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  1. Go to the Premium Shop and choose Ships. In the drop down to select a country, each country has a broken image beside it instead of the flag. NA public server (no premium shop in PT)
  2. navydataman

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    Japanese torpedo bombers (T10 at least) is not showing the aiming wedge.
  3. navydataman

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Took Midway out, cost 300,000 credits to go out, had not very good success injuring ships. I CV out of 4 sank a ship. I earned 80,000 credits for a loss of 220,000 credits. I cannot afford to get any better, and I don't think I will ever get back to earning as much as it takes to go out. Goodbye carriers it was fun while it lasted. It looks broken to me. No more mass attacks no more cross torpedo patterns. I cannot figure out where the fighters are going, since I was too busy flying a single squadron. I want to go back.
  4. It seems that in part 2 and part 3 we have 4 days to get 1 million base XP in random battles and again in co-op battles. If you get 1000 base XP every battle (and win every battle), you need 1000 battles to reach a million. Is there a decimal point error or am I missing something?
  5. navydataman

    Anchors Aweigh

    Latest news posting says ACHORS AWAY. The U.S. Navy would never discard the anchors to shove off. The original order I think was "Weigh the Anchors" which means pull them up from the bottom, adding the weight into the Hull weight. That got repeated as "Anchors Aweigh" which has since become the official song of the US navy. Be careful there. Not mad, I think it is a common error even in the USA. On reading a little more, the order was "weigh the anchor" and once the anchors were secure, the reply of "Anchors Aweigh" would tell the bridge officer of the deck that the anchors are secure.
  6. I saved up my tokens and bought a new captain, Dasha Perova. But alas, I have the same problem as if I met her in a bar. She would talk in Russian and I would talk in English. I wouldn't even know if she liked me. She keeps telling me things I need to know in battle but I have no idea what she is talking about. We never get past dasvidania. Is there a way to turn off her "special voice overs" or maybe you (WOWS) could let her speak English on the ship, if not in the bar. Or maybe she is not really telling me anything important... Or I could be missing something.
  7. navydataman

    0.7.9 Public Test Bug Reports

    Before an arms race battle and during battle if you press tab, the Buff area icons are listed as Biffs. Is that a spelling error or are they biffs? I keep getting stuff for combat missions that I could not find. If you are too, I found them in the Royal Navy Tab. When the arms race draws the big circle in the middle it says to "capture the kea area" kea instead of key
  8. A quote from the WOW post: However, in this historical period, "fire" could be bracketed out because the armaments carried by fighters of the opposing sides were comparable. So, only altitude, speed, and maneuvering remain. Interestingly, "speed" is mentioned in the other two parameters of Pokryshkin's formula. Altitude is the opposite side of speed. By exchanging the kinetic energy of an aircraft for potential energy, we can gain altitude as our speed increases, and vice versa. This "energy exchange" is where the lion's share of combat maneuvering—the third element of the formula— comes from. 1) A6M fighter had no decent weapon for shooting through the armor on a Wildcat, Hellcat, or Corsair armor. They had a light gun and a 20mm cannon with low ROF, velocity, and range. The Us planes carried .50 caliber guns that could rip through armor, pilot, and engine block. You've got to be kidding or fooling yourself about guns. 2) Early on is was found that the US fighters were all faster than the Japanese planes, especially in a climb, so we shot the Japanese planes down on one pass and sped away for altitude if we missed, then came back. US fighters did not get into "dogfights" with Japanese fighters. They also used the scissors maneuver to take advantage of the Zekes.. Hellcats had a 13:1 kill ratio on Zeroes. 3) USA was flying Bearcats and Mustangs from carriers by the end of the war (real airplanes). Not even the alleged A8M could keep up with that. To see 14 Corsairs go up against 15 Japanese fighters with no ships around, and the Corsairs shoot down 1 or 2 while losing all 14 Corsairs is beyond belief. On the wikipedia page for the wildcat: The Japanese ace Saburō Sakai described the Wildcat's capacity to absorb damage:
  9. navydataman

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    In port trying to upgrade US BB Iowa to Montana, but with the ship list set at 4 rows of ships in the modules display there is no Montana to upgrade to. Change the ship list to 2 rows and the Montana shows up. A minor irritation. Perhaps switching to 2 rows of ships automatically if the modules, signals, or cammo list gets too long. There is a building going up in Austin near I35 downtown. It seems to have red and white "razzle dazzle" cammo on the sides. Is this a coincidence with an Austin office opening or is it your building?
  10. navydataman

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    1. On July 26 I can no longer mount any signals. It seems to work, but the signal is not checked and did not show up on ship. 2. Earned a container. When I selected the type container, it went back to the port where the new container did not show up, and the whole program was frozen. All I could do was move the cursor. Escape would not get back to port. No documentation because I had to close the program from the Task Manager (1) when I got back in, signals are working. (2) when I got back in the game, port indicated I still had a container. I went and selected and opened one. Everything worked fine. just forget the whole thing if it was not reproduce-able.
  11. At first the little circle on the mini map that shows where the main guns are aiming is a little annoying. Once I got a spotter in the air it really helps you find a target you are aiming in the direction of but cannot see it because you are looking too near or too far. You must have a name for this little circle, in several languages. I give it a thumbs up.