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  1. I don't rally play dd's but is the dd meta as bad as I hear other people in forums say it is? Is this a case of people just having to adjust then it's not to bad or is it really a nightmare to play them at this time? Also, what tier 8 DD is considered the strongest at the moment? I've heard the cossack is a monster top tier!
  2. Currently using range mod on Moskva when playing randoms instead of reload mod. Does anyone else do this in randoms or do you go with the reload mod? What are the arguments for each one being the best in randoms and should I try reload mod and see how it feels? TIA
  3. Just got around to playing my first few games in both ships and I already have a Kraken in the PE. As top tier these ships are very good but my question is since most of the time your playing as mid to bottom tier what should be the strategies on playing both ships in these situations? Atago torps are extremely effective so spamming them seems to be very effective in all tiers. TIA
  4. crazyferret23777

    Azuma vs Alaska

    Just wondering if people are going to spend there free xp on the Azuma if it happens to come out before Alaska? Especially if there is still no definitive word on when the Alaska is coming out. For me the Azuma seems way to squishy for something that is as large and cumbersome as a BB Thoughts?
  5. crazyferret23777

    Fun with Buffed Kii torps

    In the same game I blind fired torps into A cap on 2 occasions and scored a 10k hit on a shima and a 16k hit on a fletcher. They were probably confused as to were the heck those torps came from, lol. This must become some kind of new meme!
  6. crazyferret23777

    JB is a monster!

    This ship is like a gift from the WOWS gods.
  7. crazyferret23777

    JB still worth it?

    The JB is not only one of the best BB's in the entire game but it's also the most fun to play imho. I have over 100 games in her and she is my highest dmg ship by a large chunk. I also have a near 60% win rate with her [edited]well. :)
  8. I have looked up other people's builds and there seems to be a wide range on which of the 3 people go for. Out of DCM2, Propulsion 2 and SGM2 which would be the best one to use on Moskva? TIA
  9. crazyferret23777

    Moskva AP vs HE

    Just wondering if using HE regularly on the Moskva is something that you can do? I have the Kron and use it's crazy AP about 80% of the time. Is a 50/50 ammo ratio something that can be effective in a Moskva or should I still use mostly AP. Want to get the most out of this ship. TIA
  10. crazyferret23777

    Just got the Moskva!

    Looking forward to playing her later today. Can I get some opinions on the best capt build and modules to use to get the most out of her? I've read she plays more stationary then most cruisers because she has a large 50 mm plate that covers most of her front deck. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  11. crazyferret23777

    Thoughts on Kronstadt

    Since she's leaving probably for good in 3 days I would like to share some of my thoughts. If you have enough xp to get her but want the Alaska as well remember she's going away for good and the Alaska will be around for awhile. If you can get over her bad dispersion you can really have some fun in her. It's a great ship to play when your looking for crazy firepower from a CA. Just my 2 cents.
  12. crazyferret23777

    Moskva vs De Moines

    I bought the Kron a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it. My question is if i am enjoying the Kron is the Moskva worth getting next? I consider the De Moines the best t10 CA so I was thinking of getting that one as well. Can any give me some idea of how each on plays and how tankey or not tankey they are? TIA
  13. crazyferret23777

    Kii interesting after buff?

    Bought a Kii back in the summer and I hardly ever play it because the guns are so inaccurate. With the new buffs especially the 10 km lol torps I was thinking maybe she might be a fun meme ship to play. What are your opinions? TIA
  14. crazyferret23777

    Most OP ships

    What would people say are the most OP ships are for all 4 lines? My picks for DD's would be the kit and grimmy. GC and Nikolia for BB's. Kaga and GZ for cv's and Belfast and Stalingrad for Cruisers. Kutuzov would also be an honorable mention.
  15. After getting a Nikolia in a santa crate I decided to look at exactly which ships you can win in the santa crates. After reading the list I realized I had all the ships except 4. I spent another 48 for 20 more crated and ended up with Grimy, Atago, Belfast and with the last crate the Missouri. I think my first Santa crate session has been a success. :)