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  1. Gunga_Dinner

    At the risk of provoking envy...

    Oh, I agree that there are worse things in this game and world than the Aigle, but it is still bad. It is all like choosing between a punch to the nose, paper cuts between your fingers, or a kick to the groin. You don't really want any of them and they aren't exactly shared with those you like.
  2. Gunga_Dinner

    At the risk of provoking envy...

    It is not a good one either.
  3. Gunga_Dinner

    At the risk of provoking envy...

    I don't know if I should congratulate you or commiserate with you. I mean on the one hand, you won something, YAY. On the other hand, it is an Aigle. WG must surely dislike you, perhaps even verging on hating you, to saddle you with the Aigle. Maybe if you apologized they'd take it back and give you a good ship? At least RNGesus is on your side! Congratulations and i hope you get many more.
  4. Gunga_Dinner

    Asashio, what Shimakaze should be, or was?

    I enjoy all the Tier VIII IJN premium DDs I have. I enjoy the Asashio so much I have two of them, and in the right battle, she can sow salt with the best of them. It is a very solid ship if you have the temperment and discipline for it and it is more than a torp boat. I have roughly the same number of gun kills to torp kills. Then again, I like Le Terrible too.
  5. Gunga_Dinner

    I'm better than you

    In the spirit of the thread title... Now you can sell them all and start over, FUN TIMES!!!!!!!!
  6. Gunga_Dinner

    The Massachusetts is a Tier X Monster!

    Especially when there are no Tier X BBs for it to battle. Nice battle and well done!
  7. Gunga_Dinner

    WG, Please fix the rudder lock issue!

    In Soviet Russia, you do not fix rudder, rudder fix you!
  8. Gunga_Dinner

    I do not want to say weekend, but...

  9. Gunga_Dinner

    Okay..explain this to me

    Like Col Potter says. Turret rotation may have something to do with it. Catch an IJN DD with his turrets facing the wrong way and it is going to be a month of Sundays before he can even attempt to shoot back. In this situation, it isn't uncommon to get melted before you can even return fire if you're so inclined. Given your DDs speed, you may have ambushed them from an unexpected direction and they were helpless. Even when the barrels finally point the correct direction, they struggle to keep up with violent ship maneuvering. Even with those limitations though, the guns on the torp IJN DDs can be very effective if the Captain has the moxy to pull the trigger. I have roughly the same number of gun kills as torp kills in several IJN DDs. They can also kite effectively in the right situations. The inclination to shoot torps first and guns second isn't limited to IJN DDs. It happens all too often with all DDs.
  10. Gunga_Dinner

    The Third Happy Time 2020

    WWII sub movie with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. Movie is a hoot, the sub ends up painted pink at one point and the truck thing is hilarious. Right up there with "Father Goose" for Cary Grant WWII movies.
  11. Gunga_Dinner

    The Third Happy Time 2020

    I'd have to put "Operation Petticoat" ahead of "Down Periscope" for submarine movies. They torpedoed a truck for goodness sake!
  12. Gunga_Dinner

    Micro teams

    @OneSaltyWench You may be in luck! From what I've seen on the PTS this go round, random battles are getting fleshed out with bots. At least at Tier VI. No idea if this is supposed to happen on the live server as well or not. If it does, no more micro battles and you can start complaining about the bots!
  13. Gunga_Dinner

    How detectable are the Hatsuharu torps?

    You could also be inadvertently advertising when you launch your torpedoes if you normally use/stay in your gun sites and only switch to fire torpedoes. Stay in your torpedo sights and you don't toggle their priority target numbers.
  14. Gunga_Dinner

    QoL changes I'd like to see

    I'd like to see them bring back the gun bloom detection increase dropping as soon as LOS is broken with all red ships instead of the 20 seconds or whatever it is now. That was nice.
  15. Gunga_Dinner

    Rudder and Engine

    Are you using the PM Captain skill? I never leave home without it. @Shadowrigger1