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  1. BenAubrey

    Work in Progress Wednesday - Current Grind

    Grinding to the Moskova......but enjoying the Dm. D and wondering how well it can do in Tier 9 rank... any comments? Working on 19 pt Captains.....had none at start of December...now have three in January....and it does make a difference....enough that I was foolish to level so many ships to tier 8 with 12 pt Captains...live and learn!
  2. BenAubrey

    LittleWhiteMouse’s accuracy testing link

    @littlewhitemouse ..... impressive methodology .... WG should hire YOU!
  3. Thanks for all the great suggestions...it helped tonight. Using IFHE stopped all of the non Pens using HE. And I find keeping notes is helping me to go over what happened and what I need to do to get better...gotta long way to go! And I did stop analyzing the teams...as stated above..just made me frustrated. I still feel I am a bit unlucky in MM draws over the last 200 matches or so but nuthin to be done about it. So the choice is either to just try to get better individually and stop worrying about W/R...or quit. Budyonny 14 pt CPT High Tier Win …8th ..30k….almost deleted..went dark…farmed a NM a bit once I was at decent angled range..using IFHE appeared to do the trick…hardly any non Pens Low Tier Loss..3rd…24k….2 dds on our flank refused even to attempt to cap…stayed out at distance and just fired torps most of the time..enemy took three of four caps and then sat…I tried to cap…took a lot of fire and was lucky to go dark and get out with 20 per cent health for remainder of battle Mid Tier Loss..8th 21k….slaughter..ended up 9 to 4…I picked a BB in their cap and did my best…deleted.. Mid Tier Loss..9th…16k…slaughter…and I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn…constantly over or under shooting….one of 2 survivors Mid Tier Win..5th..61k…sunk three late in game to help secure the win..woot..torped and sunk Omaha that came around an island..they are indeed a last resort.. Did 40k to a Nagato and sunk him…staying angled really helped. Summary Making progress…the IFHE definitely made a diff and giving up concealment hasn't been as big an issue as I thought
  4. BenAubrey

    Mission Debrief Monday - Weekend Aftermath

    Played the Budyonny in randoms with 12 pt captain...2 of 10......non penning on 60% of hits with HE.....as a result giving up CE for IFHE and gonna try to do a better job of hitting the superstructure instead of the sides.... love the ship...the operator needs work lol Played Gearing in CB and finally got the legendary in my last battle......we are struggling to stay in Gale league...but havin a good time. Also finally got my 19 pt Captains for Zao and Hindy from clan battles in last week. Overall rough weekend for W/R but still enjoyed the challenge....I guess it is what keeps potatoes comin back!
  5. Yup......and used the premium to get it back up quicker. But at 20k....mainly non pens today....heck...at any range really lol. I was able to use AP a couple of times on cruisers broadside at 10k or so..but mainly fired HE.
  6. Tier 6 Budyonny 12 pt Cpt Mid tier 4th.. loss ...one sided..collapse on other flank…survived ..45k..sunk one Low tier 7th loss right flank collapsed & left alone…7k..citadeled twice as I turned back Mid tier 7th loss immediate collapse 4 ships down in first 4 min….26k…sunk one.. Mid tier 11th ..loss..survived…15k….44 non penetrations out of 78 hits using HE!! High tier 10th ..win…sunk one…11k….a slaughter…over in less than 8 min..three DDs sunk 8 Low Tier ..all 8's but two…loss..9th….24k….close but no cigar..34 non pen out of 68 HE hits!!! 8 of the 12 enemy players had better than 50 per cent win rates….we had three..but we hung in there High Tier 3rd..loss…one sided..8 enemy remaining…30k..sunk one..2 players 50% plus..they had FIVE…we also had FIVE players with WR below 42..they had one… Mid Tier 4th ..loss..21k…34 of 58 HE shots were non pen….we has 4 50 plus WR…they had 3 Low Tier 11th…win..one of 4 tier 6,,rest 8's..we all finished at bottom..24k…..30 of 42 hits were non pen using HE…did set fire to a NC..accounts for most of damage..smh Low Tier 11th..loss....5k .what the hell…DDs charged into caps..sunk immediately…then targeted by 4 ships after spotted by CV aircraft..over quickly… Two Wins out of 10 High Tier 2 Mid Tier 3 Low Tier 5 Assumptions: Once I get IFHE..hopefully it will get better…otherwise the HE non pens on the Budyonny are just cruel Fooled myself in Co-Ops doing 40-60k with the Budyonny over last 10 battles...no PEN issue at all that I can recall..thought I was on top of it....smh Any suggestions on how to play the ship better are appreciated...but I assume taking it into the upcoming ranked battles without IFHE is a waste of time.
  7. Thanks for the replies from most of you. Only one note...I never implied that the MM was rigged...my thought is that they use an algorithm for the MM and probably are constantly tweeking it. And those tweeks are starting to skew people into more low tier slots than I would think are intended. To me....truly random selections would skew towards the mean/mid point which I would assume is mid tier. I can't see WG purposely skewing the numbers ....why drive people like me away by increasing the probabilty that I will lose in matches weighted with ships two tiers higher? Like many of you...I spend serious money on the game...more by far than I have ever spent on any other game. Gotta believe they want the revenue to keep pouring in.
  8. Tier for last 15 "random" battles.... Tier 7 low tier Tier 7 low tier Tier 7 low tier Tier 8 low tier Tier 8 mid tier Tier 8 low tier Tier 10...top tier lol Tier 10 Tier 9 mid tier Tier 9 mid tier tier 5 low tier tier 5 low tier tier 5 high tier tier 6 mid tier tier 10.....last battle of the night What is "random" about the tier selection....and over the last month it has consistently been like this.....Challenging but not fun being the punching bag for two tier higher ships....and my W/R which was never great has dropped like well....a sack of potatoes lol. Took Wed off out of discouragement and figured I'd play some co ops to get goin again today.....more of the same in Co Op even........ Got the low tier blues.....if it wasn't for clan battles and Twilight....probably move on. Just too damn frustrating..... Anyone else experiencing this....or is it just normal and I never took time to notice before?
  9. Wow......gratz! Now if the MM will EVER let me into a 5-4 match instead of 5-7......... I am the unluckiest player ever...I swear
  10. Understand the frustration. I think if someone is reported AFK three or more times in a given 24 hour period that they should get an auto notice on their screen from WG asking them to check their connection, computer system stats, etc.... or give them a link to a support article on the subject. In other words, assume it is technical issues and give them a path forward. As others have stated, if you are truly afk, you gain very little if any exp, so I doubt it is intentional. The second time they get three AFKs in a 24 hour period, they get sent to Co op for 10 games along with the other "serious" pinks. In other words, work out your computer issues or spend your time in Co op until you do....don't penalize others in randoms/ranked for your faulty connection or wonky computer.
  11. Is it bad [edited]lookin or what!!!!???
  12. Just showed up in available camos.....thanks for the all the helpful input! Appreciated! And it looks incredible on the ship!!
  13. Negative....the filter settings are all fine as far as I can tell. Reset them to be sure....but in any case I should still have the choice on the camo screen to select the permanent black camo and it is not there.