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  1. ReimuBakarei

    Stop placing the Chkalov in Tier 9-10 Games

    This is where they got you. 99% of them are not CV players. They are just content uploaders who know of the class. Quite literally anyone can nail a ship with Chkalov's torpedo bombers or skip bombers and react that way. It's about consistently being able to perform instead of having a few lucky games. Sure here you go and here is the link to the game. I will also include my Chkalov stats for credibility.
  2. ReimuBakarei

    Would You Purchase a T4 Premium CV?

    I would if it were a historical carrier. Pre-refit triple flight deck Akagi? HMS Eagle? HMS Glorious? 100% would buy. Honestly kind of tired of seeing "blueprint" designs. All I want right now are the returning odd-tier carriers as their new even-tier setup.. unfortunately they said not in 2022 so hopeful for 2023.
  3. ReimuBakarei

    ReimuBakarei - Chkalov

    Far from broken. She is consistent, and is able to up tier very well. Skill floor is high, but with knowledge on how to play the class and looking out for AA targets, you can perform well. She is a really good farmer and since she's got HE skip bombers, HE dive bombers(drops 6), and strong torpedoes with Nakhimov's flood chance (cuz they're tier 10 planes and payloads), she can perform very well in the right hands. The fact that the torpedo spread is extremely tight means you can strike any BB or large cruiser who's bow in, long range skip bombers means only touching long range AA, and dive bombers who drops lots of bombs to hit DDs. Consistency is my favorite word when it comes to Carriers (glaring at you German CVs...) OP? No. I'd still pick Shoukaku Lexington Enterprise Kaga. Very freaking good? Yes. Very yes.
  4. ReimuBakarei

    ReimuBakarei - Chkalov

    I finally managed to get a game to showcase the strength of RU CVs by utilizing the plane boosters by pushing close to the enemy. Despite the nerfs hitting her dive bombers on release of 0.10.8, the change is not something to hinder you from getting her. She is the carrier that can up-tier very well and from my experience, she is enjoyable. Please enjoy.
  5. ReimuBakarei

    ReimuBakarei - Impressions on the Soviet CVs

    After playing the Pobeda nonstop over the hours since posting this video, I would like to apologize and also correct my initial impressions with another video which will be coming soon. Pobeda is a monster. Learned how to play her effectively and efficiently and was able to showcase her all morning today on stream via https://twitch.tv/ReimuBakarei
  6. Hope you guys enjoy. I obviously need more practice with them but this is the impressions I got as their final state. Utilizing islands seems to be the best way to play them. My main concern is when they get up-tiered. Without the heal and plane HP, as well as requiring broadsides.. getting the strike off is a bit rough. Also, ignore the stuttering. I recorded the voice commentary at 5 in the morning because of last minute announcement of these ships being lifted off NDA.
  7. Without reading the thread, I'm going to assume 99% that a lot of those planes are from Fighter consumables. The game keeps track of what kind of planes you killed as well. Do you think you can provide that image for confirmation?
  8. ReimuBakarei

    Are cv effective is bronze rank?

    If you plan on bringing a CV to bronze rank, I recommend Ryuujou. Any other CV works, yes, but the thing is.. since everyone runs it down (either cuz bots / bad player skill), you need fast and good impact per strike to pretty much outrace your own team lol. I went Ryuujou all the way in Sprint 1 two weeks ago and she did me justice.
  9. Uhh? I don't think you are understanding what I'm saying..? What?? I'm genuinely confused about what you said
  10. So the 2 seconds are from the added time of MG animation. The whole attack time is 5-6 seconds. Yes I can count. Next, It appears many have misunderstood my opinions on my video. There are two halves of the issue for DDs suffering from CV interactions. One half is the carrier squadrons itself (in this case being rockets being the focus), and the other half is spotting. Focusing on nerfing the carrier's ability to 1v1 a DD is the wrong decision. This greatly affects the CVs decision making in the future as well as having to kill a DD when it needs to be dealt with. They should not be nerfing the rockets firing time at all but instead deal with spotting which is a global issue for all classes caused by CV.
  11. ReimuBakarei

    Fighters are still worthless

    This is the very definition of what you can do to the FDR specifically.. and do it very well. You shut the carrier down for the first 15 minutes because he HAS to recall or he loses 7-8 planes from your fighter squadron. But yeah as for strike prevention, current CVs can't do that anymore.
  12. At least it was enjoyable for you to actually devstrike me with your marceau rush on my DM
  13. ReimuBakarei

    Finally saw the mythical Max Immilman.

    Well said and thanks for watching my vid. I think she's in an okay spot right now. Not the best but not the worst and definitely some skill requirement in this CV. The skip bombers need some time to get used to. We'll see how good she is in CB but imo she'll probably only be a Randoms and Ranked potato clubber. She's capable of getting high damage games but she needs broadsides to make it happen.
  14. ReimuBakarei

    FDR is actually awful.

    FDR is mainly a clan battles ship due to how well you can abuse DCP and focus fire through coordination. The weakness of FDR is luck of strikes per minute and slow speed which makes it hard for the carrier to get any perfect angles off compared to other carriers. This is fixed in CB because of how "locked" in position ships are and also how easily you can abuse DCP. You're weak against DDs and some Cruisers but nail BBs and CVs extremely hard if they let you. In randoms and ranked, it's tragic. You either division as ships who can control the pace or get extremely lucky with the mm and potatoes giving you the perfect drops. I noticed my video was linked above. It shows how weak of an impact you have on the situation where it starts to get really close to a loss. If the team falls apart, you really struggle to bring it back. If you want to play it in randoms, go in a division with control ships. Thunderer and Smaland is extremely dirty with a CV.
  15. ReimuBakarei

    Interceptors and you.

    It can really work well in CB imo. Been messing around with the 1 and 4 fighter pointers and it immediately gets tagged. I barely notice a difference in startup time. Highlight of the moment. Around 3 minutes long