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  1. herbienut

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    I am just sad they put Tirpitz into the tech tree, removing her from sale. I was hoping to buy her at some point, but I suppose I will have to grind her out instead. She was the first German premium ship in the game. On the other hand, it was basically just the Bismarck with torpedo's instead of Hydro, and lacking the ahistorical aa refit that Bismarck got in the tech tree. So perhaps it was not worth it to WG to expect people to pay $50 for her anymore? Oh well, I will cross it off the list of ship to buy.
  2. I will still be at work at that time. I will be unable to attend the event, but best of luck to those who win Ise. And best of luck to those who win the Mighty Mo. May RNG be with you on this day. :3
  3. herbienut

    Who have you seen in game

    I cannot recall who it was, but I saw someone doing a test of the Ise battleship/aircraft carrier hybrid last month. That was pretty cool. As for people whom I remember the names to, I just had a game where LittleWhiteMouse was playing an operations game on defense of Newport station. She was sailing in a Warspite, and she ended up getting 9 kills and winning us the game, after the rest of the team had sunk. Mabye sailing the Graf Spee was not the best choice for this op. I never in a million years would have thought I would have seen her in the same match, but I was humbled to have seen her in game. Small world (or server), isn't it? XD.
  4. herbienut

    Tier 6 and 7 ships for operations?

    All very good suggestions. I am currently trying to to the Fuso, and Later, I will try for a few of the other battleships. At the moment, I am still low on dock space, and I will need to earn some more spots, or buy some more with dubloons. Eh? I like the firepower, its the speed that can be a hindrance in the Killer whale op. I think the Standard battleships make more sense in random battles. their low speed is unlikely to get them into trouble. Maybe they aren't so bad in the other ones? They work ok with the convoy mission, and they are great for Newport station. Speed isn't as important in defense. I have tired Pepsi-Cola in the past. She can be a bit squishy for my taste, but that could be because I keep going broadside or something. XD. My goal is to eventually have enough premium and silver ships to run a steady ops run, thus keeping an efficient stream of credits roiling in. The tech tree ships will be very helpful in time, when I can find the time to unlock them. I can personally vouch for Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. they have served my well many times. Nelson is pretty good to, but I haven't the free xp to unlock her, and she is going away soon. I suspect she will return at some point. perhaps they will add Rodney in her place, and increase the xp cost? We will see. I'll have to try the Russian BB's at some point. I like October Revolution, But it is very tempting to go broadside and get paddled in a citadel. The only Destroyers I have used in ops is Aigle and Blyskawica. Both are good ships, but I don't use dd's much, so I will have to experiment with them some more, Overall, I really appreciate the replies. It is comforting to know that there are people willing to help New-ish players (or old players back from a break on a new account) get back in the saddle. I enjoy running ops because it is less stressful then random battles, and makes more money than Co-op. the best of both worlds, I think. :3
  5. herbienut

    Tier 6 and 7 ships for operations?

    Agreed. I have heard for many years that Atago is still a Good Boat, even with all the changes that have happened to the game. I am still a little too early to be getting a tier 8 ship, But I suspect She will be coming home to port at some point. Christmas present maybe? XD. Yes, Moar Anime crossovers! Space Battleship Yamato when? Anyway, It was actually World of Warships Collaboration event that introduced me to Azur Lane. HMS Hood, to be exact. Got her as a free 10 point commander. I had received Hood as a free ship from a British container challenge, so I put them together, and I guess I was hooked from there. I am waiting and saving my money for the next Azur Lane event, though hopefully it isn't coming up for a while. I just got Graf Spee, so I don't want to spend any more money for this month.
  6. herbienut

    Tier 6 and 7 ships for operations?

    I thought about it for awhile, and given the fact I really don't really have interest in the HSF anime, I decided to get the regular Graf Spee while it was still available. I took it out for a game, and it was a far better experience. I felt like I was actually taking part in the battle, rather than just plodding along in the back. I like how she has more versatility, though her guns need a aiming module to make them more accurate. For me, My time in Colorado wasn't fun, mostly because of how slow she was. Because of this, I don't think I will like Wee Vee very much. At least Arizona has 12 barrels, so that you get damage by volume. I think I would rather have more barrels in smaller caliber, than a handful of big barrels. I am sure Wee Vee is still decent, but at almost $30, I would rather save my money for other boats. Nagato, in comparison, was much more fun, and I played her in ops enough to unlock he Amagi at tier 8 without any free xp! So I suspect I will probably enjoy Mutsu. While I am sure the HSF collab is welcome for some, I would rather save my money for the Azur Lane Collab. Hopefully, Atago and Prinz Eugen's pack will be less expensive this time around. :3
  7. herbienut

    Tier 6 and 7 ships for operations?

    For sub $20? That sounds pretty good! much better deal than the regular Graf Spee. But will she ever return? Or will she be gone forever after update 10.5 is live? Either way, I am becoming very tempted to get HSF Graf Spee. But I will sleep on it for now. I still have a few more days to decide. It's just what WG does. They hope you like the characters enough to whale for a pack. They do the same thing for Azur Lane. Also, I played a match or two with one of my friends, who has a West Virginia. From what I saw, and compared to my Arizona, I can't really say I will be getting Wee Vee. Consider her crossed off the list.
  8. herbienut

    Tier 6 and 7 ships for operations?

