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  1. Balance suggestions

    With all due respect sir....you are a NOOB to WoW with less than 500 games. From your argumentative responses, it doesn't seem you are listening to some good advice..offered for free. Take a deep breath, and reread some of the suggestions given...they are worth your time. I love the New Mexico though I don't, to this point, play any BB well. I do play DDs alot and it's done at a radically faster pace....try it and see. And one word of advice, if you are constantly seeing "walls of torps" as a BB, you need to spend time looking at the game maps you play...you are likely way way out of position when it happens. As slow as the New Mexico and the Colorado are...that is easy to do.
  2. In clan battles, someone pointed out to me that on my DD I was using smoke in radar situations late in games.... he didn't yell...he didn't insult me...he just noted it. And he was right... It was a bad habit left over from the lower tiers late in games...I see two ships as I come around an island..I pop smoke as I turn and decide what to do next...no help at all when radar is popped...just a waste of precious seconds to hit smoke. In random battles giving someone you don't know a verbal lashing instead of just noting the behavior (and suggesting a better way) serves what purpose? To me it is just a way of expressing your frustration..probably from the bottom of the sea....and I am no better than you. Sooo...my new resolution is if I say something in chat, it will be positive or suggest another behavior. And if it is done to me...tell me what I did wrong or you got that wrong or I didn't see it that way. Trading insults leads to nothing but more insults.
  3. Really enjoy the New Mexico...the Colorado not so much....and just gettin started on the North Carolina...so far...so good :)

    I made a similar post after I started playing. Read up a bit on detection as noted in some of the other posts. However the game mechanics work, it is still frustrating. Just hang in there and know that it happens to all of us. I think the primary reason it happens is that one of your team mates moved out of range or got sunk with that ship within its detection range. Just keep huntin'...you'll find something else to target :P If it happens when the enemy ship is within your detection range, normally it is the angle it has with some nearby island and those aren't always perfectly reflected on your computer screen in my opinion.
  5. What????? lol........ yeah right!
  6. I get this situation alot on my Kagero...I will time my run so that the BB (or CA) should pass by the target and allow me to fire torps...but invariably they turn and begin to circle to continue firing....I guess it is a natural reaction but not one that helps DD team mates...and I've learned to not fire the torps until I see that they aren't turning......well....most of the time...others I put my pink undies on and serve my penalty after tryin to squeeze them in ..lol. With regards to not firing guns ....the damage I do with IJN main guns is so small (and slow) that if I am anywhere near other ships that will target me on opening fire...I don't....and if the pace is fast and furious and I am unsure...I don't... and believe me...I am still learning the hard way lol. Can't blame DDs for that. With regards to radar...it is what it is...I anticipate that it will be popped as soon as I get deep into a cap ...the almost 12 km one is a real pain..that 2 km diff is huge...so I try to skirt the edges of the cap but at least I try...alot of IJN Shims just sail to the far edges of the map and let other DDs or an unfortunate cruiser get closer to the CAP. When playing a CA or BB, I find that annoying....if you don't want to make an effort to fight for CAPs as a DD....odds are your team is gonna lose anyway. Great discussion in this thread btw...thanks for the post.
  7. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    Lol...just reading these replies made me laugh. Lots of folks with a good sense of humor. Now if it will only spread to some of the other topics on the forums where my thought is...lighten up....and that includes me too.
  8. Lamentations of the Destroyer

