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  1. I have played 50 or so sub games. I could see subs in competitive matches or in "sub matches" like they are now at same tier but putting them into randoms would be mayhem. To effectively use the sub and protect the battleships will take a level of co-ordination that just isn't there. Heck even the bot BBs in sub battles remain far at sea and they consistently late game sail away from caps....randoms could get real real slow ....and boring in the end game. I can't see brawling BBs and heavy cruiser captains being very happy....my guess is that most will stay at max range and hope the DDs and light cruisers aren't deleted too soon. Most of the games I played were in DDs. It was pretty intense facing other DDs...subs.......light quick firing cruisers....and CVs all at once. Actually enjoyed the challenge. I played BBs maybe five times..you make it to the late game facing subs...and there is not much you can do...or at least I couldn't. Used the Budy alot for cruisers and it was very competitive..hard on the red DDs...and effective against subs. I just don't get the need to have subs at all. It appears, as others have commented, that it will require a major rebalance vs BBs and heavy cruisers. And when you add in the fact that you are going to be low tier half the time from tier 5 to 9, it will be insane in randoms...to say the least. Why WG is doing this at all after the CV fiasco is beyond me.
  2. Played about 20 sub games so far......most in a Budy or Gaede....was fun. Tried the Warspite and realized how utterly defenseless I was against subs. I watched the red subs just wander around early and mid game. Got down to my team with two BBs and a CV and they had 2 subs. One sub disappeared....the other one sank all three of us. It appears at first glance that most BBs will be worthless late game against subs. Is that the intention? And if it is....why on earth would anyone play a BB regularly in games that feature CVs and subs?
  3. I started playing the game several months before radar was introduced. My sense is that it slowed the game play down a bit. I like the six second delay now....I can cover alot of ground in that six seconds on my DDs normally...so meh....it is what it is. You can only use radar 3 or 4 times a match and in randoms there is very seldom coordination so as long as you keep an eye on what radar ships the red team has and know the general radar distances...not much of an issue. Now in clan battles or other competitive matches...heavy radar on the red team completely alters tactics...they are most certainly gonna coordinate them and can make a DD's life or a pushing Cruiser's life miserable. But after watching KOTS this year, my overall sense is that radar is just part of the game now..whether it sees through islands or not...it forces decisions...changes the dynamic...and was interesting to watch while streaming. With regards to being fair...like I told my kids...and constantly have to remind myself on WoWs....life ain't fair. It's a game and the Russian owners/management set the rules. Firing at a Kremlin on my Venezia and having most of both SAP and AP shots do no damage doesn't seem fair. Having to face Klebers that can perma spot other DDs with outrageous speed doesn't seem fair or facing two Smolensks smoking for each other seems really really unfair...but the game goes on. My enduring issue with WoWs is the MM....it just has to be made bettah imho. I find myself playing less games because a) my team dies in less than seven minutes in first three games of the day or b) we blow the other side out so fast I can't do significant damage before they drop to zero points...it's a win but it dang sure isn't fun for me. This has happened ALOT to me in the last month. Rather than getting upset/mad at a stupid game...I have found another one to spend some time and a bit of money on.
  4. OceanRamblin

    So it's for sure? We have to regrind with Donskoi?

    I tried this also....but then your use as a radar cruiser is pretty minimal....you have to get in harm's way most of the time to radar into caps supporting pushes mid and late game. And I found her much more sluggish and hard to maneuver around islands than the Chappy or Budy. Not looking forward to regrinding the Donskoi....shrugs...but it is what it is.
  5. OceanRamblin

    Blow out after Blow out

    Been a rough couple of weeks for me...wrong end of alot of blowouts in my Venezia...so discouraging. I think I am playing well...several 140k plus matches..but my win rate is horrid ..and at least a dozen games have ended in less than 8 minutes.....we won the last one I played...I sunk a DD yoloing....3500 in damage..before I could get in range for other shots..boom...game over in less than six minutes...I logged and found something else to play until CB started...winning like that isn't fun either. I don't know any solution other than to fix the MM but many on here say it can't be done....sooo just will play less....thankfully they have CB goin on or I wouldn't play at all probably which is a shame.
  6. OceanRamblin

