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  1. Bomont

    Monthly Supercontainer

    25 green FXP boosters
  2. Bomont

    Modstation , C'mon! UPDATED

    Since they kept announcing a date (24 hours away) I kept waiting. I've uninstalled and reinstalled before but the announcement made me think I should just wait so this time I didn't try uninstalling. Glad I saw this thread. Thanks
  3. Bomont

    just realise something about convoy

    Literally every man and his dog. Irregardless, I'm not going to waist my time worrying about whether their getting this usage wrong two.
  4. Bomont

    Port slot question

    If you always keep the captain reserve full you shouldn't need to ever buy captain reserve expansions. Whenever you get/buy captains the reserve will add a slot to fit them in if all slots are full. I keep mine full and then dismiss a captain to make space if I need to (I have have lots of 0 point captains from buying them to keep reserve full). I should probably quit worrying about it now as I doubt I'll ever use all of the slots I have available now. I never bought captain reserve space. As I recall, in my first year of playing I bought a number of port slots. In the second year I was able to get free slots almost as fast as I needed them, but I think I bought a few when they were on sale to keep up. Now I have a surplus and don't think I'll ever have to buy any more. This was with selling <T5 ships.
  5. Bomont

    Battle Pass...hmmmmm

    I don't have all the stuff you do, so it's certainly not a case of having so much stuff it's not exciting anymore, but I agree that this month is an easy one to skip the premium BP. The dockyard is too much grind to interest me so 3 stages won't make a difference. Without a nice mid-way reward (like a few times previously where there was a lower tier ship) I don't pay any attention to the dockyard. But I'm not complaining. I'm glad WG has made it easy to play less without feeling any FOMO. So I can play some other games and more so, spend time out in the yard trimming trees and bushes, raking, etc. to get the yard going for spring. Edit to add: I won't come close to finishing the BP this month, and the DY will not be close either.
  6. Yep. It looks like they got fixed since my post earlier this morning,
  7. Some of you might be smarter since you play video games, but I'm not. I know because a teammate told me so last night (and since he plays video games I guess he's smart). He said another teammate and I were morons because we didn't join the lemming train headed to one side. We must have gotten lucky because we managed to hold that flank until help could come and our team won. I was glad our stupidity didn't lose the match for our team. Anyway, based on all the threads here about the quality of team mates, I'm not sure what to think??
  8. I have no idea what Hololive is, but if they're paying WoW for some advertising, I can tolerate that.
  9. Bomont

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    And there is 200 for me. About 3 years after starting the game.
  10. I'll agree that a month would be plenty of time. If you're a dedicated player a week is not bad either. But I would think that they are not trying to engage already dedicated players with this as much as new and casual players, which (if true) would make a week too little time IMO.
  11. But I suspect you'd agree that you are more successful at farming these commodities than most FTP or casual players. The trick for WG is to get the balance right between giving up perhaps more than they'd like to someone like you while still giving away enough to incentivize more casual players. I have no idea where that balance is.
  12. Bomont

    It's exhausting

    Maybe you need to add more gimmiks?
  13. Bomont

    Super containers???

    I think it's a significant nerf. The odds of getting a ship are about the same depending on sample size, two of the bigger possible wins are removed (5k dubs and 30 day prem) and the addition of gray boosters (about 80% chance of getting anything else) is a huge dilution of rewards. The odds of getting a ship drops from 1.5% currently to 1% after the change. But the SC's are supposed to drop twice as often, so that appears to be an increase in chances to get a ship (1% x 2=2% vs. 1.5% ). But the odds aren't that simple (It's been a long time since my college probabilities and statistics class so correct me if I'm wrong). With multiple tries the odds of NOT getting the ship are .99^n (n=number of tries) so the odds of not getting a ship in 2 tries at 1% =0.9801, which means 1.99% chance of getting a ship, which looks a lot like 2%. The odds for the old SC's would be 1.5% assuming you're only getting one try since they drop less often, so it appears to be better with the new system. But what if it takes you 50 SC's to get a ship with the new system? That's still pretty lucky since you only have a 1% chance. 0.99^50=0.6050 of not getting one or 39.5% chance of getting a ship. With the old system (assuming only 25 SC's over the same period of time) it's 0.985^25=0.6853 or 31.47% chance of getting a ship. That's still better for the new system. However, are you confident that we will get twice as many SC's? Old campaigns, collections, monthly logins, etc. might not increase the number of SC's. Say instead of 50 vs 25 it's 50 vs 37.5 (about half of the sources are doubled SC's but the other half stay the same). .0985^37.5=0.5674 or 43.26% chance of getting a ship. Now the old system is better. This trend would continue. The more SC's it takes for you to get lucky and pull a ship, the worse the comparison is for the new system. So overall, I think it's a small nerf to the chance of getting a ship and a big nerf for the chances of everything else.
  14. I think the only people who have built up years worth of premium time are those who buy lots of premium containers (particularly santa crates) and/or have lots of TX ships for SC's during the anniversary. Those containers are where the big premium time rewards are/were. I'm not spending as much time playing now as I did before but without spending much (mostly just $25/yr for premium time) I figured I'd need to pay for premium time 1 out of 2 years or 2 out of 3 years. I certainly wasn't racking it up so I wouldn't ever need to buy premium again. And that's probably how it should be - I'm not paying as much so they should get more rewards.