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  1. ShazbotUSA

    Public Test 0.7.11 - Feedback

    Feedback - more in general to all ships/play A real "Nice to have" which would mimic real-world would be the ability to turn-off a consumable (like radar)... perhaps there would be a penalty of you lose the remaining time of that iteration (or perhaps you could pause the timer / action?) - but to be able to turn it off would give the ability to 'escape' when your discovered for turning it on.
  2. ShazbotUSA

    Unreasonable penalties on game crash

    I have opened two tickets now with support - yes I offered dump file and they closed the first one w/o help No mods Did full reset of the game and even uninstall/reinstall.
  3. ShazbotUSA

    Unreasonable penalties on game crash

    NOW 10 game penalty... makes me think this game is not worth the headache
  4. ShazbotUSA

    Unreasonable penalties on game crash

    I find it completely ridiculous that support will not look into a problem where the game crashes repeatedly and I GET PENALIZED for the crash .. 1st time "3 game penalty" 2nd crash on same day "9 game penalty" ... Here is an idea FIX THE GAME. I have even offered up a dump file of the crash -- but I guess this game dev team would rather start getting a bad rap for crappy code and support???
  5. This is happening more often than not now - and to top it off I then get hit with a TK Penalty ... I am hung up not able to join the battle and then slapped for not being active? BUG!!