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  1. Hookie_Bell

    Incentivize Veteran Players to Play Mid & Low Tiers

    Nobody does, except the Fun Police.
  2. Hookie_Bell

    WHY...ranked games with CV...

    Big difference between incapable and unwilling. One is a condition, the other is a choice. I vote for choice. I'm certain that there are people who are perfectly capable of wrestling a pig, but not very many of those are willing to do so.
  3. Hookie_Bell

    Coop population

    Sounds reasonable. Wonder if the Powers that Be can confirn.
  4. Hookie_Bell

    WHY...ranked games with CV...

    KOTS was originally a player-organised tournament, primarily by deep purple unicums in uber clans who probably have a better understanding of how the game actually plays than a lot of the devs. The organisers made their own rules, among them being no CV's. Since WG took it over, they have thus far decided to retain most of the original ruleset, including no CV's. Anecdotally, the introduction of CV's into KOTS would probably kill it as a showcase for the "best of the best" and turn it into a plain-vanilla flavour of regular clan battles. I share those opinions.
  5. You'd have to make a ridiculously over-priced offer to get Victor to part with his favourite toy. Wargaming, particularly WoT, is not just his business, it's his hobby as well. Very few large companies have this level of direct owner involvement this far into their business development. Fun fact: his favourite vehicle is the Hummel SPG, and he's pretty good at it.
  6. Tachibana. 99p worth of love.
  7. Hookie_Bell

    The USS Black makes its return.

    Only for @Chobittsu
  8. Back in RTS days, DFAA would "panic" the flying monkeys into losing their little red hats, so the basic idea is not without precedent.
  9. Excellent idea, which Weegee will completely ignore.
  10. Hookie_Bell

    Helm Controller (PC)

    I use an Xbox 360 controller for a number of PC games. I lost the tips of several fingers in a mishap back in my time as a tiffy in the old HMS Nottingham, so I make do. My 3rd-party controller key mapper (X-Padder) lets me have custom profiles for each game I play. For WOWS, I only use it in my left hand to keep my mouse hand free. I just use my thumb on the left stick for WASD, top left trigger for SHIFT, and bottom left trigger for O. Got the pad set for R, T, P, and TAB. I have side buttons on the mouse for toggling ammo select 1234 and for F on the rare occasions I play CV. I know it sounds dumb and clunky, but it is my comfortable workaround for a physical challenge. I'm bog standard at the game anyway, so it works just dandy.
  11. Agreed, with the caveat that we don't define "universally playable" to mean "weak", with Oklahoma and Dido being a cases in point.
  12. Hookie_Bell

    The Only Way to Make (Most) Everyone Happy

    Right. And armoured troops are utterly ignorant about tanks, pilots have no clue about their aircraft, and cooks don't understand what an oven is. What colour is the sky in your world?
  13. I find it odd that WG completely ignores a significant part of the Sherman's firepower, the four 76.2mm Mark 22 guns. These were dual-purpose mountings that had AP and High Capacity (HE) munitions besides the VT-fused AA rounds. They had a range of roughly 14km. Imagine, if you will, a secondary-spec DD. Considering the awful torpedo suite, this would make for a truly unique gunboat.