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  1. Tanuvein

    Long Weekend Spree

    Didn't play much, though I got about a dozen low and mid tier games to progress my twitch quest for 3 port slots which I want. Little burned out from the French event but also painting the house and managed to damage my Jeep's oil pan when I dropped the bolt and managed to bend the threads which cut into the alumnium (or so I guess, I was also greasing and painting). Now get to drill and tap it again and I found out I can't lay on concrete all day anymore without paying for it.
  2. I noticed the same myself a few months ago and have been making progress on the Japanese Yamamato campaign. The SCs are so nice, especially when you get coal or a new ship or prem time (I got the Marblehead L to add to my normal Marblehead - wouldn't have paid for it but am happy to accept it as a gift for having fun)
  3. CVs have always been common in pairs at tier 4 and 5, this has not changed. If you are playing at those tiers, its best to assume they will be there. I know I regretted not leveling a couple of DD lines above 5 before the rework but I just loaded on xp stuff to get to the tiers where 2 CVs are rare, which is anything above t4 now.
  4. The feelings you cause me require a rage emoji
  5. Tanuvein

    Did they change the Dynamic Crosshair?

    Very useful thread, I downloaded the Stiv Light without the web and my shooting accuracy is already better.
  6. I get the impression they don't want people to play lower tiers such much as need to grind through them to encourage doubloon and free xp expenditure. Theres a lot of easy 0 effort things they could do to encourage low tiers, like expanding requirements or just giving them unique missions. All the incentives are set for tiers 5+ and often encourage 7+ for decently timed completion. If the mission names actually meant anything several of them should be limited to WW1 ships. Expanding operations so they cover real events would expand this massively, like a battle of Jutland. People like grinding things like Narai because its fun, so make fun things for low tiers and we'll be there.
  7. I feel you, I had something like 60 Karma once and now it fluctuates by 20 points every other day or so when I'm very active. The reports always seem to be when I'm in a CV, even though (textually speaking) I've never had anyone say anything negative to me that I've bothered to noticed.
  8. Tanuvein

    Operations are not returning.

    Personally, having never played most of these operations (only got into them at the beginning of the year during the messiest stages in random), I've been wanting to play them more than the majority of other content. In fact I'd love to see them lean heavily into it and make historic ones, or perhaps a premium op for Steel like the one campaign but with new ganeplay as the focus.
  9. Tanuvein

    your thoughts on new match maker

    I actually haven't noticed a change, but I'm fine with the games it gives me. I did have one as the sole t8 in t10 which I don't recall happening before.
  10. I stopped at rank 10 for this same reason. The win requirements become too tedious for whats offered after that, at least for me.
  11. Tanuvein

    Very happy WG fixed the AA!

    Were they drop bombers? Their maneuvers allow them to avoid flak naturally during attack and their invulnerability window can ride them out of your AA. I've done it a few times to AA ships and had it happen to me once in the Montana (or maybe the Buffalo, playing both a lot lately) where I similarly only shot down 1 plane (this is probably because of only one plane taking damage at a time). Edit: Also stealthy IJN torpedo bombers can get in and out fast because of speed and said stealth, it doesn't happen too often vs strong AA ships but if you come in sharp and fast you can frequently get away with 1 or no plane losses if you are slamming the heal key the entire time until it can trigger (I keep my eyes on the template reticle)
  12. This event offers me nothing so I plan to ignore it and convert what points I do earn into gold or silver
  13. That's a lot of money for signals, you could buy a ship instead, but I guess I'm not the target audience since things like signals are boring to me.
  14. I will say they keep making it easier to decide which of the 4 point skills I want. It encourages more variety since many of them are useless in certain ships now.
  15. I agree with you entirely on the urgency of feedback now, they didn't give much weight to CV feedback so its important we give it as much and as frequently as possible in hopes they may this time, theres not much more we can do than that and hope that WG doesn't act as it did in the past (though still this year). They definitely took the few praises they got in TST and PTS as more representative of the player base rather than the more critical majority, so we must challenge their confirmation bias. And the game suffered financially for it as they spent a year on a new system that is no more popular and perhaps less liked than the previous. I don't want prices to go up again and I don't want WG to have to act from a point of desperation again.