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  1. SuzutsukiKai

    Austin needs buffing BAD

    Best part is, found him today in game, parks broadside to my GK, got devstruck within 3 minutes. Must be the ship's fault and not the player behind it.
  2. SuzutsukiKai

    Austin needs buffing BAD

    https://www.twitch.tv/malteseknight_/clip/TriangularSolidVelociraptorPrimeMe-oZkQR6Gb_CrEGjqk Talk when you're not bad at the game.
  3. SuzutsukiKai

    Petropavlovsk in Ranked

    Oh hello there.
  4. SuzutsukiKai

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    [edited] alert. Your message is irrelevant, how about playing more than 350 games and fixing your laughable PR before you make any statements. How about not buying your way into T9 if you don't know jackshit about high tier gameplay. 90% of my total games are played solo and you along with your delusional statements are exactly the reason why you get crapon.
  5. SuzutsukiKai

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    You know what doesn't make sense? Bashing unicum players while you yourself suck so badly that you had to resort to this very forum begging modders to create a close to equal cheating tool instead of actually learning/getting good at the game.
  6. SuzutsukiKai

    An early assessment of Clan Battles

    Perhaps you should stop watching Notser.
  7. SuzutsukiKai

    Wargaming and a Failed Knowledge Management Process

    Half of what OP wrote nearly gave me brain damage.
  8. SuzutsukiKai

    Benham, why even do f3 shima anymore?

    You do realize that almost every tester/CC was against the release of the CV rework as it was on release.
  9. SuzutsukiKai

    Super Testers & WIP ships in Divisions

    Funny how someone complains when he isn't capable of playing his own ships properly.
  10. I specifically try to use Hakabase's v2 (tried every version as well) panel but it happens with BADoBEST's panels as well.
  11. The side panels are borked and don't work when you try to install them.