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  1. 44_percenter

    Team Killing and Why it's needed

    Well maybe he logged off in the last hour. Not everyone spends all day Sunday on the forums. Sadly, this wall'o'flame on the forum is still more fun than actually playing the game, which is why i'm here even though I have nothing important to say, except that this game is hard to play, when I have other, fun, games already installed on my computer. The thread about how fire damage should saturate seems legit. How can you sink a ship by burning the bow off 6 times? Oh right, to the point, there is a reporting mechanic for bad team play. It's limited to 7+, so I don't get to report every bad player I see, but I report all I can. Check into it.
  2. 44_percenter


    Dead in the water. Everyone plays this game every man for himself. And every 2 bit cruiser or dd can burn a battleship down.
  3. 44_percenter


    Get Tactical Genius and Master of Strategy. Without it, your captain is dead in the water. With it, you can't lose.
  4. To be fair, there's really nothing in-game that instructs a player how to strafe or manual drop. Someone in a random finally told me how to strafe, but not the first battle I asked. Actually, I thought strafing and manual drops got removed so I wasn't even looking for how to do them. Also if you aren't watching your tb's, they will drop bow-on to the target. You think they're turning, but they didn't. And they drop as though the target were going to stop turning immediately, not keep turning. Practically impossible to hit anything but a bb with them. I haven't gotten high enough in the USN cv line to have 2 tb squads yet, so no cross drops.
  5. Welcome to tier X games. Your torps won't do much damage to them. Also they autobounce all tier 8 shells. Trying to do a point of damage will get you sunk.
  6. 44_percenter

    Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    If you want to do more damage with your tiny, tiny guns, just don't shoot at battleships. Problem solved.
  7. Reduce CV population? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo............ I just started grinding the USN cv line. Somebody in a random today told me how to strafe (after I already shot down all the enemy fighters) and I haven't tried it yet.
  8. 44_percenter

    Concealment Expert Changes

    Lopsided moronic MM begs to differ. Anything but a tier x gets double uptiered most of the time. I'm sure WG wishes they could double uptier tier 9 players too.
  9. 44_percenter

    Possible Solution to Radar

    The Missouri has radar. The Missouri is a good ship. The Missouri probably gets uptiered most of the time, but probably rarely gets double uptiered. If the Missouri ever comes back, I will get the Missouri or I will uninstall the game.
  10. 44_percenter

    Operation Dynamo Scenerio Questions

    I may not have done that one. Not too worried about it. I'll do it on the last day when everyone else has figured out what to do. I'm good at improvising battle tactics on the fly, but i don't want to fail the op 26 times while people figure it out.
  11. 44_percenter

    Got the Bizmark Last Week

    TAM works inside of 3 km, assuming your enemy is in smoke, which it will be. Also the enemy will be faster than you and stay outside 3 km. Smoke blocks line of sight, so you won't see the dd on the other side of the smoke until you get through the smoke. Having said that, your secondaries have the best chance to sink a dd since dd's can sail around faster than your main batteries can turn. I got TAM thinking it would add 20% to the distance i could spot undetected ships. Nope, only makes assured detection 3 km instead of 2 km. The spotting increase is for ships your team is spotting, which are already far outside your gun range without TAM. It's nice to have it for knife fighting dd's though. I'm not spending the credits to swap it out on all my bb's that have it.
  12. 44_percenter

    So this happened

    Yamato is great when there are a bunch of tier 8 fat slow bb's on the enemy team.
  13. 44_percenter

    Possible Solution to Radar

    what is this word you use, i don't even
  14. 44_percenter

    Weekly MM Tier 8 Rant

    Can confirm. Been trying to farm credits with the gas can. Most games have at least half tier x ships. Rarely is there no higher tier ships. I div'd with a clan mate, and game after game we were both double uptiered. Luckily the gas can earns a profit even while doing less than half its hp in damage before being deleted. We do not want to be tier 8 in a tier 6 game (sure, would be nice once in awhile). How bout a damn TIER 8 game in a TIER 8 ship?????? Sure i got an overpen on Montana earlier. How do you think that worked out for me? This is [edited]!
  15. 44_percenter

    Operation Dynamo Scenerio Questions

    If a bb can't do it, i won't be doing it. Also i don't do ops any more since i 5 starred them all a long time ago. And losing them doesn't pay much.