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  1. Really WG?

    I had this very thing happen a couple of battles ago. I had to hold my salvo for only a second. Which allowed another ship to lite my fire. Oh well. That's the game. Maybe they should allow all ships on a map visible to the other team. Or not allow visuals of any kind to reveal ships hiding behind islands unless an ally tags them in-game. Wait. That'd wouldn't be fare. Right.
  2. TK Scenario

    I guess i had one coming. Me and a BB sailing inbetween islands. Just me and him. He hits me with almost a full salvo of torps. Took 3/4 of hp from me. I died shortly after.
  3. TK Scenario

    Ok. Thanks for the replies. Still new, but understood.
  4. TK Scenario

    Two small islands on either side with an alley leading to another island with a left turn. One ally on the opposite side of one of those islands opposite me was heading toward the alley way, but still far enough out. The enemy ship was just coming out of that left turn towards the alley. I shoot torps down the alley way and they eventually kill the ally. Yes, I should have been a bit more careful. But shouldn't that ally be more aware? I'm always having to steer around ally torps. IMO this TK tag is a bit one sided in some aspects. I know the game can not distinguish between accidental and intended, but come'on.
  5. Ship controls bugging out

    Got it. Thanks. Yeah, the mini-map. Like my drunk uncle. God i hate looking at him, but damn he's useful.
  6. Ship controls bugging out

    Thanks guys. I don't really play in zoom. I mean i zoom towards a ship but will use free look to steer. Zoom to fire then free look and steer. But i'll start paying a bit more attention to it. Maybe i have been without noticing it.
  7. Recently i noticed my ships will turn on their own. No autopilot. No mods. Only have discord installed. Any ideas.
  8. That'd be it. Thank you again.
  9. Thanks CO_Valle that's pretty much what I was looking for. More to the point was if we were loosing what could be done to help turn it around.
  10. There have been a few times where our team has captured 2/3 of caps, we had 2 less ships than they did, but we lost. What are the things to look out for when trying to get a victory vs leaving with a defeat?
  11. Looking to join a casual clan

    Right now i play pretty much all day (broken collar bone with a plate and 9 screws). When it heals i'll still be playing almost daily. I just started and eager to learn. Looking for a good, drama free environment, with members that are willing to teach and not get pissed if someone makes mistakes. Solo, Casual, and or teamplay. I do not have comms right now but will probably pick one up at a later date. (no work - no pay). I really enjoy the game and although I do make mistakes I'm not a hard core gamer. But I do enjoy teamwork.
  12. Your take on actual ship roles.

    Thanks for the replies. (yes, correct. Been playing for maybe 5 days now. So newb) My game style: CA i'll push to caps. Staying around islands. Mostly with 2 or 3 others. Not the lone wolf going out on his own. DD I don't play much. But usually i'll push closer in or take a cap. Again, with others. BB I usually stay on the outskirts. As the game progresses, i'll take note of what enemy ships are around. If there are more of us or equal to i try to get their attention when i'm playing BB. I don't want to be that guy that sits out and waits for the enemy ranks to go down, beyond their range, and not participate. I try to engage. Keeping in mind the threat. As for the game the post is from, ranks were still high and even. I was just outside the cap 2 or 3 kms. There were 2 or 3 CA's darting in and out of the cap and 4 or 5 enemy ships beyond the edge of the cap with 1 enemy CA inside. I was gunning for the enemy CA, as we all were. But 2 of my teammates were getting the brunt of the enemies fire. That's when it came over to "push my [edited]in to the cap" and "stop playing safe". Oh, and it's been noted i was "stupid". Now i don't care what ppl say. I disregard such things. When criticism comes in good form, i listen to try and learn. I was just wondering. Cause they way i seen the game unfolding, if i would have pushed in i would have gone down pretty quick with about 2/3 hp left. But i am still learning. PS. Thanks Umikami
  13. During a game I was berated for not bringing my BB in closer and helping overtake a cap. I was under the impression these things were better left for CV's and DD's, giving their better speed and turning. Am I wrong in keeping at arms length? What are some things that you like and dislike to see from players/teammates.
  14. Tips on staying alive longer

    Well RagingxMarmoset, I must have been having a good day.
  15. Tips on staying alive longer

    Thank you all for the informative replies.