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  1. If it's as easy to hit as the Iowa, I won't complain. Too easy to miss cruisers at mid to long range just from dispersion.
  2. confusion

    doblons not worth
  3. Yeah man, I last played on Sunday and it was horrible. Got in a map with 3 caps. My team let the reds have all 3 caps, and just got picked off the whole game. I was down a tier so I couldn't do too much about it. Also I'm bad. I quit and let the weekend pass.
  4. Player psychology in battles.

    Take the shots, get the xp, go on to the next match. You might even end up winning when the time limit expires. Teams that want to hide and snipe bore me.
  5. Yeah, it's the worst when you're playing tier 5, and there's a tier 4 ship in the battle. Oh, wait, tier 4 is protected last I checked.
  6. I forgot about that. worth a try.
  7. One of the Game Mechanics "I hate"

    Actually, is there any way to check if the guns are shooting at the proper range? Maybe I'll try to shoot a friendly ship (no target lock) and see if the shells go where the range indicator says they should. I seem to remember that if you try to shoot a couple km past a friendly ship, at such range that the shells are falling steeply enough to sail overhead, they tend to hit the ship anyway. More testing is needed.
  8. One of the Game Mechanics "I hate"

    That shouldn't be. Target lock shouldn't change the shell arc. It may be that you couldn't have shot the ship even if someone had been spotting it. It could be that this is a bug caused by whatever physics engine the game uses. The guns don't lock on islands, I'm pretty sure. Also it's possible that some shells hit the island because of dispersion. You are aware that even with target lock, it's possible and quite likely that your shells will fall both short of and beyond the target ship. Aiming is weird in this game, like it's not truly 3D. I guess you're not supposed to shoot ships you can't see.
  9. A reason to play scenarios again!

    Ok, I see they give a few flags for another 5 star. Still not worth. I actually entered the op last night because a couple guys in my clan were doing it. Failed.
  10. Why did they nerf Konig's sigma?

    When I started playing this game I read somewhere that ship speed affected dispersion, so I tried slowing down or stopping to shoot, and I didn't notice any difference in dispersion, so after a couple weeks, I gave up on that. Only difference was, it was extremely easy for the red team to place shots on me.
  11. Scharnhorst coming back?

    When is the Missouri coming back? I still wouldn't spend $$, but I would grind really really hard for it. They removed after I had been playing about 6 weeks. I was 700k free xp short.
  12. THANK YOU WG!!!!! Not sarcasm either

    Well I'm grinding credits so I don't want the random crap that TYL usually gives. Or the random crap that SC usually gives. I don't expect WG to cut their own throat by giving away a lot of premium ships. 1k dubs is nice I guess. However, the credits boxes also give a lot of random crap and not a lot of credits, average about half credits half garbage. Boxes in this game are kind of a tease. When I started playing, I got signals and consumables boxes. But then I realized the box of credits was more than I was getting from battles. I guess TYL still gives something even if you don't get a SC. Math and statistics are my strong point, but idk what to do with the box options. It's hard to run signals and consumables when you lose credits in a battle, besides the value of the consumables themselves.
  13. Why tell me? I don't care. Tell the OP.
  14. Blanket nerf BBs

    And also, ships that launch torpedoes should be spotted for 20 seconds out to their torpedo range, same as firing guns. Not for historical accuracy, for game balancing.
  15. Totally. Load in, no carrier on the team, afk time.