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    Dear WG please stop this

    I had a 2v2 match a couple nights ago. First time I've had that happen. I thought it might be interesting but my teammate was afk so it was a 1v2.
  2. Bomont

    The REALLY short version

    Does it come as a big surprise that someone who has played this game for years (and says he plays 5-8 hours per day) and is probably far better than average can grind up a line very quickly? That's how virtually all of the online "FTP" games I've played over the years work, if that player pays attention to learning some mechanics and improving his play along the way. I started playing about 1 1/2 months ago have less than 600 battles (random and coop combined). For me that's a lot of playing (and will slow down soon due to RL commitments). I will probably unlock my first tier 7 ship the next time I play. My best captains are a couple 8 pointers. I don't think this is too fast. but it's probably slower than average. Unlike the OP, I have been grinding several lines at once to try different boats and play styles. I haven't paid for premium time or higher tier ships. You don't get many signals or camo's in the lowest tiers. I think it's around tier 4 or 5 that you can start getting them more regularly from missions and campaigns. I was able to progress through the first 3 or 4 tiers fairly quickly, but then it starts slowing down. It seems like going tier 6 to 7 probably took as long as going from 1 to 6. I anticipate each tier will be progressively slower for me but based on what I've read I'm content to stay around this tier for a while. I have made a small purchase to support the game but not for things that significantly speed up the grind. So Flambass can grind a line in 6 hours with all of his advantages (knowledge and skill perhaps being his biggest advantage) and on the other extreme a new player who doesn't pay to accelerate up the tiers has only made tier 7 in about 6 weeks. I don't think progress is too fast unless you're paying to bypass the grind, and jumping ahead. I don't think it's the speed of the grind that bothers most of you, it's the ability to pay to bypass it. But the game has to be profitable and I don't see how you avoid that problem.
  3. Bomont

    Trying for the Moskva: I made a spreadsheet.

  4. Bomont

    Casual Gaming gone in WoW?

    Sorry to hear you had such bad luck in teammates. I've apparently been lucky. I've played for just over a month now. I've made lots of mistakes that hurt my team but no one has harassed or reported me yet. I think once or twice someone has said something like "wth are you doing?" but I don't consider that harassment as I had made a bonehead move. Not to say that it never happens - I've seen players blow up in chat like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum (with more colorful vocabulary). But it's not nearly as often as I'd expect from reading the forums. And there are a few more who are ruder than necessary but not totally over the top. But so far I haven't been the target of any of that.
  5. Bomont

    Trying for the Moskva: I made a spreadsheet.

    Nice spreadsheet for tracking. Good luck. 15k to 16k xp+fxp per day roughly? I think you'll make it. I just started playing a month ago, so when I saw the split was coming I thought it would be great to get a couple premium/special ships, but I figured getting to tier 10 for the Moskva was out of reach for me so I set my sights on getting Kirov and being content with that. I got Kirov (and just got the tier 6 cruiser) so I'm happy with that. Does stuff like this happen often - where they change things around and ships become premium/special?
  6. Bomont

    Quick, another FREE code from WG

    Thanks. For once I made it before it was too late