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  1. All you ever get is overpens on dd's. And that requires a hit in the first place, which isn't going to happen with them zigzagging, not being spotted by your team, and smoking once you get in range to actually land a shell. Whereas you will probably be able to land hits on bb's.
  2. Actually, throw a few more actually's in, and I actually think your actual post might actually be less actual obscurity. The rudder shifts quicker. But you're also holding the rudder at full for quite awhile to make a quarter turn, which isn't affected. The argument is that the rudder getting to full over 2 seconds sooner doesn't make the ship turn a given amount 2 seconds faster. Also the physics in this game isn't realistic, e.g. I'm finding that stopping or reversing engines while holding the rudder over makes the ship turn shorter, when on a real ship it would make the ship go straight ahead. I use SG mod because I like moving the rudder faster on battleships. That combined with stopping engines actually allows me to dodge torps if I get enough warning, which I rarely do. Actual fact.
  3. And it's way easier to do 10% do a battleship than 10% to a destroyer. Good to know, though, this will lead to MUCH better gameplay.
  4. It seems like XP is only rewarded for damage. And it's only based on damage done. This will undoubtedly lead to better gameplay. I know I won't bother with objectives or teamwork when I only get credit for damage that I do myself. Don't bother shooting at cruisers when it's easier to hit a battleship and pad your numbers...
  5. Matchmaker. Seriously.

    Twice has the questionnaire popped up after a battle, and both times I reported I was "extremely dissatisfied" with the match. The first time I think I was uptiered in the Colorado. If you are uptiered in the Colorado, you are a WWI ship in a WWII game. The second time was last night. I was in the North Carolina, (which I don't quite have half upgraded, although the MM doesn't consider that) and my division pal was in the Colorado, which was his choice so that's fine. We got put in a tier 10 game. We had approximately 0 affect on the outcome, which happened to be a smashing loss, not unexpectedly. Yeah, I was extremely dissatisfied. And it's not even how often I get uptiered vs. downtiered. Seems to be about a 5 to 1 ratio. IMHO this horrible matchmaking has got to be changed before more people quit and the game goes into a downward spiral. I'd like to have the Missiouri but I can't see giving WG a $.01 while mechanics like this are around. My winrate in my best battleship is falling like an anvil, and I can't even do anything about it.
  6. When your left on your own

    How do you be bottom tier if you play tier 10? I mean, you don't need xp because you have nothing left to spend it on, but isn't it so much more fun to be bottom tier????
  7. Emblems

    Can't tell if trolling. If you like being bottom tier so much, you be bottom tier.
  8. Emblems

    If this is the highest it gets, I'd hate to see the median. Three fourths of my games in my shiny new T8 ship are T10 games. I've quit using camouflage and flags.
  9. What's your solo WR

    Overall, 41%. With the North Carolina, 55%. The Colorado murdered my win rate. I've played a few div games, but 95% or so not div.
  10. Emblems

    It seems like it's less fun for people that sink ships, than it is annoying for people whose ships get sunk. Overall detraction, and there's little enough fun in this game as-is.
  11. Emblems

    If you hit Esc and exit to port quick enough, you don't see the emblem. Works for me.
  12. Could be the rendering bug. I've had it happen a couple times. It does seem like people with better internet connections (read: don't live in Montana) see ships better. Also there are ship upgrades to spotting and concealing. But I digress. It seems like it's his connection, or computer. On a slow connection the ships take longer to load, or if it's a video graphics issue, all the shell tracers could by tying up the gpu and interfering with the ship rendering. I do know that when I turned up the graphics settings from the default, I suddenly got epic lag spikes. Mostly noticeable when I tried to fire main batteries, slightly noticeable when aiming, super noticeable when widely missing broadside cruisers at 5 km. I wanted max draw distance, because what good is spotting a ship from 17 km if it doesn't display on my screen... Maybe try turning down some graphics qualities and see if the invisible ship problem improves. Water effects take a ton of gpu, fyi. Or turn everything to low and gradually increase the stuff you want, like ship models. idk.
  13. MM these days

    Ok, I had a thought. If I take my tier 8 battleship and div up with a tier 6 ship, will that keep me out of tier 10 games? Or would the hapless tier 6 find itself in a tier 10 game? If this works, and people are already doing it, shame on you scallywags! That's a terrible thing to do! I assume I can't queue for anything if I div up with a tier 5 ship. I've noticed before that when I div up with a ship a tier lower, he can get triple uptiered (and he was triggered and afk'd.) If there's no way to keep my barely upgraded North Carolina out of tier 10 games, at least I'm not wasting any more camo in games where I can't get points. One time I did fairly well, compared to how I usually do, but mostly I get rekt by the first tier 10 that sees a low level battleship to blap. Definitely not wasting any more camo or flags. I'll grind the Iowa the slow way. Also, after losing repeatedly in games that I can't influence in the slightest, I lose motivation to sail around and look for things to shoot. Everyone hits my battleship even if I swerve, it's always on fire, and the last 2 games I did 0 damage to tier 10 battleships in 4 salvos broadside. So yeah, terrible matching, waste of camo/flags, tempted to just exit to port and play the operation while the tier 10 guys have fun.
  14. Improve the game play meta nerf torps

    Agree, nerf torps. Battleships don't stay back because they're afraid of long range torps. They can't see any ships at all and therefore don't know that any torps are being launched. The torp spam in this game is ridiculous. And they can't be avoided if you do it right. The average DD in a 20 minute game sprays enough torps to bankrupt a medium size country. I'm in favor of limited loadouts, since at the very least a destroyer shouldn't be able to launch 5 times its weight in torps without even reloading. Unlimited ammunition is rather preposterous in this sort of game. The 8% hit ratio that everyone yaps about is from DD's spewing torps every time they finish reloading even if there's no target in sight. Once you turn the wrong way in a BB, I mean away from your objective, not the wrong way to dodge torps, do you have any idea how long it takes to turn around after that? No, you don't, because you're all window-licking DD captains frantically defending your brainless torp spam. Well let me tell you, it takes about a quarter of the battle to turn around, dodge more torps, and get going back the way you were going. NERF TORPS!!!
  15. WGing Could ya Just?

    I'm over tier 10 ships. I'm ready for tier 11 and 12.