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  1. For BBs, spotting planes are your friend....really just getting the hang of it myself. Other night in my Colorado..late in game..spotting aircraft goes hot again...look around...Schorrs at almost max distance but not moving while firing at something else....3/4 health....unload four guns....BOOM...citadel and down it goes! As stated by others....moving in a straight line or not moving at all makes you a literal sitting duck for a good BB....which I am not lol....so if I can do it...so can YOU!
  2. I find myself playing my tier 8's in Co-op (and ranked) because almost all randoms for tier 8's put you in a tier 10 battle. That being said... for DDs I find the Kagero to be competitive..the Benson a bit less so. I have really struggled in the Bismarck, North Carolina, Mogami, Cleveland, and the Hipper in tier X random fights. Would appreciate any thoughts/recommendations on the tier 8 ship(s) you use most in randoms. I tend to hang back now..find islands..stay bow in as much as practical...and that helps some..but for the Mogami and Cleveland with 15.7ish ranges...that is hard to do if you are on the side or position with less islands...and I am always on that side lol. (And I realize the issue is me...not just the ships ....a clan friend in a Lightning the other night did 140k damage in a tier X heavy random) Been debating buying the Tirpitz since I see so many of them in the randoms.
  3. Well for me...watching a Colorado....moving backwards....then start forward...I fired torps....and execute a 90 degree turn with little to no forward movement....my Colorado can't do that lol..... Anyway..it is silly to complain...won't change nuthin'....just a chance to vent...... I have enjoyed the Co ops..fast paced....usually 10 min or so..perfect for me with other things goin on in RL....but with the changes since 7.8...most games have become as passive as randoms....not as much fun just to jump on line and go blow thing up lol......but I keep playin......
  4. This is gettin ridiculous....the BOTs now do a instant 90 degree turn (on a dime) when you fire torps at the targeted ship....I wish my North Carolina or Colorado could turn that fast!!! It appears that all BOTs have instant radar against the first ship that targets them.......and as others have said.....the BOT does not miss when it fires now..... Destroyers coming to a stop in less than 50 meters or going backwards at FULL Speed to avoid torps....my destroyers can't do that... battleships regularly doing 90 degree turns and sliding between torps...smh BOT ships forming battle lines and chasing the first ship targeted to the edges of the map...heedless of caps or other ships... Am I the only one experiencing this?? CO OPS used to be fast and fun.....now most folks are playing them as passively as they do Randoms.....it is ashamed....don't understand why WG would do this. When I started in April, alot of the CO ops BOTs would charge the caps....they modified that....and things seem to balance out.....now they have gone overboard in the other direction.....why??
  5. Thanks for the comments! Appreciate the time that some of you have taken to explain your reasoning!
  6. Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Had an Alaska on my team in a random tonight. It died pretty quickly.....was disappointed.....wanted to watch it in action....but there were three Div groups on other team...made short work of her....and then the rest of us...lol I guess they are letting the unicoms try them out as test ships....
  7. I'd like to see Dasha captains speak ENGLISH to English speakers..........not helpful to BUY or EARN something that you can't understand during game play.....like the insane little girl voices on the Azur Lane captains... useless in game play.... and I shudder to think of who would be entertained by little girl voices that they can't understand ... They have voice overs on the WG videos...why not in the game............ and yes I know you can tweak it ..for each ship....to talk in the language of the ship's nation.... t
  8. Target Hits 4-9-7-33........all AP............in a ranked battle in my Hipper....I am rank 16. Yes, we won...no thanks to me.....this wasn't fun and doesn't seem fair..... and I have had a number of these lately....just the first one I took the time to copy... Get myself in a good position...stayed properly angled....not an island humper...moved slowly around just outside one of our two caps... mostly firing at targets at 14-16k......Bismarck got to within 8k coming in on the backside of our position....unloaded into him broadside as he rounded a point at same time as another cruiser...sunk.....so 5k of the 13k TOTAL damage was one spread of shots.... Oh...and that was 53 hits out of 208 shots........I realize dispersion can account for some of it....but I am not blind and I don't appear to be missing the targets enough to account for this. What gives??? Pretty discouraging...... My average for all ranked battles this season is over 40k so far.....but then I have games like this one.....I am not targeting differently....the make up of the enemy ships seems to be the same...sometimes one more battleship or cruiser..... and a 66 per cent richochet rate spread over the five ships I hit during the game...two battleships and three cruisers......something is not right... And what's really laughable is the write up on the WG website for the Hipper cautions you about how poor the HE rounds are....which I can vouch for ..so I have switched to AP....to little avail!!!
  9. The British built lots of monitors during World War One from decommissioned older battleships. I think at least one of them even had 15 inch guns...a gift from an American steel tycoon if I recall correctly.!
  10. Balance suggestions

    With all due respect sir....you are a NOOB to WoW with less than 500 games. From your argumentative responses, it doesn't seem you are listening to some good advice..offered for free. Take a deep breath, and reread some of the suggestions given...they are worth your time. I love the New Mexico though I don't, to this point, play any BB well. I do play DDs alot and it's done at a radically faster pace....try it and see. And one word of advice, if you are constantly seeing "walls of torps" as a BB, you need to spend time looking at the game maps you play...you are likely way way out of position when it happens. As slow as the New Mexico and the Colorado are...that is easy to do.
  11. In clan battles, someone pointed out to me that on my DD I was using smoke in radar situations late in games.... he didn't yell...he didn't insult me...he just noted it. And he was right... It was a bad habit left over from the lower tiers late in games...I see two ships as I come around an island..I pop smoke as I turn and decide what to do next...no help at all when radar is popped...just a waste of precious seconds to hit smoke. In random battles giving someone you don't know a verbal lashing instead of just noting the behavior (and suggesting a better way) serves what purpose? To me it is just a way of expressing your frustration..probably from the bottom of the sea....and I am no better than you. Sooo...my new resolution is if I say something in chat, it will be positive or suggest another behavior. And if it is done to me...tell me what I did wrong or you got that wrong or I didn't see it that way. Trading insults leads to nothing but more insults.
  12. Really enjoy the New Mexico...the Colorado not so much....and just gettin started on the North Carolina...so far...so good :)

    I made a similar post after I started playing. Read up a bit on detection as noted in some of the other posts. However the game mechanics work, it is still frustrating. Just hang in there and know that it happens to all of us. I think the primary reason it happens is that one of your team mates moved out of range or got sunk with that ship within its detection range. Just keep huntin'...you'll find something else to target :P If it happens when the enemy ship is within your detection range, normally it is the angle it has with some nearby island and those aren't always perfectly reflected on your computer screen in my opinion.
  14. What????? lol........ yeah right!