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  1. I grinded the tier 6 and found it to be surprisingly fun. How are the tier 7 and above? I should be able to get the tier 7 today. TIA
  2. crazyferret23777

    Thoughts on Shikishima?

    Only steel ship i might be interested in as i have stalingrad, burger and incomparable. Austin looked interesting at first but looking at the numbers it seems to be very mediocre when it has RB on cooldown which is most of the time. TIA
  3. crazyferret23777

    the final 2

    I've narrowed my next steel ship to either the shika or the austin. Which one would be more meta at this time? Having fun is also important but i've heard Austin is very mixed in people's opinions. Shika seems a safer pick but maybe not very exciting. TIA
  4. crazyferret23777

    Thoughts on Austin?

    I see that the -25% coupon resets in 5 weeks and am wondering if the Austin is worth getting? I've heard so many different opinions on it that i really need help on deciding if i'm going to spend 22k steel on it. None of the other steel ships in the armory atm interest me. Any and all opinions are welcome. TIA
  5. crazyferret23777

    Venezia UU

    For those that have gotten it already would you recommend it? 20k RP is alot for me. TIA
  6. crazyferret23777

    Please help!

    For the last couple of days i have not been able to select any other battle mode other then random. I click on it and it makes a noise but i will not give me the screen were i can choose another battle type. Could this be a mod thing since i recently installed aslain's? I really want to use brawl and coop so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx
  7. crazyferret23777

    My new dmg record!

    old Record was 282k in the Kremlin around August 2019.
  8. crazyferret23777

    Impressions of pan american cl's

    you can use FXP so for 1.5 million you can get the tier 7
  9. Just got the tier 7 and it seems really strong. The combat instructions makes the heal cooldown time hilariously fast.
  10. crazyferret23777

    Question about 2 missions

    What is the best way to get the 15 captured, defended ribbons? How about the 150k on your spotting one? I don't play dd's or cv's but have many in my port anyway FYI. Thx
  11. crazyferret23777

    New credit personal record

    I was using the 320 credit booster and along with having another 40% boost from the ship itself meaning it was really 360% credit booster
  12. crazyferret23777

    New credit personal record

    How many people here have broken 3 million credits in one game?
  13. crazyferret23777

    demounting mods question

    I have demounted multiple engine boost mods and for whatever reason i can't find them or put them on another ship. Can anyone help me with this? It says it should be in the inventory but it's not. TIA
  14. crazyferret23777

    question about Schroder

    Is a secondary build viable on it or should i just go tank build? TIA
  15. crazyferret23777

    Renown 44

    Is the grind for it worth the time? TIA