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  1. crazyferret23777

    Impressions of RN CA's

    Haven't unlocked any of them yet so I was wondering how people would rank them as effective CA's? How is the HE and AP? Do any f them have decent armor? TIA
  2. crazyferret23777

    PSA server up

    Really early for some reason
  3. crazyferret23777

    PR event calculator?

    I was wondering if there is an actual calculator that exists were you can see how far along the event you can go if you for instance add a second or 3rd doubloon booster. If the is anything like this please help me find it. TIA
  4. crazyferret23777

    PR grind question

    I am currently going to complete 30\36 and I have a question? At what phase does the PR leave the dry dock I really want to see the animation? TIA
  5. crazyferret23777

    Smolensk and regret?

    Are there people out there that got the smol and actually regret getting it be it because of how op it is or that it's play style is just so boring you stopped playing it? Personally I got it because I've found that now that i'm playing cruisers a lot my fire rng is just so horrendously bad I just wanted a ship that if I played decent in I can actual get witherer and arsonist once in a while and not have to wait weeks or even longer for my rng to give me one.
  6. crazyferret23777

    PR grind question

    I am currently projected to finish at phase 27 out of 36 according to the points screen. My question is will the price of finishing the PR instantly still be 35k at phase 27 or will it be less? If anyone knows please help me find out. TIA
  7. crazyferret23777

    Kurfurst buffed sipersion

    What are people's thoughts on the GK's new buffed dispersion? I haven't played her since the buff and would like to know if it is really noticeable or if it is more like noticeable but only in a very small way. TIA
  8. I have gotten up to the Fiji on the uk cl line and am wondering if going through tier 8-9 to get to the mino is worth the grind in the current meta. I've always passed on playing high tier UK cl's because I've heard how difficult they are to play well. What are people's opinions on how difficult they are to play and it is worth it for a still learning high tier cruiser player would enjoy them and be successful doing it. TIA
  9. crazyferret23777

    Italian cruiser line questions

    I am probably going to go down the line in the next few weeks and am wondering what are the the ships like from tier 7 to 10? I got the trento for free in a crate. Tier 10 seems to be quite strong but am not sure about what people think about tiers 7-9. If you can give me a heads up of what to expect that would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  10. Currently just completed phase 16 averaging around 444 points per minute. Might make 25 million points and make it to half way through stage 4. How about you?
  11. crazyferret23777

    Question about Smolensk

    What is the best build to put on her? Seems you can go either more dakka with less range pr more range and less dakka. Any and all opinions welcome. FYI got her 15 minutes ago, lol.
  12. crazyferret23777

    Ok let’s see those mega crates results

    20 big crates siroco hill Friesland
  13. crazyferret23777

    Bayard best premium tier 8 CL

    Just had this great game yesterday last game of the night. Love this cruiser!
  14. crazyferret23777

    Ships you love playing ATM

    For me it's the Lenin and the bayard. I find that the Lenin holds it's own great even bottom tier and the Bayard is just a blast to play even when you get blapped ever once in awhile. How about your choices ATM?
  15. Just bought the Scharn one. love the fact it comes with both a cool patch and a special flag. Which Black suit capts are your favorite?