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  1. Tanuvein

    0.8.0 Postponed

    It's good this is delayed - one week isn't really enough, but its a move in the right direction to making a workable model. Maybe it'll give them time to reconsider some really questionable choices like no CV split control or making your CV basically a bot. I'm also quite pleased since I should be able to get the PEF before then and might even get to try out the rts Midway before I sell my CVs.
  2. I'm glad some people like it, because it's coming no matter what. I expect most people will ultimately disklike it, and I still want to be able to play against then. While after the initial influx I expect we will have less players and no longer see them in half of low tier battles, I don't want them to disappear entirely. I know I'm not going to work on dd lines until the initial glam wears off though
  3. I noticed that too about lack of human cv players, thought it was strange. There didn't seem to be anyone interested in playing CVs on Saturday night when the servers are their most populated, I believe
  4. His video actually encouraged me to give it a few more tries after the TSTs. It wasn't fun still, I can only imagine he's happy at the slight reduction in t4 tedium since he has to play anyway. At least the AA is still easy enough to ignore
  5. The 90 second cool down on an aircraft squadron being lost entirely is more of a problem now than it will be, where with the rework even if you haven't invested points in it you are likely to have a full squad waiting to replace them of the same type - and if not, each individual aircraft type is more useful now. Unless the pilot is bad, dive bombs can hit cruisers as easily as BBs, and if you are good, DDs aren't much harder (especially when distracted). Also, in the earlier version of CVs you can pick the target, and destroy some of those super deadly torpedo bombers before they attack. Now, even with active sector usage you cannot stop the enemy from getting a few runs even on a MO (I've seen it from both sides). Likewise, rework AA doesn't effect the enemy targeting ability, so merely having AA doesn't provide protection like it used to. So where AA would once give you a good chance of the enemy missing his entire strike run, now your AA will not and cannot prevent multiples of those. The old system provided serious opportunities to reduce the attack ability and frequency of CV airstrikes - in the rework they just give you a bit of xp and maybe stop the fourth attack if the CV bothers to use them all on you. This also reduces the need of the CV player to pick targets that made bad decisions and created vulnerabilities and instead permits and encourages striking any ship you want, now you won't get punished whereas before an early failed push could take you out for a quarter of the match if it goes really bad. Add to this the fact you now in the rework can continue to damage for quite a long time while spotting a DD, and its feasible to get your new squad near the DD before your previous one loses vision (if you move ahead of the DD before returning home, or drop some fighters there to assure your safe return), DD gameplay will likely be the most drastically and negatively effected. While the CV definitely needed changes and they have some good ideas (ie, if they were considering this rework maybe 20% of the complete rework and merely a starting point I think we could all be very happy), those who wanted this change because they dislike fighting CVs or are anti-CV are going to be very disappointed, as are traditional CV players who cannot or do not want to play this new mode. Having four CVs that no one can avoid or mitigate early on will be interesting, especially since they won't be short on planes from pushing through AA ships late game, and will instead have less AA to worry about while they retain full strength.
  6. While aircraft respawn is technically limited by the amount you use, effectively they are unlimited. I never felt I had a shortage of aircraft while testing and I would intentionally throw them away after getting a few attacks. I could use DBs for every strike and never had to wait for more - even if Iaunched a squad down by a plane or two, there damage wasn't effected and the AA didn't become more disabling. Sure, they are 'limited' by time just like everything else, but no one is calling BB ammo limited when you can only get roughly 40 salvos in a game with constant firing
  7. Tanuvein

    New Directives for 8.0 : Carriers

    True, I played 3 midway games though the test population was low. Only saw single cvs ar that level, had triples at 8
  8. Tanuvein

    New Directives for 8.0 : Carriers

    3v3 cvs were common in the last test for me.
  9. Tanuvein

    8.0 Public Test coming

    I strongly encourage all people who play dds or CVs join so that WG can get serious feedback to help fix problems I expect will potentially wreck both classes.
  10. Tanuvein

    New Directives for 8.0 : Carriers

    Without serious fighter interplay and multiple cvs that can spend several minutes spotting without losing damage potential (since they'll keep striking) it won't be much if any better for dds at least, especially since they aren't too hard to hit now.
  11. Tanuvein

    New Directives for 8.0 : Carriers

    I've been playing this game for a year and if this happened back then, as well as maybe some premium cvs, I would have had even more of a wonderful time than I already have had.
  12. Tanuvein

    2019...Year of the carrier/cruiser?

    Unfortunately not for me, and my hopes for it sky-rocketed when they first showed the rework concept.
  13. Tanuvein

    How long might the Alaska be for sale?

    Lol, I'm legitimately sorry for getting peoples' hopes up, I was equally excited at the idea of owning the Alaska and wanted to use the fxp offer to make sure I was ready. If your curses don't put me six feet under by the time you read this, I'll make an offering to your God of choice and/or Mr. Claus for forgiveness. My niece informs me she has an inside at the North Pole where WG hides all their release info.
  14. I know this is ultimately a guess, but based on Mushashi how long might Alaska be up for free so? I can get enough FXP now on discount if I need it but I'd rather earn the last 250k and use doubloons on permacamos for my favorite 7s and 8s today.