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  1. Gunga_Dinner

    PSA - Use Your Ship Coupon!

    That was how I got the Musashi.
  2. Gunga_Dinner

    Chance or Coincidence?

    It is detailed in the patent Wargaming has for MM and has been cited numerous times in these threads.
  3. Gunga_Dinner

    Chance or Coincidence?

    What are you expecting WG to admit? They already say MM attempts to keep your win rate about 50% and assigns teams to achieve that. If your above 50%, chances are that MM has placed you with teammates that have a lowwer win rate. If you're under 50%, your more likely to be placed on a team that will help raise your average.
  4. Gunga_Dinner

    My Soviet cruiser grind

    Blapped is indeed blapped, but I would much rather have a Tier VIII BB shooting at my Chapayev then a Tier X BB. For starters most Tier VIII BBs aren't as accurate as Tier X BBs nor is their grouping usually as tight. Secondly, I have much more success damaging a Tier VIII BB than I do a Tier X BB with my Chapayev. I really dislike not being able to fight back. The same is true of the Chapayev's AA. It does well against Tier VIII planes, but even with an AA build it is overwhelemd by Tier X planes or that has been my experience.
  5. Gunga_Dinner

    My Soviet cruiser grind

    I couldn't decide if IFHE or the Fire Starting captain skill was better. IFHE obviously hit harder, but starting 15+ fires a battle really racked up the damage as well. Shooting at DDs and in pitched battles, I wanted the IFHE. Lobbing shells at cruisers and BBs, I wanted the fire starter skill. I still don't know which I prefer overall.
  6. Gunga_Dinner

    My Soviet cruiser grind

    Over all the Shchors was my favorite followed by the Chapayev. As for the Donskoi, I had some great battles in it, but it felt very fragile. I thought that the map and spawn position were everything for this ship having a good or bad battle. I am at work and don't have all the numbers with me, but it was around 50 battles in each ship. I'll look when I get home.
  7. Gunga_Dinner

    My Soviet cruiser grind

    What did I learn from all this? I suppose the first thing I learned was to stick to the odd number tiers if you don't want to spend half your battles as bottom tier. Matchmaker is still brutal to tiers VI and VIII. The second thing I learned is that I am still terrible in a cruiser. I don't have the patience for it and am too aggressive. Thridly, I learned that good teammates and team work is the most overpowered thing in this game. My favorite ship of the line was probably the Shchors.
  8. Gunga_Dinner

    My Soviet cruiser grind

    Just ground my way up to the Moskva and thought I would keep track of how my battles went along the way. I started at Tier I and started tracking the battles at Tier VI. We upgraded clients from 7.10 to 7.11 along the way, which as we all know brought about changes to MM. I have noted which stats are from 7.10 and which are 7.11. This was my experience and is similar to the experiences I've had in other ships and grinding other tech tree lines. For what it is worth: Tier VI - Budyonny (Ver 7.10) Top Tier - 26% Mid Tier - 14% Bottom Tier - 60% Tier VII - Shchors (Ver 7.10) Top Tier - 50% Mid Tier - 29% Bottom Tier - 21% Tier VII - Shchors (Ver 7.11) Top Tier - 40% Mid Tier - 50% Bottom Tier - 10% Tier VIII - Chapayev (Ver 7.11) Top Tier - 39% Mid Tier - 13% Bottom Tier - 48% Tier IX - Dmitri Donskoi (Ver 7.11) Top Tier - 44% Mid Tier - 54% Bottom Tier - 2% Tiers VI and VIII were difficult slogs being bottom tier in ~half my battles and Tiers VII and IX were much less aggravating. I am at the beginning of my grind for the Unique Upgrade for the Moskva and don't know if I can face it. On the upside, I did get my commander to 19 points during this adventure and the commander xp earned during the upgrade grind will all go to help another commander reach 19 points. Have a great day and thank you for reading.
  9. Huzzah!!!!!!! I have my Turkey Flag. Thank you WG and Community.
  10. Gunga_Dinner

    DD driver ... best use of smoke?

    I find that I use smoke less and less the longer I play in a DD. When I play a DD, I generally play in an IJN DD. My main goals are to spot and try to get behind the red team and cap latter in the battle. When I do use smoke it is mostly to help mask a Cruiser or BB that has followed me and needs a moment to break contact as they get hammered. I stay out of the smoke to keep the red team spotted and to avoid the torps that will invariably be headed into the smoke soon if there are red team DDs or IJN/RN cruisers around. I will use also use smoke as a lure or decoy to draw hunting cruisers and DDs towards so I can get a nice shot at their broadside instead of shooting torps bow on OR get a salvo off on a BB that is focused somewhere else. This seems especially effective when driving a Fubuki or Asashio. What I find sardonic, and always makes me laugh, is when a DD smokes up and then sits there asking, nay demanding, that the BBs spot for them. I can appreciate the tactic in the right situation, but it is very situational and when you time it poorly, you've basically taken yourself out of the battle and wasted a smoke. All that said, I almost always send at least one launcher of torps into any smoke clouds I see. You can't get lucky if you don't have fish in the water.
  11. I haven't gotten mine yet and will be sending a PM. Why does this always happen to me?????
  12. Gunga_Dinner

    Cyclone or Storm Poll

    I enjoy both, even if I haven't seen a snow storm in days.
  13. Gunga_Dinner

    BBs are Useless Now

    History would agree with the OP. It is why you don't see many on the high seas anymore.
  14. Gunga_Dinner

    WOWS Destroyers are OBNOXIOUSLY overpowered

    Everytime I read one of your posts I want to run to my port and polish my DDs. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The salt grows heavy...
  15. Nope, I havent received mine yet, but it isn't Pearl Harbor Day yet so I don't really expect it yet either.