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  1. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Are people even trying?

    While your statement has merit for inexperienced players, the right player in position properly can deal with the DD before the CL gets a shot on you. Taking a second ship on CV reduces coverage for the allied convoy, especially going into the bay. Risking 3 stars at minimum (escort all to bay/protect lead transport/1400 troops landed) to chase a single star does not make any sense at all.
  2. Admiral_Kartoffel

    ASW Massachusetts

    As mentioned previously, this is the PVE section of the forums. Responses will be geared towards dealing with PVE, bot subs don't go below periscope depth.
  3. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Newport excellent PUG 5 star
  4. Admiral_Kartoffel

    My ship haul from crates

    I exchanged 5 tix for a mega santa crate, got 20 expendables econ bonuses, went with smalls after that. so far, out of all (60+) crates from all exchanges, mission rewards and daily collection SC's I have pulled Agincourt Z-44 Novorossikssriyskos (or however it's spelled) Collingwood Malta Alvaro De Bazan Bearn And...
  5. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Playing the Same Operation Three or more Times in a Row

    Forgot to tag. Thanks @Asym_KS
  6. Admiral_Kartoffel

    New bot spawn for Raptor Rescue?

    No, never. It might be new, but I have always been under the impression Raptor Rescue had the most random spawn points of any Operation. Used to always take a commander with Radio Location when it was Op of the week.
  7. Admiral_Kartoffel

    opening crates.. one at a time or all at once?

    if they are Super Containers, I open them one at a time, like this morning for instance hate the player, not the game
  8. Admiral_Kartoffel

    First steel ship

    I made the mistake of getting Vallejo for steel and burning a coupon. Unless you want to go into a fight, even against bots, with both hands tied behind your back, get ANY other steel ship. No Hydro, Radar, Armor or Torpedos. Slightly flatter arcs put you at a HUGE disadvantage firing behind cover, slower reload, slower top speed, slower rudder, shorter base range. If you want a cruiser and aren't interested in Stalingrad... Austin or Plymouth (I have both) are immensely more fun and effective. BB suggestions have already been made. Bourgogne is a blast.
  9. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Put Naval Battle back on port screen

    As inconvenient as it is... it is a clan activity and encouraging clan members to go to the clan page in port isn't a bad thing. I just wish two things would have happened a more prominent announcement when the second tab was added to the clan interface about a year ago and a more prominent announcement that the tab on the port page was being removed in the update.
  10. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Santa House twitter code.

    Thank you.
  11. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Santa House twitter code.

    I have watched several YT videos on WG channel, can't find that code, am I blind?
  12. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Am I missing something?

    even if we aren't, it seems all too common for the mindset to be adopted without question
  13. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Thoughts on the upcoming Vellejo?

    I had been out of the game for a while and returned to find a tier 9 USN cruiser in the armory for steel... Having had good fun with Bourgogne, Austin and Plymouth, I ignorantly and impulsively pulled the trigger. How bad could it be not having Hydro? At least I'd have an option for Radar, right? I mean, it didn't say it didn't have it. I really, should have done some research, rather than just expected a tier 9 USN cruiser would have Radar. But not having Hydro or Radar is the least of her problems. Her turrets are extremely fragile. (sorry if that gives anyone the impression the rest of her isn't) Anything hitting the stern, broadside or bow is likely to take half your health. The "low" detectability is easily negated by nearly anything in pursuit while trying to disengage. The flatter trajectory means you rarely can be close enough to anything that will adequately shield you from return fire. Lacking Radar or Hydro makes it easy to be ambushed when behind cover. WG thinks so highly of her AA defense, they give you the option of a fighter plane instead of the rapid takeoff spotter plane.... But it's not all bad, since it's a USN light cruiser, everyone assumes it has Radar. Therefore, the enemy team will waste their time while focusing on you, instead of the actual Radar ships on your team. It is the worst steel ship. Hell, it would be a candidate for worst coal ship, if it was available there.
  14. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Playing the Same Operation Three or more Times in a Row

    If Random Operation is selected you can't then choose any operation. And, unless a division is more than 4 players, a division can't select an operation. @Ahskance I will spread the word among my fellow clan members and players who frequently voice disbelief and angst at repeated Operations when in the Random Operations que to submit screenshots of their match history. I personally have experienced 3 Operations in a row both when entering singly and with a division. And even occasionally 4 out of 5. Which is really annoying.