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  1. I got a triple yesterday and an 800 the day before. Seems fairly random to me. If you were getting 800 or 1200 at least once a day that's pretty good. One out of three (or better) chance is way better than anyone I've heard about.
  2. If there is not enough time on the clock for the other team to take your caps and overtake your point lead, hide. This is also true if there is enough time to take your caps but they still won't catch up on points before your team hits 1,000 points. Sometimes you can't just run and hide because they can take a cap and get into the lead before time runs out. If you have a lead, it is still generally a bad idea to go on the offensive. Often, the few remaining ships that try to attack are separated and come into view of the opponents one by one, allowing the other side to focus fire and take you out one by one. It is generally better, if hiding doesn't make sense, to regroup and defend your caps. Make the other team come to you. Then they are likely appearing one at a time, allowing your side's remaining ships to focus fire them. Also, Here are some videos from WG that are helpful, but they don't really make them easy to find in the game: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/education/ or on youtube:
  3. I put in a ticket this morning and was afk for a bit working around the house. When I came back I had the containers and a response to my ticket. Very quick and painless. Thanks WG customer support!
  4. Is there a way to buy an upgrade in advance? Can you stock up on them? Or can you only buy them to fill open slots? I've got plenty of ships that don't have their upgrades filled, so it's not a big issue for me. But I was thinking about buying the upgrades in advance for a ship that I might not get unlocked before Friday (and would be a higher priority for me), which made me realize I hadn't noticed a way to do that.
  5. Bomont

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    100 Ships Spent the tokens to get the Z-31 early access, and I got a congratulations message that sent me here. I've been playing just over a year (by about 3 weeks) and just hit 100 ships. I've sold quite a few T1-T4 ships as I need port slots. I'll need to sell some again soon. 52 T5+ (one tech tree line to T10 so far) and 18 premium/special ships, all but a few for free (coal, FXP, rewards, etc.).
  6. Same thing here. I've gotten the missions but not the containers.
  7. If you join a clan, you get that discount every day on all of the ships (assuming the clan has bought that buff).
  8. Agreed. It's a pretty ambitious mission chain for a new player, and probably the vast majority of players have her. I had only been playing a few months when the Russian cruiser line split and I was able to get her (had hoped to get to the Moskva too but didn't come close). I wonder what the compensation will be? Probably a couple million credits since it was obtained by most when it was a tech tree ship? Even as a guy that still struggles to have enough credits, I think this will be one of those mission chains that I mostly ignore.
  9. Bomont

    has anyone had this happen?

    Did it cause damage?
  10. Bomont

    HSF Containers

    It's a subscription collection. If you're patient, you'll get them all from daily containers.
  11. Bomont

    what can I use Gold on?

    I assume you mean doubloons. You can buy more port slots (half price sale right now), more slots in the reserve for your captains, some 10 point captains (some with special skills) in the armory, permanent camos for individual ships, dockyard phases and demounting upgrades. That's all I can think of off the top of my head, though there are probably a few more things I didn't think of.
  12. I have a research bureau question - During the event in January there was a campaign that gave a bunch of T5 tech tree ships (along with captains, perma-camo's, etc). That allowed me to skip a couple T4's. Consequently, I have a line with a T3 but not enough xp to research the T4 yet. I have the T5 and some XP on it. If I play the T5 and get all the way through the T10 but never go back and finish up the T3/research the T4, will that line count toward the 5 needed to unlock the research bureau? As I understand it, I don't have to research all of the modules (don't have to make the ship elite), but can I skip even unlocking a lower ship on the line and still have it count if I've got the T10?
  13. Bomont

    Twitch Drops in 0.10.3

    I know it's Twitch's drop system and not WG's, but I hope you've let Twitch know that their new drop system is unclear, awkward and buggy. I think I've gotten all of the drops, but it's hard to tell sometimes. The % complete often says different percentages at different places, it'll tell you to collect a drop when one place says it's complete but the claim button isn't there when you go to the inventory, etc. I hadn't had problems getting the drops in the old system but I'm not too impressed with the changes.
  14. Bomont

    F2P Tips that won't cost you a Dime

    I'm using Chrome
  15. Bomont

    Cashback 200%/Receive Triple Benefits

    That happened to me with my 30% off 1 yr anniversary coupon recently. When I saw it, the expiration was in 3 days. I put it off so I could check the list of ships leaving and decide just how much I wanted to buy. Busy week so it was the third night before I logged on to buy something. The coupon was gone. I'm guessing the 3 days was 72 hr from when it dropped, not the next 3 days until nightly reset (as I had assumed). Oh well, it saved me some money. It sounds like if you don't buy anything, you'll get another chance at that coupon. Just depends on how patient you want to be.