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  1. 44_percenter

    Un-Nerf the Super Containers

    winning? what's that? don't you mean whinging? I had forgotten about the arsenal tab. it had nothing useful for two weeks, so I stopped clicking it. only ship that doesn't get uptiered is monty, and it loses credits. gas can gains credits if I fire a salvo before being deleted, but very frustrating to be double uptered. are you trolling?
  2. 44_percenter

    Tactical Tip Tuesday.

    you lost me at 'tier 4 has compelling gameplay'
  3. 44_percenter

    Un-Nerf the Super Containers

    having said all that, I find credits are the least useless thing to be had from containers. hence I will continue to get credits (or try to get credits, I get about a third credits and two thirds useless crap from containers) from the daily containers. maybe coal, but idk what coal can even buy, I haven't looked since coal was added. and how else are you going to get 50k credits?
  4. 44_percenter

    Un-Nerf the Super Containers

    yeh well i'm secondary spec in usn bb's for lack of viable options and uh, I doubt anything could be worse. nothing I do deals real damage in this game. once a week I get a cit, and the potato comes here and complains about it. if cits weren't in the game, i'd be happy with 2 overpens per salvo. no one spots in randoms so I knife fight dd's while being broadsided by invisible red ships. i'm bout to uninstall.
  5. 44_percenter

    No CV sniping...

    fudge if I know. I think some chumps report cv's every time they see one. others report cv's that suicide (and who can blame them?) maybe some folks report cv's that don't try to snipe, or cv's that don't try to spot, or cv's that get outplayed. all I know, my cv is usually bottom tier damage and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. red bb's stay behind red cruisers, I spot red dd's but not one sinks them, smoke is godmode now go out for a beer. I play usn cv's so I don't have unlimited reserve planes so I can't fly over 2 cruisers to torp a bb, they'd not live long enough to drop a torp. having said that I think a lot of chumps report everything. so probably yes. who knows, who cares. move on ffs.
  6. 44_percenter

    CV Rework Feedback

    don't know and don't care. it looks like the independence is the last cv I will unlock. might start grinding German bb's, idk. thought it would be cool to play a cv but nah.
  7. 44_percenter

    No CV sniping...

    what question. cv's don't snipe above tier 6 because 1) it takes more than one sortie to sink a cv and 2) you will lose more than a few planes from his team's AA, if not fighters over red ships, if not over green ships, and in the time it will take you just to SPOT the red cv, if there is only one, your potato team will have lost the battle, because green ships don't know how to dodge a single torp, and red bb's can fit between your tb's torp spread. I am aware the counter to this is to manually drop torps but i'm not good enough to not miss with all. I stick to just changing the angle of the auto drop so that more than 2 torps have a chance to hit if the target sails straight. to be honest, the best strat is to keep your planes (all of them) away from the enemy Cleveland, and any ships that can equip dfaa, and hit lone red ship targets. there won't be any easy targets until late in the game, because red ships know to stay grouped to max AA, while green ships will be so spread out that your ultimate maxed fighters will lose every AA battle over them. does this answer your dumb question? no, i'm not going to even try to snipe red cv unless there is absolutely zilch else to do, that's a dd's job. a red dd always sails up and sinks me. no agreement needed, it just doesn't work. are you done yet?
  8. 44_percenter

    What is your "contribution" worth?

    and another useless non player ignored. i'm glad that other chump motivated me to find out how to ignore losers.
  9. 44_percenter

    What is your "contribution" worth?

    I had you pegged for an 'eh'. idk about contribution. I try to carry every battle until everyone else island humps. there is no contribution, do or do not do. I can tell you're a do not do'er. keep do not'ing.
  10. 44_percenter

    Un-Nerf the Super Containers

    I used to get consumables, then I realized I don't need them. I can see coal. but personally i'm short of credits, since I don't pay for premium account. took me over 6 months to farm the 21 million credits for Monty. so i'm stacking credits for my next tier 10, was grinding the usn cv line but uhhhhhh idk. anyway can always use more credits to buy ships. I got Rich unlocked but not bought. I am considering grinding kriegsmarine line bb's, idk. just would be nice to have non useless secondaries since you can only put so many points into main battery. got 14 mil credits so far. don't spend them on flags, either. and as I said, sometimes you get free xp too. once in a blue moon a supercontainer. and if it's crap, you don't feel bad, since you requested credits. like 100 Juliet Charlie flags. autocorrect is doing the caps, I can't be arsed. pleb.
  11. randoms at night are fubar. you are toast. having said that, the best way to level up captains is to get a 19 point captain in a tier 10 ship (NOT the moosushi) and play the hell out of it. I do not have any 19 point captains and am not likely to any time soon. watch out for seal clubbers which is practically everyone. pleb.
  12. 44_percenter

    No CV sniping...

    this is all a load of crap, don't read a word of it. I can't get strafing to work, so it should be removed. or somewhere there should be a description of it. horrible gameplay.
  13. 44_percenter

    Twilight battle: What's your favorite?

    I don't do any of them now. no reason to. and they sucked. also I refuse to play a dd. I did a few in the bb but they sucked. what is the reward? I never got one so idk. and idc.
  14. 44_percenter

    Un-Nerf the Super Containers

    always get credits. sometimes you get a supercontainer anyway. usually you get some credits and some free xp. when missoura comes back, i'll be almost ready.
  15. the rules re what? we have free speech in my country. if you don't, that's not my problem. if this website was based here, you'd have a first amendment lawsuit on your hands, and lose. also you don't have jurisdiction in the U.S. so idc.