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    Public Test: Autumn Season

    Why participate if they do not pay out the rewards promised? In February I spent at least 8 hours on the test server testing CVs. Although I received my flags I on the live server, I never received my premium time. I spent more time with player non-support on this issue then I spent on the test server. I swore I would never play on the test server again. Last month I feel for the same old story. Do all of this playing without moving your live account forward and you will receive these cool rewards. Well again I did complete all of the missions assigned, but did I ever receive the two containers with premium time in them? NO! Did I receive the flags I was promised? No! So what is the point of playing on the test server? For me I guess at least I can try out ships I will own someday or I could just grind on the live server and get there sooner.