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  1. Title, just wondering cause I really only play bb and I would prefer a higher tier ship instead of the nelson.
  2. mozoilla02

    Wargamming Needs to Fix BB Over Pens

    do you think that at least they should buff damage done at close range? if its realistic then a bb shooting a thin armored cruisers with massive guns at close range should almost cripple the ship, at least thats what i think should happen.
  3. mozoilla02

    Wargamming Needs to Fix BB Over Pens

    what part of I was able to one shot two bbs in a row did you not understand? if I couldn't aim i wouldn't have been able to do that right?
  4. mozoilla02

    Wargamming Needs to Fix BB Over Pens

    So tell me how am I suppose to fight cruisers at medium to close range? Cruisers and dds always complain about bbs sitting back and sniping, why would I fight a cruiser that can torp and burn me when all i can do to him is overpen.
  5. mozoilla02

    Wargamming Needs to Fix BB Over Pens

    Interesting, I will definitely try this. Thanks for the tip
  6. mozoilla02

    Wargamming Needs to Fix BB Over Pens

    oh i wish someone told me this 1000 games ago this actually makes alot of sense to me now thanks for the tip
  7. Hi everyone this is my first post on the forum ever so if I posted this in the wrong place or something forgive me I am new. Now to what I want to talk about, CAN WARGAMMING FIX BB OVERPENS ON BROADSIDE CRUISERS AT CLOSE RANGE. I just had a game as gneisenau on two brothers where I rushed down middle and my first encounter was a shchors which I shot at point blank range with all my guns. I got 3 over pens luckily my teammate behind me killed him, I then proceeded to one shot a Pyotr velikiy and a new york, after that i then encounter another cruiser at close range. He gave me full broadside and I shot him with all six guns and guess what? 4 over pens, he then torps and burns me too death. I can one shot bbs with my guns but then cruisers are immune to my guns. This issues needs to be addressed and I just wanted to hear everyones opinions on bb over pens on full broadside cruisers. Also if you say get better at aiming, again I was able to aim well enough to one shot two bbs.