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  1. The response was to the Alpha damage and the good CV player ruled the game. That is another issue, and in the regard to that more people are playing CVs, that is a win in that department -- which is a different issue.
  2. The old meta, I can count the number of T10 games I have played that had a T10 CV on my hands and toes. So yes, they were scary, they did damage, but they were rarer than the Ocean map and that is the truth.
  3. I feel that the CV rework was and is a fail. Yes, more people are playing CVs but at what cost. Less players, playing less games, and people cannot enjoy their favorite ship to play.
  4. The whole point that people are frustrated with is that over 50% of their game play has CVs in it. Game play is radically changed and as such, it is not the game they want to play any more.
  5. In the old meta, the CV would attack and then you got a break of 2 minutes and then attack. In the new meta, you only get a break of 35 seconds. So it is far worse. In low tier matches there are a constant of two CVs and in T10 it is 1. Low tiers, just spot for the team and you are aiding your team to victory. What is more frustrating is every aspect of the game design is for the CV to get the first strike. So what if you shoot them down, early one in the beginning of the game, that means nothing.
  6. It is all about increasing the CV population and they don't care beyond that. As Flambass pointed out, many players just want to play ship verses ship. If you want to play airplanes, they have a game for that.
  7. Flambass took most of this morning raving against the CV in general and in the upcoming Rank season.
  8. The first Re-spec we received is useless in today's meta. So they had to give us a second re-spec. The question is how different will the meta be in the future. The last patch basically required all ships to huddle together and DDs to just sit and watch with their big brothers.
  9. NOTE: This is my observation, not connected with the development nor do I have direct knowledge as to the real mechanics. AA effectiveness is built around the concept of Sectors and crossing the sectors. As the planes attack, they are given bonuses for surviving the initial strike. To do this, they set up sectors, so when the planes hit the first sector, its chances of survival is greater. As it transitions to the sector on the other side, the planes protection diminishes. DDs tend to turn more than other ships and therefore the planes cross the sectors more often. This is why a Shima can shoot down 5 or more planes where as other ships with better AA do worse.
  10. High School Fleet franchise went under so all hopes were dashed upon getting a High School Fleet ship. Things my change with the advent of a new film in 2020: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-04-14/high-school-fleet-anime-film-teaser-unveils-cast-staff-early-spring-2020-debut/.145719
  11. I thought that was what my original post stated, yet I was slammed by me losing half of my health in the first two minutes. You were the one that took it off topic.
  12. There is much more than the statistics. For examples, many of the US Submarine, and plane, kills of IJN ships had more to do with the US broke the IJN code. The subs knew where the ships would be and met them. The Pacific Ocean is too big for ships to go bump in the night. JFK did, but his crew was sleeping on the boat but that is another story for another day. Planes with Radar were effective against submarines, because they could detect them when they were on surface and riddle them with bullets before they can submerge into safety. These were long range land based planes. Battleships vs Battleships were rare and I would regard the BB as an example of a bad weapon system. World of Warships is a game with models of real and imaginary ships. To make it more like reality is to remove the vast majority of the game play.
  13. If they are really strong then that is evidence that it is not fun for anyone else.
  14. The fact that WG removed 2 T10 CVs per team (exceptions apply) in the last patch means that they detected that CVs affected game play. Right now, WOW is either in an adjustment phase for players to accept the CVs or they are growing in fatigue. We will see in the future when people vote with their feet. For me it is frustrating losing over half my health in the first minute of the game. Since it does not happen often, I can overlook it. However, if it did happen often then I would be playing a different game.
  15. The Shimakaze's Legendary Upgrade and 8km torpedoes is a recipe for a quick kill --- Yours.