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  1. bigred_413

    RN Cruiser Premium?

    old post, but i'm all for a rn cruiser premium tier 5-7. been waiting for one for a while. hope something comes soon though.
  2. bigred_413

    7.12 Test server

    i haven't been able to log into the pt server for a while. i was on the last time they had tier 8 ships available. that was first time i tried the kiev dd. the game client has updated the pt server. when it's launched and click to login it says "error connecting to server, failed to connect to server. please try again later" . says it every time i try to go on the pt server. i'm in the US also
  3. how do you join the test server?
  4. bigred_413

    Strongest AA Cruisers in the Game

    with the tweaks done for the co-op bots, what are good setting for aa support on omaha? those damn cv bots kill me almost every other if not every damn game. get hit by them multiple times. before i was doing fine, now...just get killed lol