't play together. Plus you can get most of the ships, etc. for free over time from coal, steel, FXP, campaigns, dockyards, etc.
  7. Bomont

    So, I've been away a while...

    If you had researched/owned the GK or Khab it may account for having more credits than expected
  8. It's not as confusing as it sounds. I think people make it more confusing because they start talking about which lines to reset, double point seasons, stacking RP, etc. and muddy up the basics. To gain access to the RB you need 5 tech tree lines researched/unlocked to tier 10 (don't have to buy the ships). Once you've gained access, you can look at the tech tree and at the bottom of the lines currently researched to T10 there is a button to reset the line. When you click the button a pop-up will outline what's going to happen and ask you to confirm you want to reset the line. When you reset the line, all of the ships and modules in that line will be sold for you , the upgrades will be demounted and put in your inventory , the captains will will be moved into the reserve. A reset is worth 10,200 RP, which will be assigned to the T5-T10 ships in that line (fewer at the T5 and increasing amounts to the T10 for a total of 10,200 RP). After the reset, you can look in the tech tree and see the points each ship has assigned to it by hovering over the symbol just like XP or snowflake bonuses are shown on ships. The next time you win a game or get at least 300XP on that ship you will collect the RP's assigned to it. Some details to the above steps: You can FXP, get ships for free, buy and grind, whatever and in whatever combination. You just need 5 tech tree T10's unlocked/researched but they don't have to be purchased or played. About every 3 months a new "season" starts and ends. The first reset you do in that season will be for twice as many RP's. It doesn't matter if the reset is on day one of the season, the last day or any day between. The bonus X2 is for the first reset in that season. There's always talk of "reset this line today"; "FXP this weekend"; "reset again in two days"; "stack it for X4"; "I have X8 on that line", etc. None of that matters for understanding how the RB works. It's all discussion about Min/Max'ing and/or personal preferences/timing, etc. It's just the first, and only the first, reset of each season that is for double RP's. When you hover over the reset button on the tech tree it will tell you how many days until the next season starts. The symbols will also have X2 by them until you've used that first reset of the season. The ships and modules that you've bought are sold at half of the normal purchase price as it is any time you sell a ship or module. The upgrades are demounted for free when they are moved into your inventory. The captains are still trained for the ship it came from with the skills/CXP retained. They are unchanged from when they were on the ships. If you don't have enough reserve slots you will be given enough to hold all of the captains for free. Hint: fill your reserve with 0 point captains for free if you want to get some additional reserve slots. For the first reset of the season you will get 20,400 RP's since the first reset is doubled. Each ship will have twice as many points assigned to it. I don't have anything to add for this one. If you FXP past a ship (or theoretically play it without ever winning or getting 300XP or more) you haven't collected the RP's assigned to that ship. They stay with the ship until you collect them. If you FXP the whole line up to the T10, never buying or playing any of the ships and then reset again, the RP's for the new reset get added to the RP's that haven't been collected. This is how you stack the RP's so a ship has X3, X4, X6 or whatever. An example using the recent Pan-Asian cruiser event: Say you had never played the PA line before this event and through the missions and tokens you got the T5, T6 and T7 ships (including all of their modules and a captain) for rewards. Then you never play the T5 and T6, but start playing the T7 to get the T8, play that to get the T9, play that and research the T10 but don't buy it. You've never researched, bought nor played the T1-4 ships. The T5-6 ships are in your port even though you've never researched, bought or played them. You never researched or bought the T7 but have played it to grind the T8. You've researched, bought and played the T8-9. You've researched the T10 but never bought nor played it. Assuming you now have at least 5 TT T10's (including this line), you can now reset this line even though you've never touched some of the ships. Let's assume you're 2 months into this season (about a month left in the season) and you did a reset earlier this season. You go ahead and reset. All of the ships on the line are sold. In this case, that's the T5-9 ships since you don't have the others. Their modules are also sold, upgrades to your inventory and captains to the reserve (they are still trained for the ships they were trained for before the reset). You have 10,200 RP's split up and assigned to the T5-T10 ships of this line since this was not your first reset this season. You FXP past the T1-4 ships since they don't have any RP assigned to them and you don't generally play them since they don't qualify for virtually any missions, dockyard tasks, etc. You buy the T5 and start playing up the line, collecting RP's as you go, researching and buying ships. After you research & buy the T7 ship but have NOT played any games on it, you remember that you didn't enjoy playing it (and you're a little behind schedule anyway) so you FXP to the T8, buy it and start playing it. After a vacation, you're half way to the T9 when you realize that this season is almost over. You haven't reset this season and want to reset this line so you FXP to the T10 ship (finishing the T8 and completely through the T9). You haven't bought the T9-10. T1-4 don't have RP's so whatever. You collected RP's from T5-6 (you didn't play the T7), collected RP's from the T8 (were about half way to the T9). You didn't collect RP's from the T7,9-10. You reset in time to get the x2 on the last day before this season ends (the only reset you did this season). You now have 2xbase RP on T5-6,8 (since you previously played and collected RP's from them) and 3x on T7,9-10 (since you hadn't played or collected RP's from them). The next day (new season) you FXP through the whole line and reset again (first reset of the new season). You didn't buy or play any of them. You now have 4xbase RP on T5-6,8 and 5x on T7,9-10
  9. Bomont

    I have to grind Pruisen? Really?

