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  1. whysopetty

    Cv's cause toxic gameplay

    I did the same thing with my Alaska a year ago. Now everything is built for survivability. I do miss when AA used to work a lot better. Times when you are pushing as a group either the planes get deleted or its like your AA does nothing. My issue with subs was someone stated that hydro spotting does not work as much as it used it. Bring that back, such a good ASW. I have a huge grip with pings and ping spamming. If you go dark you shouldn't be able to keep pinging since im lit up for the sub only. Every other ship if you keep firing you get spotted. Pinging 3+ should then make you spotted the more you ping. Seeing the ping in water doesnt help with ASW. At least in smoke you have a better gauge of where the shells are fired from to a degree. I digress a bit. I know I suck at CV play so props to the ones that do. Subs are meh when i play but the counters stink still. More props to the ones that do it well I do say i will rage when I am the only person focused for 10 minutes straight. that's the annoying thing
  2. whysopetty

    Client Crashing

    nvidia is up today. After the ticket with WoWs ran an aisa64 check which is attached. Just updated my BIOS after the check. So far maybe it was the BIOS its only 5 games after the update. Report.zip
  3. whysopetty

    Client Crashing

    Hey guys, Maybe you guys can help. Currently experiencing my client crashing. So it happens randomly; usually I notice my FPS dropping from the 70s to the 30s with lag sometimes. most times it just freezes the screen turns blank for a minute then reappears frozen again in the game I was in. Seems to happen in ranked/randoms. It also happens with and without mods from both aslain and modstation. This only happens on my tower but my laptop with mods does not have issues. Currently using Win10 pro which is up to date, no firewalls antivirus is not affecting wows ryzen 6 CPU with no overheating MSi 1660 Video card with my driver up to date and not overheating. it was also cleaned Network is Fios with everything up to date and using a ethernet line in with speeds >500mgb. Ticket has been sent with the WGcheck. Any ideas or help would be nice WoWS_report.wgc
  4. whysopetty

    Server Crash

    Anyone else Client crashed? My self and two other clan mates in our last match all crashed from a server side issue. When rebooted our ships show available but the naval battles screen shows us in battle. So far looks like that game is a wash. Whole match was laggy with noted desync issues as well as my carrier player stating his planes were "stalling" One clan member also had to force restart the client to log back in. Anything to be reported back from WG?
  5. whysopetty

    CV's are a plague that needs to be addressed

    For me I cannot drive a CV. More to the players that do it well maloz tov!
  6. whysopetty

    CV's are a plague that needs to be addressed

    A good or bad CV driver can be the factor with a win or lose. Playing CV's is not easy ( I went over to PTS to try for free). The rocket planes IMO should have been removed. Missed the old torp or bombers only. The priority sector was given to help with the planes if used right. You can get a whole wing using that. I will say DFAA seems useless with priority sectors. MM wise double CV feels like cancer. Key word is feels. Depending on the ship you can "Yolo" but the current state involves pushing and working as a team.
  7. Just was wonder if other players besides some of my Clan mates have been seeing shells hit a target either 1. Not register ie Broadside ships 2. Damage done to ships seems different compared to what it used to be ie non saturated ship or section 3. What used to be a citadel shot ie second turret on certain BBs is an overpen? 4. Overpenning more frequently ( this one is just an observation not really an issue) I know about the AP mechanics which I understand just wanted to hear from others if they have been having the same issues. Im going to try to run the client without Mods to see if that may be the cause.
  8. what ever happened with the night time battle ideas? I thought that was coming down the line a few months ago?
  9. whysopetty

    Shells not registering

    That makes more sense. thank you
  10. whysopetty

    Shells not registering

    Is it just me or has anyone else been seeing their shells not register more frequently these past two updates? I've seen over the past month an increase of my shells not hitting a broadside ship minus the dispersion of ships and aiming correctly. Maybe its just me?
  11. whysopetty

    USN BB nerf or change?

    That they are. Mostly I feel it in the NC I used to get a more flat spread. Iowa I don't really see anything different. Feels very RNG dependent now which makes sense.
  12. whysopetty

    USN BB nerf or change?

    Just an general question. Was there a change/Nerf on the USN BB line a few updates ago. I recall reading about changes to the line. If anyone can help me recall or post the link from the development blog that will be great. Currently feel the dispersion got nerfed when I play the line
  13. whysopetty

    Discord for PC WoWs

    I know of other players but an official one by WG would be nice ya know? Also isnt R/worldofwarships a reddit channel?
  14. whysopetty

    Discord for PC WoWs

    Was wondering why WG does not have an offical Discord for WoWs PC version but has one for WoWs: Legends? WoTs has a few Discords for different servers in the game IE Asia. Possible for WG to set it up. Any thoughts by our CC players? Would be nice to use Discord as another venue for information from the Dev team, patch updates, bug reports etc.
  15. whysopetty

    Aircraft detection while in smoke.

    Thank you guys, I do believe it must be a ship in my smoke firing range looking back. This would explain 5 recent battles I've had with the Leander.