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  1. PactofSteel

    How many credits?

    no where near game atm.. how much would it cost to get the North Carolina, Baltimore, Cleveland and Benson in credits.. fully upgraded etc?
  2. PactofSteel


    okay, thats fine, then why not give zuiho 3 Torps planes, remove the old outdated and outclass dive bomber? or, just 1 fighter and 2 torp groups...
  3. PactofSteel


    New here, and just started playing a bit of CV play.. i noticed the Zuiho for some reason only has the D1A... you can upgrade to the A6 and the B5, but not update the Dive bombers, i actually like using dive bombers more, but noticed the D1s are kinda crap in the higher tier type matches.. what gives?