    One more +2/-2 MM rant

    Been so frustrated with the MM that I haven't played in a couple of days...suggest you do the same when it starts to get to you....this is supposed to be fun! Found another game that seems interesting. Just take a deep breath and realize WoWs has seen tens of thousands of complaints about the MM and yet the massive imbalance on teams continues. They don't care if the Test ships are always on the other team for me...they don't care that unicom divs are always on the other team for my matches......they don't care that 4 ranked out players are on one side and I am second highest on our team at 11. Why don't they care...cuz it is all "random"! The only thing that I think is regularly balanced is radar...yup....always seem to be the same number of radar ships on each side. It is what it is........
  7. OceanRamblin

    DFAA worthless?

    I have seen a number of posts on the forums in the last week or so where someone berating CVs makes the comment that Defensive Fire AA is useless or a waste. Yet when I equip it....it appears to shoot down planes when activated. Is it really the case that I should drop the use of DFAA in general...say on the Des Moines....and use Hydro instead? If folks could reply with regards to its viability in both random and, more specifically, the upcoming clan battle season, I would appreciate the input.
  8. OceanRamblin

    Citadels - How is 150 mm armor penetrated?

    Appreciate all the very detailed responses! And the chart link was very helpful! Thank you!
  9. OceanRamblin

    Citadels - How is 150 mm armor penetrated?

    Thanks...that's a start....where can I find those charts for ships?
  10. I still don't get this...so I figured I would ask. I am grinding through the Brindisi. It has a huge above water line citadel which is 150mm thick. It is by far the thickest armor on the ship. And yet I can be easily citadeled from almost any angle. I have looked through a couple of vids on the citadel but still don't get how shells are able to penetrate 150mm armor. Is it all about the angle and speed/weight of the ordinance? Doesn't appear to be...I was citadeled by a Hipper. Yet there is no shell that calculates to penetrate armor that thick. Soooooo......I am confused and I know I am missing a vital point after 3300 random battles. I am slowly but surely getting better and working down the Italian cruiser line has been challenging and frustrating but I would like to have the Venezia....and it is within grasp. Appreciate any input.
  11. OceanRamblin

    Guide: Countering Smolensk

    Thanks for taking the time to lay out the case. Had a blast in the Smol this past clan season but was talking with the clan yesterday and will probably go back to my DM or Moskva for next CB season with the CVs in play. Your post just confirms what I said to them...the CVs will eat the Smol up. And given that I am a below average player on an average clan...some of the other tidbits you noted were very helpful also...thanks again!
  12. OceanRamblin

    SAP pen calculation

    Thanks....shows it as 54mm for SAP rounds...which makes it a bit more puzzling why I could not pen the Bismarck or Tirpitz. Appreciate the info...
  13. OceanRamblin

    SAP pen calculation

    I was looking for an SAP pen calculation on the forums and couldn't find one. Is the formula the same as for HE shells? I noticed last night that my 203 SAP shells on the Amalfi could not pen the Bismarck or Tirpitz which have 50mm deck armor. I know that HE couldn't pen them from the 203s but thought SAP was stronger with the downside being no fires. If someone could post the SAP Pen calculation (assuming it is different than the HE calc), would be appreciated.
  14. OceanRamblin

    SAP pen calculation

    Not sure why this post appeared...see the other one please.
  15. Had this happen very early this morning....three matches in a row...with the same purple div (I watch his stream often) ...in two cv per side matches... on the other side. Additionally, they had 2 ranked out members additionally in one match...and one ranked out member in each of the other matches. We had no divs...and I had the highest rank showing at 11 in one of the matches. It was very very ugly in all three games. In one...an Alaska captain just went nutz in team chat...cussing..accusing everyone but himself of being everything ugly you could imagine. Not good for the game in general...and definetely wasn't competitive. Thing that puzzled me was there were 125 people in MM que..and I drew the same three purple div opposing players three times in a row. It is hard to believe that was "random" but it must be so. But I hung in there and helped win a couple of more games after those before I went to bed. From everything I have read WG is not going to change the MM. And, as the data presented (in a very small sample size) indicates, very good players div'd up together have a huge influence on the outcome. And it isn't gonna change anytime soon!