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  1. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    DevBlog 388 - Pan-American Cruisers - Closed testing

    This is the biggest insult from Europe to Latin America since "Mexican Week" on the Great British Baking Show. The Worcester derivatives are as bad as peeling an avocado or making a tiered tres leches cake.
  2. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    Skill rework - the unread FAQ

    It appears to me the skills rework is intended encouraging more damage at shorter ranges thereby shortening the length of each game. That means you go through your consumables faster, replenishing them faster via in-game currency or real money.
  3. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    Stat shamer's. l0l

    I have had it happen probably 6 or 7 times. The last time was probably two weeks ago.
  4. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    The Fun Police

    WG thinks they are making more money from CVs than losing money from people angry about CVs. If everyone who was pissed about CV play simply stopped giving WG money, they would re-assess their business model.
  5. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    Iowa Class 16in Gun Firing

    Ever do any "John Waynes" on Vieques or San Clemente?
  6. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    21 point commander problem

    I just counted my 19 point commanders. I have 22 of them. I'm not looking forward to trying to upgrade them to 21 point captains.
  7. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    Iowa Class 16in Gun Firing

    It is a popular myth, but it's just that, a myth. Physics > myths.
  8. Fortytwo_to_4and2


    I don't get it. Is this one of those ball sport things?
  9. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    WG get a clue, don't put subs in this game

    This forum is just like the karma system in the game. It's a place to let the player base vent, while appearing to be doing something for the player base. All the while, WG is going to implement mods to the game that they think will increase their bottom line, player base be damned. Welcome to late-stage capitalism.
  10. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    Wind over the deck

    8 September 1945, 6 days AFTER the Japanese surrender on USS Missouri.
  11. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    Lute boxes and Oklahoma

    I didn't know they were giving away instruments.
  12. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    My Team Said I Lost Them The Game So Did I Fail?

    Spot Cap Sink Focus Fire Chase In that order for DDs. If you were chasing ships outside of the range of friendly fire, then you're not effectively spotting. As or more importantly, were you helping to spot the enemy DDs? If all their DDs are gone, going hunting isn't as detrimental. Did your team already control the caps? If not, you're not helping the team get points. Are you sinking ships? If you didn't, you didn't get their guns out of the game. N^2 law comes into play here. Are you joining in with your teammates who are firing on ships? If not, you're not taking enemy guns out of the game. If all the above is being done effectively and there's nothing else left to do, then chase.
  13. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    The end of a great game WoWS

    Fun and engaging gameplay. The spreadsheet said so.
  14. Fletcher was a good admiral. He was holding the line, eating scraps (despite what King thought), far away from home. As you say, he could have lost the war, but there was no way in 1942 that he could have won it. He acted accordingly. Why do I think he was a good admiral? -He listened to his experts. As you said, he was a cruiser man. Yet he deferred to his brown shoes on aviation operations. Compare how Yorktown's air wing made it to target together at Midway to Mitscher's dysfunctional air wing. Mitscher (Naval Aviator No. 33) was hopeless at Midway. -He deferred to his subordinates. At Midway, with Yorktown lost, he could have controlled Spruance two carriers. He was senior, and he was the officer in tactical command over both TF 16 and TF17. He didn't. He conformed to Spruance's direction. He understood that taking charge would have done more harm than good. By Guadalcanal, I think he was done. He was old and tired. The stress must have gotten to him. More importantly, he was still playing not to lose, in a time where the Navy decided to start going for outright wins. Black Shoe Carrier Admiral by Lundstrom is a good read, long, but very good. It mounts the defense of FJF that he wouldn't mount himself because he lost much of his papers with the Yorktown at Midway.
  15. Fortytwo_to_4and2

    WG get a clue, don't put subs in this game

    They could offer a lot of different modes of play that would be engaging without CVs or subs in Randoms. Your suggestion is a very good one. They would be wise to listen to it.