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  1. TheNargacuga

    New Directives for 8.0 : Carriers

    So AA is back to how it was in CBT? SHOCKER. Wargaming tends to revert to what it knows when it changes and in this case it remembers CBT when even two clevelands and a newmex in formation couldn't stop a ranger.
  2. TheNargacuga

    Cause & Effect / PVP vs. PVE

    What would happen? probably nothing really, people who prefer the challenge of beating up other players would likely remain there, those who enjoy just enjoying the more relaxed bots will stay there and those who prefer ops over both would stay there, I really doubt there's enough people who would transfer out of randos to make it matter.
  3. TheNargacuga

    8.0 Cv compensation

    You can whine all you want it doesn't change the fact wargaming (and more of the playerbase than there are carrier players) hate what currently exists and what's going to happen will happen. If you don't like it, get out this is literally your only valid option to show your discontent because we know well wargaming doesn't care what you or anyone actually says unless it's a straight up riot. Edit: boo hoo, someone doesn't like the truth of wargaming and this update being put to them. Thanks for the neg vote buddy, I'll wear it as a badge of pride.
  4. TheNargacuga


    Unless your torps land before the friendlies kill them you don't deserve to get the kill, stop thinking you magically matter more than the 11 other randos on your team BECAUSE YOU DO NOT.
  5. TheNargacuga

    Why is Ocean map still in the game?

    And just as many people didn't like it and are content with it basically not existing most of the time. My friend (forum banned, I often have to speak on his behalf) was one of those who was anti-ocean because it straight up nullified the effectiveness of a few ships that at the time wasn't even able to do much. (USN heavies, old line, pre buff)
  6. Pretty sure it's also because it's range is much higher than any other CL in the game, gotta balance having battleship level firing range stock somehow. Also @HazeGrayUnderway Really dude? Ya think atago needs smoke? Her performance is just fine without smoke since she is functionally a myoko with more and better torps.
  7. Yeah all 500 or so remaining carrier players are used to it, it's sad you care more about the current players than the potential players. You sound exactly like the freaks in WoWP who liked their tiny community more than the long term survival of the game.
  8. From personal experience and the obvious note shown by the absolutely puny CV numbers, yes we as a community are too incredibly stupid to actually play CVs as they are now, if we weren't then 1: the CV numbers would be noticably higher and 2: the skill gap that CVs suffer from now wouldn't be so catastrophically high.
  9. TheNargacuga

    Biggest premium ship regret!

    Murmansk. Thing was great back when tier 5 could face 3s but now it's... it's just no. Edit: yes, I get it, unpopular opinion, I don't see downvotes on the dude two posts up saying no to the sims despite that being acclaimed as an effective ship, back off you freaks.
  10. TheNargacuga

    What in the .... How does this happen????

    God damn do you have a massive ego. You were told why you were 2nd on the team, suck it up and deal with it. Let me summarize this for you: if there are two ships on the enemy team one worth 20K and the other worth 10. If you deal 10K to the first one and your ally does 9k to the other then the ally did more according to how the experience works. Period, end of story. And for the love of god stop being that one idiot who thinks kills and surviving is what matters. I've seen too many dead people get top of the team to be of your mindset
  11. TheNargacuga

    For Wargaming: The straw that broke the camel's back

    Invalid, WV44 was demanded as early as alpha, yet despite the constant requests and input for it they decided to reuse colorado A for WV41 instead of listening to the long lasting input.
  12. TheNargacuga

    Axis vs. Allies game mode?

    You can believe whatever you want it doesn't mean you're right.
  13. TheNargacuga

    Upcoming Snowflakes - Which Ships Count?

    Anything that has the gold icon for it's symbol along with the wreath/chains is a premium. Doesn't matter if it doesn't earn premium money or is anything more than a reskin, it's still a premium.
  14. TheNargacuga

    You Developers Need to Debuff Destroyers

    Samual B roberts and uss johnston disagree with you, unless you hit something critical those tin cans will keep fighting. THis game allows you to kill them WITHOUT doing that but don't expect it.
  15. TheNargacuga

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    No, it's not, it's just a very loud, and very conservative (yes yes shut up I'll explain in a moment) group that is against it The current system is utterly unacceptable, it emphasizes skill TOO Much, to the point that .5% win rate difference is actually more than enough to tip the scales dramatically. There would need to be so many changes that it likely is just easier to have this change go through. On the subject of the screaming ones being conservative on this, they are. They are too ignorant to realize the system they cling to is as absolutely crap as the system that's replacing it. They are the very definition of humans being creatures of habit and not intelligence and creativity.