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  1. Hookie_Bell

    Who decides what tier a ship is?

    Is the Anrea Doria particularly vulnerable to ramming, especially by Swedish ships?
  2. Hookie_Bell

    Sad to say...

    Too late now, I suppose, but during the respec holiday I just posted my best commanders to my favourite tech tree ships. From there they can hop aboard any premium, and recall to their home ship free gratis. If they ever offer another free respec, you might consider it.
  3. Or, just possibly, some people figure. "What the hell, I'm buggered anyway, might as well have a go at it." Can't blame people for trying to wring a drop of fun from a miserable experience.
  4. Hookie_Bell

    What it took to sink Yamato

    Plus, any ship that does not strike its colours or otherwise express surrender is fair game.
  5. Hookie_Bell

    What it took to sink Yamato

    The claims of aviators of all nations are invariably wildly optimistic. Your fanciful chart would have more credibility if you could have spelled "Intrepid" correctly. Ten torpedoes and seven bombs is a more accurate representation.
  6. Hookie_Bell

    Anti Submarine Weapons Idea (Rockets)

    Wizard! Let's take a silly implementation and make it even more ridiculous! What the hell, let's have huge consumable blimps for sub spotting while we're at it!
  7. Hookie_Bell

    So even in coop bb's don't push!

    The beauty of Co-op is that the idlers suffer their own disappointing results, and more's the XP for the rest of the team.
  8. Hookie_Bell

    OK Wargaming, you win.

    Sorry to see you go, mate, but that's just the way of it I suppose. Games and people do change, don't they? Your perspective as an actual naval officer will be missed, I'm sure. Best of luck, old boy. May your rum be sweet and your ladies sweeter.
  9. Hookie_Bell

    Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts?

    They have a road map for this year. https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/post/2021-development-plans
  10. Hookie_Bell

    Cookie Consent.. hmm...

    Ay, there's the rub. 99% of "opt outs" and "off" settings are just fluff. Witness Windows 10 telemetry, Google and Farcebook "privacy settings, and the like. You can supposedly turn things off or say, "no" but in reality they're lying through their teeth. This has been proven over and over through packet sniffing. I do what I can, using Firefox with NoScript, Ghostery, and AdBlock plus, but the battle for real internet privacy was lost long ago.
  11. Hookie_Bell

    Re-unite a Veteran with his Ship.

    Covid is a thing, but so is time. Covid can be mitigated, time can't. It would be quite sad for this older gentleman to pop his clogs before the trip came to fruition. I'd happily part with a few quid to help.
  12. Hookie_Bell

    Changes Happen in all games

    1. Changes in games are intentional, not random acts of Fate. The response should also be intentional, not just passive resignation. 2. Not all change is good, either in the subjective or objective realms. 3. Not all change is irrevocable. Resistance is not always futile. Changes to changes happen all the time. 4. Our options here are not binary. In my case, I long ago responded to Lesta's penchant for a$$hattery by playing 100% for free in PvE. It's still fun for me and flips WG the bird at the same time. 5. Thank you for a thoughtful and well-written post. +1 for literacy. 5. The DH rule still sucks.
  13. Hookie_Bell

    Wait ... Wut?

    No, but it's becoming more of a bargain at any price all the time.
  14. Hookie_Bell

    Here's why this rework sufferin sucks

    Bravo, Sir Ducky! You've out-done yourself. This post should be stapled to the forehead of every Lesta employee starting with Sub-Genius Octavian.
  15. Hookie_Bell

    Gamebreaking rework

    I will agree that CV's were and remain a far worse cockup than the skills rework will ever be. The skills rework is bloody awful, what with spending more time mucking about with commanders than actually playing, not to mention the completely bonkers cruiser options and the complete uselessness of battleship and cruiser secondaries now. Still it's almost certainly not game-breaking, just a big steaming pile of fresh pig droppings mostly meant to generate extra revenue. Well played, WG.