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  1. Bug report: NA premium shop: unable to purchase AL and Soviet Era containers

    please fix



    Azur Lane Collaboration Part 2

    BUG REPORT: RE: AL MERHANDISE IN PREMIUM SHOP I'm on the NA server. I am unable to purchase AL admiral pack ships and containers on the NA premium shop. also unable to purchase Soviet Era containers in the NA premium shop. on the wargaming site, it says item not available. and in-game, the AL admiral pack ships are available , but are unable to purchase. Please resolve this issue promptly. thank you Mark

    problem with game loading

    I have had problems with the game not loading. I have removed items in the files in the 'res mods' file, checked the integrity of the files, rebooted, but the game does not load. I have also done the same procedures with my WOWS public test , and WOT account. None of these games are responding, and refuse to load. Is/are there recent issue(s) with the wargaming NA server? Should I delete the games and re-install? Need advice on my next move. thanks
  4. I'd like to try it. Never did one of these events before. Should be fun.

    What does "Premium Port" do?

    So it’s ‘premium’ in name only? And the little gold anchor means....nothing? What’s the point of this ‘premium’ port then?

    lag in my game

    Very recently, I've been getting terrible lag in my games. Is it the wargaming server, or is it my computer? If it's my computer, can anyone suggest ways that I can fix the problem. I'm on a PC, 7th gen intel core i7, and a decent nvidia GEFORCE GTX card. thanks
  7. OK! I got the 4 ships of the Black Fleet, however, the only ship that I can get the 'gold rush' is on the one (standard) ship that I already had (Asashio). What's the point of the Gold Rush if you don't already own the original ship? Booourns!
  8. It seems like a far-fetched story, but I'm inclined to believe that much of it is based on truth. Sorry, but aliens and UFOs, are not in the mix (IMO). Based on the testimony of crewman, Al Bielek, who worked with Dr. van Noeman on the USS Eldridge, Project Rainbow, and later on the Montauk Project.

    smoke timer

    Hello developers I have a suggestion Normally, when using the smoke function on a ship, there is usually an icon visible that counts down the time left that smoke is available. Can you please put that timer icon in the binocular mode. So many times I'm in binocular mode aiming at a target, only to blown up, because I had no Idea that my smoke has disappeared. If the smoke timer was available in binocular mode, I could time my attacks accordingly, and not be caught out in the open without smoke cover, thank you
  10. U12MONKEYS


    thank you all for your comments....all of which are greatly appreciated. I think Wargaming may of heard me, as the East and South Dragons were introduced in packages with the Scharnhorst and the Atlanta. I got them both. My thanks to Wargaming for theses ships.
  11. U12MONKEYS

    WoW music selections

    That music may be used in the game (and I do like it), but it is certainly not the music I heard. It's far too 'house'. but, thanks for the submission. it was more like this... like this...
  12. U12MONKEYS


    Hello developers firstly, I'd like to acknowledge all your hard work and effort into making a fine quality game. I's appreciate it if you would re-introduce the CORGI fleet, and the ARP line of vessels. I'm terribly jealous of those ARP vessels flying the Corgi Fleet flag. I'm sorry I missed that promotion, not being a part of the WOWS at the time. Please re-introduce the Corgi fleet, and the ARP ships (if licencing permits). Thank you
  13. U12MONKEYS

    Anniversary collection

    awesome possum. thanks a bunch
  14. U12MONKEYS

    Anniversary collection

    How can I subscribe to the Anniversary collection, so that I may win anniversary chests and win tokens? Leave a link if you can. thanks
  15. U12MONKEYS

    Ships stats?

    WoW-numbers has a major glitch that must be fixed. Trying to gain access to a ships detailed configuration will deny you access. It will ask you to accept API consent. Even if you click the green button and allow API consent, it will still fail to give you the ships detailed configuration. It’s a bug that must be fixed.