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  1. Hello, Sound Mod Creator is designed to modify sound and effects in World of Warships game. You can replace any game sounds with your own or turn them off. Before using Sound Mod Creator, make sure you have 6977 version of Wwise software by AUDIOKINETIC installed. Download the archive and unpack it in a place convenient for you Before using the program, it’s better to read short instruction 1. Preparing to get started. 2. Creating a modification 3. Working with files and generating a mod Done! Your mod is available for use. Do not forget to select it in the game settings. UPD 27.03.2020 The program has been updated to version 2.1 Program changes: fixed bug loading previously created projects
  2. Hello, In patch 0.8.8 there were changes that affected previously published sound modifications of the game. In order for your favorite old sound modifications to work correctly, they must be converted using the new version of Sound Mod Creator To do this, you need to take several steps: 1. Download the program by the following link: https://mega.nz/#!IOZhFA7C!I-6XgNxq1m1YXtI8WYCwFrxfYUm2WxH6dlIUddav878 2. Run the program 3. Go to “Options” > “Settings” 4. In the opened dialog box, specify: the path to the game folder World_of_Warships and specify the path to the mod.xml file SoundModCreator_v2.0.0/res/mod_data/res/banks/mod.xml There is no need to specify the paths to Wwise folder and to the Wwise project! Click “OK” 5. Select the "Imported" tab, then click the "Update mod" button 6. In the opened explorer, specify the path to the mod.xml file in the sound modification directory that needs updating. For example: C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\banks\mods\Example1 7. Choose whether you want to save the old version of the sound modification file and click "Start" button 8. In a moment, your mod will be updated for the current version of the game (sound engine) Thanks