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  1. TRACER___

    Good Spot! Good Dog!

    When I play CV I try to spot over damage. Just wish spotting damage was awarded a bit better.
  2. TRACER___

    Goodbye lootboxes?

    FTC is going to investigate lootboxes. About time? Or I like gambleing.
  3. Just have all the resupply check boxes off by default. People who want to check them will. To error in favor of going into battle naked or poorer, I choose naked.
  4. TRACER___

    Results from 40 RN Containers

    I got 2 ships for 10 purchased crates. 1 in first 5 and 1 in second 5. Was worth my 30 bucks imo. Can't play them yet with just 3 pt commanders though, so I am grinding out some elite xp to get one capt to 10.
  5. TRACER___

    Aircraft change suggestion

    Lol. Fine. Take my plane when I die, but you give up your torps when you die. That's what I thought. Not going to happen. It's not attached to the ship any more and its spotting survivors abandoning ship. If it sees enemy's too maybe they should leave or smoke up.
  6. TRACER___

    Destroyer AP Against Other Destroyers?

    Like this? https://clips.twitch.tv/ElegantFrigidNoodleOpieOP
  7. TRACER___

    Possible Solution to Radar

    If you have an issue playing around radar, roll a different line. BB don't care about radar, maybe try that line. Radar is not going anywhere. This game is rock paper scissors. If you think scissors is too strong for your paper, play rock and let the complaints about paper start.
  8. TRACER___

    Supercontainers - ad naseum

    Funny that I got 1500 steel from a super container.
  9. TRACER___

    Space camo concerns

    You can turn off space camos in port I think.
  10. TRACER___

    selling ships on iMac

    Yeah it must be an issue with woes and Mac's control click. Get yourself a cheap 2 button mouse and use it for nothing but the odd case of a needed right click. On the other hand what do you use for free look? It's right click and doesn't loose your aim when checking your surroundings (mostly).
  11. TRACER___

    selling ships on iMac

    You do not NEED doubloons, you can select sell modules instead of demount. You can play this game 100% without doubloons. They just add convenience, and less grind.
  12. TRACER___

    selling ships on iMac

    You need to control click, which is right click on a mac, I assume not playing the game on mac but owning the game on PC and also owning a mac. You say you tried this but it seams to be the only logical thing. Try it on the picture of the ship on the bottom of your port.
  13. TRACER___

    That Ship You Should Do Well In But Don’t

    Giulio Cesare. 68k avg damage, 37.5 win rate.
  14. Where is my Friday shop update? Better be worth the wait WG.