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  1. Admiral_Kartoffel

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    A 350 ship navy.
  2. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Important message for the community

    I'm a fool in the rain, having a blast playing this game... and then something, occasionally intentional, happens to the game and it seems like everyone get's salty. It sounds like you are genuine as they come and your word is "the word". Sir, that being said, I really hope the internal review process doesn't wind up just being hot air. As far as the impact player feedback should have had/will have; There may be a number of people who want to avoid the past because we can't "reprogram/revert/return, etc." but there is certainly a lot to be learned about avoiding this a long time ago. Sadly, more than once. Do better. Many of us have been looking forward to it for a long damn time.
  3. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Not a huge damage game, but was a fun one. 5 DD's. Smoked and spotted for the better gunboats. Took scrap shots. Got a notification when I got to port.
  4. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Mouse abuse, why is WOWS so bad at PR

    I understand the main beneficiary of your work has always been the players. And certainly respect your decision to honour your commitment. However for those two reasons and many more, I honestly wish you wouldn't.
  5. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    So, 1k+bXp and new personal best damage record's 14 hours apart. Here's to hoping this becomes a regular occurrence...
  6. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    Just out minding my own business farming potential damage and commander xp in a ship I don't play too often anymore...
  7. Admiral_Kartoffel


    I am PVE. I took Concealment in slot 5 just for the dispersion buff, I went with DPM in slot 6. This is my build and (wip)commander skills. I have 2 builds I am messing with. The more I play the ship, Dunkirk is my preferred commander. I've been resetting and grinding the Japanese destroyer line so much, I figured penitence was due. It's a challenging, yet fun little boat, and... I've really got a thing for short-fused British AP.
  8. Admiral_Kartoffel


    Vampire II is a solid DD in the typical style and more useful overall. It's only drawback is a possible lack of commander options. If I didn't already have Vamp, I wouldn't have got Druid.
  9. Admiral_Kartoffel


    Mechanically, it plays like the front end of a seriously pissed off minotaur. British 127mm AP, Friesland fire rate. What it feels like...
  10. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Big Max (PVE Thread)

    If you really want to, do it. But... 20k coal isn't hard to come by and MAX just hit the Armory. Better use of that steel will come around.
  11. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Ship Id assistance Captains!

    DDG-91 USS Pinckey http://www.uscarriers.net/ddg91history.htm February 17, 2021 USS Pinckney moored at Navy Fuel Farm (NFF) on Naval Base Point Loma for a brief stop to refuel; Moored at Wharf 4 in Port Hueneme, for combat systems groom with the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), from Feb. 19-26; Moored at Berth 6, Pier 12 on Feb. 27; Moved to Berth 1, Pier 12 on March 31; Underway again on April 1.
  12. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Narai Week Makes Me Happy

    and much like a BB sniping over an island to steal the CV kill with less than 1k health from a cruiser, it is a waste of firepower that is better focused upon the targets in the bay that threaten the green convoy
  13. Admiral_Kartoffel

    How's the Leone working out so far?

    If you can, wait until after you've opened the last available Italian crate. As others have said, it's not as bad as it seems on paper, but no sense wasting the opportunity to get it for free.
  14. Admiral_Kartoffel

    Narai Week Makes Me Happy

    there's no way you're guns swing around in time to help sink the unarmed transports... way to let down your team. (all kidding aside, salute for sticking to the objective.)
  15. Admiral_Kartoffel

    How to enable this reticle?

    I prefer the mini navigator, it's not as intrusive. I do well estimating angles, but if I want the info it's easy to glance at. I too agree, this should be added to the vanilla game. (And probably will be, much like a dozen other mods have been in the past 3 years.)