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  1. TheUssLoliChan

    Am I Just Stupid Or?

    You Sir need an award! Thank you! it was turned off somehow i never touch those buttons.
  2. TheUssLoliChan

    Am I Just Stupid Or?

    also, i restarted my computer and this is the skins i have on my account
  3. TheUssLoliChan

    Am I Just Stupid Or?

    Are this ship skin permanent?
  4. submarines need to come into the "random" battle, they look interesting, look fun. but do need some better tweeks as you said "submarines are being tested" wargaming can re-open the (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) missions and make new crates to unlock special camo's and commanders!You could earn them through missions, special crate drops etc....... now with "War Thunder" Having ships for ftp players, it could turn the tide of how contracts and how the ship games will go. OF course War Thunder is more into the simulation of battles with parts and bits being damage, causing you ship/plane/helicopter/tank or anything to preform worse.. ( time will tell), while World Of Warships is more for fun, luck and enjoyment, with hit-points, certain parts can be damaged, etc... i think both war thunder and world of warships are doing tests of how will the SUBMARINES would work into the day to day normal battles.... This may make me sound like an idiot but it is something we have to consider, Some people may like the subs, some may not.. (It) and hopefully will somehow and some way make it into the game! Sorry For The Headache Lads!
  5. TheUssLoliChan

    Am I Just Stupid Or?

    Hi There! I (Once again) came here to ask a question, i got got some new notification for some ship skins and yet a do not see them BUT something else instead.. I'm (still) fairly new to this game and i do not understand if this is a joke or this is for a different ship (as you saw there was the tirpitz and the st.louis) but the ONLY new thing i got was this valentine heart skin??? my question is (if this is not confusing enough) are these skin the Halloween event skins, and if they are did they mess up and did a different skin... and if they were the Halloween skins are they permanent.? sorry for the headache lads!
  6. TheUssLoliChan

    Issues With F-Key Commands

    But it would do it to an older version of the game in .7z file.(before i got this issue)
  7. Hello, Again I am having issues with the F-key commands, when in battle around 11am i was pressing down the f3 key to (attack a target) and the game blinked the main RGB colors (Red, Green, Blue) after that little color flash my f3 commands works just like my f1 key aka (Help), note i have re-install the game already i have NO third party apps like "Ge force Experience " And Or Rrazer Synapse".. I asked a few people what is going on and they did not know what happen. i have already check if it was any of my graphic-software problems and that seem that it is the case.. I have checked the controls settings and it show nothing except the command of attack on f3 If anyone could help it would be great....... Sadly i do not know how the bug started and dont know how to re-create the issue. just play the game normally..