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  1. ReimuBakarei

    Help on damage dealing?

    @why_u_heff_to_be_mad I have a CV guide series going over fundamentals and basic mechanics/mindsets that I'm currently releasing so if you're interested in that, I can link you. Basically, focus on priorities such as cap control / intel for your team, taking out or focusing radar cruisers and dds, holding back a flank, and getting closer to the fight. Priorities first, damage later.
  2. ReimuBakarei

    Starting a New CV Guide Series on YouTube

    Thanks everyone so far for the very positive support! I will get to making many more episodes in the future.
  3. ReimuBakarei

    Question for Midway players

    I recently started to ignore stats in general in my carrier games and only focused on winning. Damage and numbers will follow with your wins if you get enough experience and just play the game. But if I were to really think about what makes a "good" game for me, I'd have to say at least getting 130k damage in a tier 10 carrier, winning, and that alone is enough to satisfy me.
  4. ReimuBakarei

    Carriers Are Too Difficult

    As with every other class in the game, practice helps you improve. From what I'm reading, it seems like you are either using A and D keys to adjust your aim or you're not giving enough lead or you aren't giving the attack run enough distance. What I recommend is to watch a stream or a YouTuber do it and then try it out on your own in co-op or in a custom match playing against bots with their AA turned off but maneuvering. Learning carriers is not something as simple as "How to Battleship/Cruiser/Destroyer" with a simple "lead this much ahead" or "position this way and kite out". Carriers are about a sense of Feel and knowing when to drop, when to start the run, and how to go about it. It's a class that takes time to learn and not something you'll be able to fully understand and perform in under 100 games. Carriers, like Destroyers, are in my opinion the most technical class to understand in terms of Thought Process. Sure anyone can dab on a ship for 20k+ damage full of bombs and rockets, but it's about GETTING THERE to achieve that. Last thing you want to do is to beat yourself up and stay negative. Watch YouTube videos, catch some streams and ask questions, then try it out on your own. We have lots of great carrier players who also provide content for players who wish to improve or learn the class. Ahskance provides twitch streams, I provide YouTube videos for example: linked here. I have videos of gameplay, commentary, and started a new series called CV Academy. Hope it helps and you get better games in the future
  5. ReimuBakarei

    Losing returning planes not yet fixed

    Aaaaand this is why I haven't been creating content as often as I did before 9.9. This patch literally screwed the class other than kaga and fdr lol. Played indomitable on stream this morning and was deplaned 5 minutes in LOL yikes
  6. ReimuBakarei


    I do enjoy your YouTube quick cut videos! Very enjoyable to watch
  7. Heya, it's ReimuBakarei. You guys might've heard of me from watching a video or two of mine. I am the CV player for the clan -KIA- and I have been playing carriers since pre-rework. Our clan has repeatedly reached Hurricane pretty much every season and CVs being added to clan battles lately has allowed me to participate and teach my clanmates how to play around carriers as well as fight them. I just started a new series that I plan to continue on throughout the future called CV Academy and my goal from this is to help you guys who have any questions or struggles with your CV games. I have been making videos for a while and only started using voice commentary recently so still getting used to that. If you guys are interested, please feel free to check out my content and I hope they are helpful to you guys! Link to the first video of the series and my YouTube channel
  8. ReimuBakarei


    If you ever need assistance with anything CV related, don't be afraid to hit me up via email or on forum dms ^^ If ya need any vids to watch, check out my yt at youtube.com/c/reimu Thanks for the shoutout my guy
  9. ReimuBakarei

    German tech tree CV's

    It's because the planes start the drop immediately (almost in place)
  10. ReimuBakarei

    German tech tree CV's

    The secret strats
  11. ReimuBakarei

    German tech tree CV's

    Thank you for stating this. Richthofen is by far the hardest Carrier we have right now but also the most game impactful carrier as well. In the hands of a good carrier player, she will outperform all others. I love the Richthofen meanwhile a friend of mine who isn't the best with carriers absolutely hates her and calls her too weak
  12. @Herr_ReitzGotta start somewhere. If my videos are of any help to anyone, then I am happy :) Keep on that grind and ignore numbers for now. They will follow while you improve
  13. ReimuBakarei

    Not loving the Parseval

    MvR is without a doubt the hardest CV we have in the game atm. She is very difficult to perfect but when you get the hang of it, you can solo carry a game.
  14. One of my favorite carriers by far
  15. ReimuBakarei

    Two Things To Change Please

    After a while, you just get a feel of where the reticle is at. Just takes some time. I had an extremely difficult time adapting to it but nowadays I rarely look down. Only time I can say that I look down at my reticle is when I'm pre-dropping to make sure I'm not dropping on any teammates But yeah it is a bit wonky and awkward at first