    With my limited experience on the Kagero, Benson, and now the Fletcher as well as the clan temp ship Gearing....I would suggest that the problem for DDs is not radar, it is team mates. In our clan battles, when I spot ships entering a cap, a team mate fires on them pretty quickly causing them to choose whether to fire on me entering the cap, avoid incoming fire themselves, or try to do both effectively....the support makes all the difference whether they have radar or not (and they normally do). In randoms, it is mainly every man for himself, and the DD is supposed to smoke, spot, and take caps with little support....as evidenced in the damage on spotting number on my screen as I try to initially take the cap.....radar just amplifies the lack of support shown most DDs in the battles I have been in playing WoW. It is a blast for the DD to wiggle, fire torps, use our guns, and attempt to take caps with a supportive team...sometimes it doesn't work out but blaming it on radar seems a bit lame to me. DD's have to be able to survive that first onslaught in caps and make it to the mid game....and it damn sure helps if I can look at that screen after spotting four or five ships and see a large "damage upon spotting" number....as I wiggle, evade, and figure out what needs to be done next. I don't have alot of knowledge of WoWs updates over the years...only started seriously playing in April, but I doubt there is a software fix that will resolve the issue of lack of team play in randoms...and expecting consistent superior play from the DD trying to cap while the rest of the team scans the horizon, away from the cap, for that broadsided potato.
  9. The tactics for Co-ops don't help prepare you for randoms....why is that? Seems strange to me. It encourages aggressiveness which doesn't serve you well most of the time as you climb the tier later. The bot ships "auto turn" the moment you fire torps...as though they had constant radar.....which makes the target torp assist spotter worthless.... Just don't get it!
  10. Really enjoy the game overall...the graphics and realism that WG has created are impressive. I am a 44.5% winner and three month player so I guess that makes me a Potato as I learn the various ship types and map positions, etc.. I got above 45% and was feeling like I was progressing.....and then the last week. Even as my damage has started to rise and I feel like I understand the strengths of the Kagero and the Bismarck in particular, I have been in battle after battle lately where my side doesn't just lose...we get crushed. And over the last couple of days, it has gotten worse. Tried dropping down to level 3 and 4 ships, figuring maybe I wasn't ready for tier 8 though my Kagero has a 60% win rate on less than 50 battles...but same thing. Just did a game where at tier 3, we had SIX destroyers per side. Three or four were premium ships...not sure about the Russian one...on red team...none on our side. Within five minutes....all six of ours were sunk....before 10 minutes....they had 2 of the three caps...third was still open...WG mercifully just stopped the match and declared a winner. Same thing on the previous match.......three of us left..me on my British BB ...within 10 minutes in standard...WG stops the match though the cap had not yet been taken....defeat. Last night....what is the Stalingrad....what is the Worcester.....on the red team......in both cases....5 min into the match.....we are down to four ships...and one of the red team has seven kills.... then i read on the forums today that those are "test" ships allowed into random matches......I just happened to be selected as an opponent in both cases. As a three month player...it doesn't seem fair.....the MM is picking winners based on some criteria that is giving one side a HUGE advantage. I have jokingly called it the halo effect....WG sends angels to help the red team and my spot on hits do no damage ..or they suddenly, in clear open water disappear from view..not an island close by or a smoke screen in the vicinity. People on the forums are constantly dissing radar..but on my Kagero, I understand it and try to account for it in my game play. I can't do that for targets that just disappear from view for no apparent reason. I read that the the win rate doesn't matter...and I have tried hard not to focus on it and counseled others to not worry about it....just keep gettin better...your day will come. But on these forums..people are constantly either boasting about theirs or trashing 45%'ers/potatoes. I have just kept playing.....but now with all these lopsided matches with me on the crushed team.....not sure it is worth the time and effort. I don't mind losing...I see the game as a challenge and fun and when I lose, I try to figure out what I could have done better or didn't do right. But if the MM puts the "dot" on you and makes full teams of "potatoes" and loads the other side with premium and "test" ships.....what's the use? It is no longer a challenge..you are just fodder for an analytic that favors others... and it damn sure isn't fun. Anyway.....had to vent.....and gonna go find somethin else to do..
  11. Azur Lane voices

    Hmmm.....bought the Admiral Hipper captain cuz I had just gotten the Hipper....logical...or so I thought. First time I had bought a captain....didn't realize I would have to listen to a 12 year old chattering away that I couldn't understand. Finally figured out how to do the "national +" thing....so now I hear the captain in German...which I can't understand either...lol. For 15 bucks, I would think I should be able to hear my captain in ENGLISH or at least be warned before I buy it that I won't be able to comprehend what they are saying if I don't understand either the native language of the captain or the ship nation. First premium ship I bought was the "on sale" 5 dollar ship, Ishizuchi, which didn't impress me at all. Now I buy a premium captain that I can't understand. Been playing for three months....hopefully I will eventually pay for something I really enjoy...at this point I feel like I have been taken advantage of as a new player. Hoping that paying attention to these forums will help some...and it has.
  12. Dang...I thought 50k free xp was a bunch! But I have been goin down all the lines workin towards ships at level 7 and then makin a decision on which ones to tier out. Got my Kagero now that I love and lookin forward to the Bismarck soon. Probably will regret spending all that free Xp at some point but...oh well.
  13. I find, as I get better at understanding positioning and have improved my targeting, my wins are increasing. (Now at a lowly 45%) So if nothing else, it is a personal barometer for me. And some vessels, the Mut...the Farragut....were just tough for me. Now I am struggling with the Gnei and the Colorado but battling on. Really trying to focus more on improving the damage I do (not the number of ships I sink)...assume the less health the enemy has, the more likely my team is to win. My only thought is that it would be nice to have columns that reflect your last 100 battles. Help me see how I am doing now versus carrying all the baggage of the HUGE amount of losses I had in the first 1000 games broadsiding away, having fun, but gettin sunk regularly lol. And anyone with over 1000 battles and a sixty per cent win ratio must be good....random chance/teams could not account for that winning percentage imho. Whatever they have to say or suggest...I wanna hear.
  14. Napoleonic Era Warships

    Thanks for all the responses. My thought was given that WG has done a great job of the graphics and realism for WWI and WWII ships, it would be cool to see what they could do with Napoleonic era vessels....maybe one day. The Patrick O'Brian novels have always been an inspiration to me....Captain Jack Aubrey and his companion, the Doctor....twenty great seafaring novels. If you get a chance....check them out.
  15. Napoleonic Era Warships

    While the majority of the posts about WG on the forums seem to be trashing them for this and that, I am amazed at the graphics and the realistic feel of the sailing and firing as well as the audio. They have done a fantastic job and I just would like to see them apply their talents to the Napoleonic era at some point. Now back to tryin to master the GNEI lol.