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  1. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Can we include sub battles that are ~80% bots...
  2. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Agir in co-op.

    Thanks anyway. The first week after release, I had Agir set up for full secondaries and never got over 40 secondaries and meager damage from them. I don't have Lutjens though, that may be the difference maker.
  3. Admiral_Kartoffel


    All excellent points, I have 2 Alaska's and Agir, they are all wonderful ships. That being said, if I were in your position, I would lean towards grabbing Alaska. Having been around longer, if it were announced that it was going to be removed for whatever reason, you would be in a crunch to get FXP had you already spent it on Agir.
  4. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Agir in co-op.

    Nice. It would appear you made some investment in the secondaries. To what extent, if any, did you build for them?
  5. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Less Is More? Operation 4 Star.

    Patch or two ago WG fixed scenarios by reducing payouts on 5 star, but increasing payouts on 3-4 stars. Spreadsheet says it is fun you are having.
  6. Admiral_Kartoffel

    "More Resources"

    why yes... yes, I did.
  7. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Just got this in a SC

    Nice, congrats. Play it for the snowflake in Co-op. Go in a div and just spot and drop fighters if you have no interest in learning the power of the Dark side.
  8. Admiral_Kartoffel

    "More Resources"

    I always do More Resources. 3 out of 4, but not in a row.
  9. Admiral_Kartoffel

    "More Resources"

    As a co-op main it just wouldn't feel right posting this anywhere else, besides only you folks could handle this much awesome anyway... Last container yesterday. First one today. Last one today.
  10. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Not my highest damage or base xp in Ohio, but damn good game. She's slow, which means positioning and route choice have a significant impact on brawling. Switched to my manual secondary commander because of the longer range on the secondaries and was quite happy with the results. 3 of us over 600 base xp too.
  11. Admiral_Kartoffel

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #00 (02-12-2020)

    Thanks for all you do Aslain, there appears to be an issue with Improved Primary Crew. When trying to open the ship selection interface, the game locks up requiring a restart. I had thought it locked up anywhere or was a conflict with Carousel extended, however a clanmate of mine does not use Carousel and was able to change commanders, but as soon as he clicked on the funnel icon (left side of the screen above the carousel) his game locked up.
  12. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Dockyard Missions Automatic?

    There are 20 Dockyard stages. The directives advance multiple stages of the Dockyard. Also, you only have to purchase 2 Dockyard stages, buying the starter pack (8 stages) satisfies that requirement.
  13. Admiral_Kartoffel

    No Comma but a Space

    From what I have read about the discussion, the issue was different regions use different notation for the separation of number sets and an empty space was the happy medium. I'm actually impressed you thought you needed to get (1) 600 hits, did you also think you needed to cause 000 HP of damage 650 times?
  14. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Steel in the Dailies! Nice!

    It may not be the new normal... or it might. "The rewards have also been updated: during summer, you’ll also earn Steel in addition to Coal when you complete combat missions! More details about that, as well as other changes to Daily Missions, will be available in the dedicated article covering combat missions."