    Sorry, I didn't see that reply. I suspect it was posted while I was writing mine. 1st point - I agree with you. WG should give everyone in that situation credit for having the GK and/or Khab researched. I was worried about that myself. I had the GK but wanted to finish the Khab line, which would give me 4 of the 5 needed. I was lucky that I was close enough to get an additional line done so that I had the 5 ships required a week or two before the change. 2nd point - I get that. I tend to be a completionist myself but in this case I feel like the positives outweigh the negatives. Maybe because I have so many unfinished lines that it doesn't look that much worse. And even though this set me back on getting the progress of having those lines finished, they still feel like they're close (although I won't finish them again any time soon). It helps, too, that by concentrating a little more on getting those two lines to T10 actually put me ahead of where I thought I'd be at this point. I didn't change my play significantly but I used a lot more special signal flags (I usually hoard them). I haven't seen any confirmation of whether or not progress toward unlocking the research bureau will be lost. @Boggzy or @Ahskance do you know what will happen with this?
  10. Bomont

    I have to grind Pruisen? Really?

    They shouldn't if they don't want both ships or feel the "grind" is not worth it. You don't have to. If it's more fun/entertaining to do something else in the game you should. But since you still have everything you had previously (actually a better version of it), you haven't been hurt by this. Personally, I'm happy that I still have my improved (economically) GK and now I only have to gradually "grind" through one tier 9 (rather than an entire line) to get another T10. Obviously, you would have preferred that solution, but IMO what you propose would have created a much bigger uproar. From what I've seen and heard there are relatively very few people who have complained about this and significantly more who like it. Getting coal is a much longer process than getting XP. If I'm not mistaken you said in a previous post that it took you 4 years to get your first coal ship (maybe that was someone else - I'm not going to look for the post). The amount of coal (w/o coupon) for a tier 10 ship is about the same as the amount of XP to "grind" on the FDG to get the Preussen. Can you get XP or coal faster? Can't use flags to multiply your coal yield. Your disappointment seems to be simply that you have a line that is not complete now. Do other incomplete lines cause you this much frustration (I assume you don't have all of the lines complete)? At least this one only needs to have one more ship (granted the most expensive one) rather than an entire line to be completed. When they introduce a new line does it bother you this much that you don't have it complete? In terms of commonly perceived value, or in-game value, your situation is now better than it was before they made this change. You're certainly entitled to your opinion but I think it's a small minority opinion.
  11. Bomont

    Feedback On Survey Timing

    That's all fine but if it were up to me I'd attach it to a couple of the twitch drops a few weeks later (or additionally). You typically have twitch drops every week of the update. I think you'd get more/better information if you attached the reminder to a drop later in the update cycle. It sounds like I'm not that unusual in skipping the survey because it comes too early. I've done the survey a few times in the past, but by answering that early I ended up either checking I don't know or basing my opinion on what I'd read here, expected to happen, etc. which is not very accurate. Sometimes my opinion changes after I've played something for a while. So I quit responding to the surveys. I know they are still available but I usually forget to bother without that reminder popping up. Also, I'm a little skeptical of feedback so early. You may get a lot of early engagement, but how much stock do you put in feedback that comes in before people have really had a chance to try something? I see a lot of people here or in streams who say something coming in the next update is trash - do you think that might influence the early reports?
  12. Bomont

    I have to grind Pruisen? Really?

    I reset the Khab line before the 2x (bonus season? Not sure of the right term) switched over a week or so ago (had Khab researched but not bought). I can't reset the GK line now since I don't have the T10 ship (Preussen) researched. I can reset any of my 3 remaining lines that are up to T10 (2 ships in port, 1 just researched T10 but not bought).
  13. Bomont

    I have to grind Pruisen? Really?

    Just confirming what @MidnightPhoenix07 said. I had 5 TT T10's with GK and Khab being two of them. Now only have 3 TT T10's but still have access to the RB. The ones who might have been set back by this change are those who had 3 or 4 TT T10's (hadn't yet gotten access to the RB) and now only have 1 or 2 TT T10's. I'm not sure whether they count for someone in that situation.