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  1. Soo I feel something broken happened with all the Super testers and youtubers beta testing RN DD, it feels they use pro players data testing to base if something needs to change or not. The Lightning feels amazing to me. I've been learning DD life non stop because of this ship and enjoying it! I then decided to work my [edited]of to get up to the Daring but Jutland gave me abit of an oh no type of feeling and yeahhh the Darling is just not feeling right. In my Lightning I have only played 36 games but have a 67 percent win rate..shes actually one of my best top end ships i play with. While I've only played 8 games with my Daring ...I have won 0 games...like slaughters..not even a close game. If they insist in giving a heal ability at least make it a British like heal..the amount you heal is pointless..id rather have the stealth back from the Lightning then. Idk most of my experience is in BBs and even if i saw a DD heal up a sliver...i wouldn't even notice. Im curious if other people are experiencing something similar or maybe your more experienced to make it work.