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  1. I haven't had much trouble hitting dds most rocket runs, most of the ships don't have the physical capacity to avoid rocket damage. Smoke is generally a win for me. Either they keep firing and I hit them anyway while they hide or they stop firing and I come back with torps or enjoy my short victory in removing a threat from my team. Then I come back with rockets because it doesn't take long and the amount of maneuvering they cab do in my travel time is negligible. Smoke generally only stops the third strike unless you use it ASAP, and then I've invested nothing to use up someone elses valuable resource As a DD my best bet is simply to not get spotted. Sure sometimes you have bad luck but flight paths are generally predictable and if I must expose myself I will have an anti-AA plan ready
  2. Tanuvein

    Is Ark Royal some kinda joke?

    Undertiered slow planes would make it hard to deal with ships of your level, I can't imagine this thing being effective when uptiered. I wonder if they are already running out of ideas on how to make carriers feel different already.
  3. All of these deals have been tempting. If you were guaranteed 3 ships or got the doubloon value of the ship instead of the bundle, I'd probably have bought all three sets by now (perhaps multiples). The Kii is also tempting, but still a bit much. I really think they'd make more money cutting prices in half, I'd go from rarely spending back to my pre-8.0 of monthly purchases.
  4. Tanuvein

    WTH is wrong with this

    Well it does sound like you were fighting the BB in the most referable way to one - stay lit and in front of them where their broadsides aren't threatened. I've tanked and killed so many cruisers this way when they could have just gone dark and hit my flank, sometimes its even effective against lower tier BBs who don't realize how shell size and armor works Edit2: Also you are preventing the BB from turning so he has no other choice
  5. I like it, it forces confrontation. And allows you to operate as a more coordinated fleet. Its a little less fun for full random fleets but I like it even then. Never seems to turn into a camp fest like 3 cap maps do
  6. All of these deals have been tempting. If you were guaranteed 3 ships or got the doubloon value of the ship instead of the bundle, I'd probably have bought all three sets by now (perhaps multiples)
  7. Oh nice, wish I had known about this.
  8. Tanuvein

    Summer Sale...

    Oh wow, didn't realize that. Glad Ididn't buy any yet and I will pass on them now. Was just about to get the t7 set
  9. Tanuvein

    Attn WG: Commander XP = junk

    I am pretty sure I will never have more commander xp than I want.
  10. Tanuvein

    Well, premium expired...

    Man I want that magical game pack. Sims 4 has Also been more actively engaging for me than this, lately. Also Duke Nukem 3D. Got a goal in a football stadium with an alien head yesterday 🎆
  11. Tanuvein

    Hakuryu service cost

    I literally just took CE to start approaching those 4 torp planes (on Shokaku)
  12. Tanuvein

    New summer sales

    I haven't really looked at the stats, but it seems to be on par with the Iowa and was uses my Iowa captain. I've also typically lost more aircraft to an Alabama than North Carolina in Enterprise and Ryujo but I didn't record their specs either.
  13. Tanuvein

    Best premium T9-10 ship only obtainable from steel

    The only one that really seems worth grinding as a solo and sometimes duo player is the Black, but I do have a propensity for anything USN.
  14. Tanuvein

    How is this not loot boxing?

    If I didn't just buy the Alabama for 11k+ Doubloons or you were rewarded the actual doubloon price of the ship it'd be worth it. If they offer a bundle that includes a constant of a ship I want I may be down. I enjoy my Enterprise and wouldn't even mind more t8 CVs, though I pretty much always want US premium ships now
  15. Tanuvein

    Question for you CV players out there

    I find the Ryujo is a good option with good responzes to any threat. Also it seems to uptier well into t8