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  1. crazyferret23777

    Halsey on Georgia?

    I've tried Halsey on everything from the DM to the Montana to the Mass were he currently resides. My question is since I use a Hybrid Survival secondary build on my Georgia would he work better on her then on the Mass that is dull secondary? The MM is far better at tier 9 and I am having a blast playing her so far so I'm thinking Halsey would be perfect for her. Any opinions out there from people who use him on the Georgia? TIA
  2. crazyferret23777

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    Is it really the best thing to do on the Georgia? I feel like it is on the Mass because you are an absolute monster when top tier. Georgia see's a lot less ships that it's secondary's can pen expect on those very few occasions when it see's tier 7. What is everyone's opinion about this. I actually like Georgia's Main guns a lot and they hit like a truck unlike the Mass. TIA
  3. crazyferret23777

    Yoshino torp question

    I plan on getting the Yoshino in the next few weeks and am wondering from people who play her which torps to use? Do I go with the lol 20km one's or the 12km one's?. Most people seem to run the 20km torps that I have seen. TIA
  4. crazyferret23777

    New summer sales

    Just dropped on EU so it will be here in NA in a few hours. Looks like for around $87 you get the Alabama and 2 premium tier 8 ship containers. My question is even though I have the Alabama already I would get around k doubloons and the only 2 tier 8's on that list I don't have are the Irian and the Vanguard so are those ships worth getting? I've been interested in both for quite some time. TIA
  5. crazyferret23777

    Yoshino opinions?

    I have both the Alaska and the Kronstadt and like both of them and preform good in both as well. They are good at tanking damage especially the Kron so my question is if the Yoshino is as squishy as the Azuma and f it has to be played as a long range HE spammer with 20km lol torps? That is a lot of coal for what could just be a meme type cruiser. TIA
  6. crazyferret23777

    Strange Day

    Started the day losing 6 out of ten battles. Stopped playing for a few then got back on. Went 6 and 0 with 3 Kracken's and tons of other medals. Anyone out there have strange days like this on wows?
  7. crazyferret23777

    Thoughts on West Virginia

    I see that they have a special package price for her available n the premium shop again. My question is what are people's experience with playing have over the last 6-8 months since they introduced her? Are her 406's at tier 6 really overpowered? My main concern is that she is very slow and the MM at tier 6 is terrible. Please help me to decide if she's the money. TIA
  8. crazyferret23777

    Russian BBs...what tier is best

    All are good to great ships except the Izmail that things armor scheme means you take cits from really weird angles. Sinop is best tier for tier and is probably to OP for a tier 7 BB.
  9. crazyferret23777

    1st impression of the Georgia

    After about 20 battles here are the things I can tell you about her. Her main guns perform very well even though you only have 6 of them as long as you use the dispersion mod in the 6th slot Her secondaries are terrifying for many ships same as the MAss with great accuracy. Finally she is very fragile so you want to only use the front turrets most of the time. This ship would be very OP if she had just average armor but you take heavy damage with even the slightest broadside especially against other bb's. Overall she is unique and fun to play and is in my top 3 with JB and the Mass.
  10. crazyferret23777

    Georgia guns

    I really want to get the Georgia but the one thing I'm worried about is it only having 6 guns. Makes me have bad memories about the Gnesineau and how terrible those guns were. Can anyone put me at ease about this concern? If you slap APM2 in the sixth slot due they behave? TIA
  11. crazyferret23777

    Georgia build question?

    My Mass cpt has full secondary build except for bft I use SI instead. Would he be good for both ships? I was thinking of putting Halsey back on my Mass with this build as I get confederate a lot on it. Opinions? TIA
  12. crazyferret23777

    Georgia Question

    I have the Mass and love her. In your opinions would Georgia be a good fit for me or is it different enough from Mass that I might not like it? TIA
  13. crazyferret23777

    Georgia vs Mass

    I have the Mass and love her to death with over 600 battles in her. My question is for anyone who has the Georgia is it just an uptiered Mass with fewer guns and an engine boost or does it deliver a unique experience worth the 228k coal? From watching streamers play it it seems to be very squishy and the 6 guns really seem to be very underwhelming. Thoughts? TIA
  14. crazyferret23777

    Hindenburg range mod vs dpm mod

    Is it worth losing some dpm to get longer range in this meta on the Hindy or is the DPM mod the better choice? TIA
  15. crazyferret23777

    This is why I play wows!

    Insane bottom tier Lenin game during a cyclone This was my last game of the night in my JB. Almost set a new dmg record. The day before was some of the worst battles I've had in months