    I've never seen HSF, so I don't really have any sentimental value towards the show. I generally prefer the Azur Lane Collab's, but that's because I played the game and watched the anime. (Hence my profile picture LOL. It was actually the WOWS Collab that introduced me to Azur Lane) However, it is currently 21 cents cheaper than the regular Graf Spee, and the extra free XP from the anime camo makes it tempting. You do seem to be right. Speed appears to be very important. It gets boring lagging behind while the rest of the team gets kills. the only time it is ok is Newport station, but even then, it is helpful to be fast to meet the next wave. To that end, Mutsu, Dunkirk, PEF, and sort of warspite fit the bill.
  9. herbienut

    Tier 6 and 7 ships for operations?

    I have been thinking about this for some time. I think I will pass on West Virginia. As much as I suspect the 16 inch guns would be powerful, The speed of the standards can be a liability. I had a match just now where It would have been a victory, but the timer ran out just as I was crossing the circle. Same thing with California. For the same price, I can get Hood or Scharnhorst, Two ships I know are good from my experience in the past. I have a friend who has Mutsu and Dunkirk, and he seems to enjoy them. I might have to investigate them in the future. I know Warspite is a good choice. Atlanta and/or flint would be good someday, but I don't feel comfortable enough with cruisers yet to play something so squishy, but it may be something to look at later on. Since Graf Spee is going away soon, I may pick her up first over PEF. I know that the HSF edition is available at the moment. Other than the extra camo economic bonuses, is there any other reason to pick the HSF one over the regular one? I am working on getting Fuso at some point, so I can have a silver ship for tier 6, so that will help. I appreciate the replies, they have been very helpful. :3
  10. herbienut

    Steam bundle for ships vs wargaming deals?

    I am sorry for double posting, but I decided to only get Texas. I didn't want ashan from the bundle, and I wasn't going to pay for a ship I didn't want. I will get Graf Spee soon, though. I think the bundle is hte only one worth looking at on steam. Unless you would rather deal with Steam than WG, I suppose. Anyway, there you go. I will allow this topic to slip back down from whence it came.
  11. Hello Everyone, I am thinking of eventually acquiring some ships for operations. I already have Arizona, and I enjoy playing her in tier 6 ops, though I do wish she was faster. I was contemplating getting West Virginia (1941), Mutsu, Prinz Editl Fredrich, Warspite, Duncqure, and Graff Spee. For tier 7, Hood, Sharnhorst, Atlanta, and maybe California. I have played most of these in the past on another account. I know I want Graf Spee and Warspite, Hood and Sharnhorst, as I have enjoyed them in the past. But I am unsure about the others. I liked Nagato at tier 7, but how is Mutsu? I had a love hate relationship with Prinz, but is she better for ops vs Graff Spee? And How is Califirnia any good? Or would I be better off saving for something better? How does Atlanta Fare in these modern times of the game? Any help would be appreciated. I like my battleships, but I am known to play cruisers as well, among other things. Thank you,
  12. herbienut

    Steam bundle for ships vs wargaming deals?

    Does anyone know if by purchasing USS Texas, WG are still donating some money towards the real USS Texas's preservation? I might just get Texas, pack or no pack, as 10$ is 50% of the regular price.
  13. herbienut

    Steam bundle for ships vs wargaming deals?

    I believe I paid $1.33 for mine. At the time, Steam gave me an 85% discount on the starter pack. It was great. I also had the opportunity to pick up Warspite at 50% off, but I passed it up, because my steam account wasn't the main account I used at the time. I'm kicking myself for not taking up the offer, but over time, I have learned to live with my choices. Since my original account is gone, I will never get the chance to play the Giulio Cesare ever again. I know we have Italian battleships now, but I do unless they add a tech tree version of the Conte di Cavour-class, I will never have the chance to get her again outside of Santa crates. A shame, as I was one of the lucky players to be given both her and De Grasse back in the day after a 6 month break from the game. But like I said, I much learn to live with my decisions. Why are they removing her? Is she not performing well, or not selling well? or are they just rotating out the ships to keep things fresh? Funny how WG can force peoples hand. I wonder if the steam bundle will be removed when Graf Spee is also removed? I'll have to think about it. I want Texas and Graf spee, but I could care less about ashan. I'll think about it.
  14. Hello everyone, Please excuse my small amount of battles. I reactivated an old account that I had created from steam in 2018. Before that, My original account had been active since the final days of the closed beta in 2015. I know I have no proof to back up these claims, as my old account was deleted in 2020, following a need to take a step back from the game, but rest assured, I am happy to be back! Currently, I am trying to rebuild my fleet back to some place where it once it was. Despite the posted number of battles, I have a decent understanding from my old days playing the game. At the moment, I am contemplating getting USS Texas. I know I can get her for 50% off from the WOWS store for $10. However, There is a pack on steam for Texas, Graf Spee, and Ahsan for $30. In it, you get 3 ships, 3 captains with 6 skill points each, 3 port slots, and a combined total of 2,000 doubloons. If I theoretically already had the ships, I would get compensated with doubloons. My question is this. I know I want Texas, and I plan to get Graf Spee sometime later down the line. I don't really care about ashen, and I am not in a rush. Currently, this seems to be the only deal worth pursuing, as all the other DLC on the steam store is more expensive the the current specials available to me. What do y'all think? The only other premium ships I have are Arizona and the Izschutzi that i bought for $1.33(!) while on steep discount in 2018. Please let me know what you think. any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. I mostly used to play Co-op and team operations vs bots. I just found them more fun, and was a more consistent credit income.