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  1. check us out, we are the [HOT] crew. here is our discord https://discord.gg/7Jn9HgS
  2. AdmiralBabylon

    Group of Players Looking for a New Clan

    come sail with us over at [HOT] Hooks On Target. im always on and trying to get clan battles going every time its available. check our discord out at https://discord.gg/7Jn9HgS. My username is AdmiralBabylon, send me a message and ill be more than happy to answer your questions. good luck and fair seas gentlemen!
  3. AdmiralBabylon

    Battleships are far too manouvreable

    This idea to nerf battleship maneuverability is outrageous! What are you trying to do man get everyone to quit playing the game and kill it off?
  4. AdmiralBabylon

    [HOT] Clan Looking for Members

    Thank you Kapitan_Wuff. May good Luck and Fair Seas pleasantly await you commander!
  5. AdmiralBabylon

    [HOT] Clan Looking for Members

    CLAN RECRUITING [HOT] HOOKS ON TARGET We are a clan on the NA server looking for new members to play in clan battles with us, and help make this clan into a force that players fear and respect upon hearing our name. We are an accepting clan and we do not judge each other harshly, but instead work together to try and improve our gameplay experience. We will be playing clan battles on every available day that they are being held as long as there are enough people online. We will also be conducting training exercises to prepare us to play as a team to get aquainted with each other's play styles. We use discord as a communication platform, so if you dont already use it, you will need to download it, and create an account with the same ussrname you use in WOWS. Let me know if you are interested. My wows username is AdmiralBabylon, and i am the clan commander, if you have any questions, id be more than happy to answer them for you. Message me and let's get you on board as a member of the [HOT] Hooks On Target crew.