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  1. Bluffrat_2018

    Playing Music while in game

    I am getting a terminal error when playing and using the "Play your own music" option in the Audio settings... any idea how to correct this?
  2. I can't leave my clan ... strangely my info is hidden (not by me) ...clicking on my name in the clam members area will not work (right or left clicking).. my clan leader transferred all of the clan coal to her personal account(crooked)..have not had 1 clan battle since joining... can someone please help me..?
  3. Bluffrat_2018


    I'm actually going with a Ryzen 5.. 6 cores.. should get good results with it..(I hope)
  4. Bluffrat_2018


    I have an interesting choice to make.. which will be better for the new patch? I7-4970 or Ryzen 3? I'll have 16gb of mram, and 8gb card...
  5. Bluffrat_2018

    New Video Card

    Just installed a new 4gb Card, and under low settings I got 40fps and 120ms lag... Gonna reinstall game to see if that works.. WoWS_report.wgc
  6. Bluffrat_2018

    CV Rework Blows!!!

    PLEASE take my Hermes!!! The rework is not for everyone, and it certainly isn't for me!! I like the old system better!! I don't need to see my planes.. I'm sorry.. for me the new system stinks!! Since I can't sell her.. will WG PLEASE take that abomination away from me, PLEASE!!!!
  7. Bluffrat_2018

    Match Making Sux Now!!

    I was just in a random battle.. I was in a tier viii... EVERYONE else was tier 10.. Fix the match making!!!
  8. Why have that skill if it doesn't work? I have it on my level 15 captain on my Tirpitz, and I can't target any plane!!!! wth?
  9. Bluffrat_2018

    How Long?

    I have no other issues with any other game.. just this one
  10. Bluffrat_2018

    How Long?

    How long will this lag go on? Checked with my isp.. they said the lag is on the game server side... so what's it going to be?
  11. Bluffrat_2018

    [ALL] ModStation

    Sorry.. I don't read russian.. is there an English version?
  12. Bluffrat_2018

    Teamkill penalty applied????? SRSLY????

    Happens to me ALL the freaking time! I'm orange.. almost to the point of being kicked off permanently.. wargaming don't care about the palyers.. they only care about the money.. but they're russian.. they got to get it while they can, and we suffer because of it... Can you go back to previous patches? Or is this like Apple? no backward compatability?
  13. Bluffrat_2018

    Hey Mac Users

    I'm orange now because either the games crashes due to high ping (NOT my isp), or the game kicks me out entirely while in game.. Severely thinking about going back to warcraft...
  14. Just updated and got this error which I attach: backtrace.txt
  15. Bluffrat_2018

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    I can not do the WGcheck as I am on a mac;however, I got the following error: backtrace.txt