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  1. Nargacugaasae

    Exeter Event - More Mission Issues For Co-op

    I'm going to be completely blunt, either release a hotfix that alters the requirements, or release a hotfix that removes the statement saying co-op can finish it. Anything else is a bit gross on WG's part. (that or as suggested push out a quick achievement release for co-op, you guys had two instances where achievements that were very generic were added to all modes such as four goal haul)
  2. Nargacugaasae

    Interested as to why players stick exclusively to Coop

    WHy do I stick to co-op? I don't have to deal with as many humans and, importantly, I can actually have a slug fest at tier 6+, the latter is basically impossible in randoms.
  3. Missouri and gremyashy. I'm not giving up my money maker or my terror of the seas I got back in CBT.
  4. Nargacugaasae

    WG, please buff carriers! - from DD-main

    TBH the easy solution would be to prevent planes from going up for, say, 5-15 seconds depending on the tier.
  5. Nargacugaasae

    WG, please buff carriers! - from DD-main

    Honestly the savage nerf to rockets, the armament that wargaming introduced TO COMPLETELY RUIN A DD's DAY is kinda amusing honestly. They took the sledgehammer again as now it takes a midway 3-4 km to actually release a rocket spread. It changed from a carrier being able to boop things extremely easily to only cruisers and battleships being able to be hit with the rockets.
  6. Nargacugaasae

    Do Bots cheat?

    Short answer: yes Long answer: depends on what you mean by 'cheat'. Do they have unparralelled map knowledge that no human can ever dream of having? Oh hell yes. Do the shells curve in on ships that have long since dodged a possible hit? sometimes. Are they actually difficult? eh, not really. Wargaming went the same route as nintendo did with ai< cheat cheat cheat until there's some semblance of difficulty. (note I"m talking particuarly about mario kart AI, not all nintendo AI)
  7. Nargacugaasae

    we are not a tester WG..

    Yes you are, shut up and deal with it or quit the game. You have no other option.
  8. Nargacugaasae

    possible solution for GC situation

    'dangerous' just as dangerous as allowing a select group of players to have a ship that gives an advantage that no one else can get without dumping alot of money into wargaming's lap. There's one dangerous precedent already in place and, IMO, the precedent we have in place NOW is far more dangerous than allowing WG to alter things to be more balanced.
  9. I've only ever lost because people are too dumb to realize that victory is more valuable than trying to 5 star it. I lost my last run because all of the team decided to sit back in the port instead of retreating.
  10. Oh yes, the one dot that every single intelligent player saves their repair for due to how lethal it is. Totally didn't need some nerfing to bring it on par with something that requires 4 locations on fire all at once. Totally not.... Seriously you're supposed to have a brain, you've shown intelligence how is this hard for you to understand?
  11. Be better off to ban people like you who think you know the scope of the game better than the people who decided to put carriers in during alpha. You wanted a say you should have been looking for this game and gotten lucky enough to join in alpha. If I could change one thing, I'd honestly change rockets to machine gun/canon strafing that works mostly the same, noticably less damage but greater chance of messing up things on the deck. AA, secondaries, possibly main batteries if they have low enough armor. Make it a support weapon.
  12. Nargacugaasae

    Rocket Attacks?

    Remove them? are you a former wargaming balancing employee on vodka? No don't remove them, fiddle with them, balance them, if it turns out such balance isn't possible then remove them. Chisel, not hammer. How are people too stupid to understand you make fine changes first then go to the heavy hammer?
  13. Nargacugaasae

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    He's ALWAYS been that way, his video titles are utter crap and are click baity as all hell. Doesn't mean the information he gives isn't worth considering even if you hate what it says.
  14. I am still forever amused that people believe the ship that they bought a long term rental for should be immune from damage. THis is only a 'consumer relations' issue because wargaming has let the consumers get UTTERLY DELUDED into thinking they deserve to keep the ship that wargaming still owns in it's entirety in a state that causes potential damage to the game. I personally wouldn't care if wargaming deleted the accounts of all those who are violently opposed to this plan, it's not like they care about balance if they are STAUNCHLY in favor of keeping ships that are breaking the balance (in either direction) as they are in any way.
  15. Nargacugaasae

    The aircraft carrier must be deleted.

    Sorry OP, wargaming would likely delete your account than delete something they have decided since alpha belongs in the game.