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  1. crazyferret23777

    Petro question

    Range or reload? TIA
  2. crazyferret23777

    Game not launching on steam

    I did something were steam is not linked to my account and when I try to play it tells me that my username is not available and it gives me different name option. Any idea what I should do? Opinions?
  3. crazyferret23777

    Just got this in a SC

    AS it happens I don't play cv, lol
  4. crazyferret23777

    Just got this in a SC

    just grinding resource containers and my first one of the day gave me this. Never happened before in 2 1/2 years of playing.
  5. crazyferret23777

    Nevsky and IFHE

    Since it doesn't have improved ap pen angles is it worth running but IFHE and DE? TIA
  6. crazyferret23777

    Best cpt for Riga?

    I have Kuznetzov and am running your typical BB build. Since the Riga is an AP oriented CA and DE and IFHE are not needed could he work on Riga and eventually Petro? Does anyone run a standard CA build on her with DE JOAT's. Opinions welcome. TIA
  7. crazyferret23777

    Cant get into game has patch started now

    The patch is just to change some things on Odin. 2 hrs seems way to long for something that easy!
  8. crazyferret23777

    Zao UU Question

    Since I have double research points available currently and the Zao UU is less then 20k is it worth resetting one line using all fxp to get it? The actually mission to get it I'm only 1/4 the way through it. TIA
  9. crazyferret23777

    Best build for Riga?

    Just wanted opinions on what capt skills to use on her. TIA
  10. crazyferret23777

    Soviet random bundle results

    Usually I don''t do random bundles but I bought $50 worth pf doubloons and got around 1200 tokens including the 700 bundle on my last bundle at number 25 out of 100. Was this good rng on these randoms? Now that I have enough for the riga how is she compared to the tallion and other tier 9 CA's? TIA
  11. crazyferret23777

    Donski vs chappy

    Tier for tier which ship is better? Would really like to know everyone's opinions on this. Would like to share my Bagration capt on one of the 2 but am not sure which one. TIA
  12. crazyferret23777

    Help please

    Does anyone know were to find detailed information about Ap shell penetration charts compared from one ship to another? Flamu uses it all the time but I can never seem to find the actual site. TIA
  13. crazyferret23777

    Question about resetting lines

    How much free xp would I need to get the Ohio? I think you have to reset a line 5 times to get the 50k points you would need to get it. If anyone has a estimate that would help a lot. TIA
  14. crazyferret23777

    Kobayashi Camos Question

    Yammy kobay camp is the same as any other permo tier 10 camo. Kob KII or Roma camos generate more credits then even tier premium tier 9's. Only thing that makes more then them is the Missouri.