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  1. Gunga_Dinner

    To Many Duplicates

    This was me when I first joined a year ago. I had no idea you could exchange duplicates for items. I had incomplete Bismarck and Yamamoto collections for months.
  2. Gunga_Dinner

    The automated team damage system. I went pink?

    You shot him. That isn't a system fail. Frustrating? Definitely. Fair? Most definitely.
  3. Gunga_Dinner

    The automated team damage system. I went pink?

    DDs own their torps, you own your shells.
  4. You can always get in a CV amd pretend that your squadrons are really just flying DDs.
  5. Gunga_Dinner

    Thank you WG for solving my 1st World problem!

    Yeah, you gotta watch that button line!!! You'll be left exposed if you don't and nobody wants to see that, financial or otherwise!!! Typonese FTW!!!!
  6. Gunga_Dinner

    Million credit club: Cossack

    Well done Captain! Nice battle and the Cossack is a peach of a DD.
  7. Gunga_Dinner

    Thank you WG for solving my 1st World problem!

    They are here for you and always put the needs of the players first!!
  8. The Buffalo girls are, that is for sure! They go round the outside, round the outside!
  9. Gunga_Dinner

    WG's Match Maker fair?

    I am sure that you're a very rank player.
  10. Gunga_Dinner

    WG's Match Maker fair?

    @Kestrel_Falcon To answer your original question: Yes, Wargaming's Match maker is fair because it treats everyone the same.
  11. Gunga_Dinner

    The real truth about your blowout losses

    That is indeed the trick. Like knowing when that moment comes in the battle to be aggressive and PUSH is. Push too early and you die. Push too late and, well lol, it is too late. Paying attention to the map and seeing that you need to change your tactics/strategy or it is the opportune moment (in the famous words of Captain Jack Sparrow) are the real test of skill in this game.
  12. Gunga_Dinner

    WG's Match Maker fair?

    Win rate is such a meaningless number, especially the overall win rate, it should be done away with entirely. The final scoreboard is almost as equally meaningless to an individual's team contribution in a battle. Yes, the numbers are there and they represent you're individual efforts, but neither represents how well you play as part of a fleet and that is what wins battles. Teamwork makes the dream work. I know there are many times that I've done well as an individual in a battle, but didn't really do much for the team for various reasons(usually me not paying attention to what is going on). I can only recount a handful of times that I was actually able to carry a team based on me doing my own thing. I've come to learn that I'd rather play well as a teammate and end up in the middle of the scoreboard than lose and be tops.
  13. Gunga_Dinner

    The real truth about your blowout losses

    The text may be in english, but the voice over that goes with it can be in many languages. Even the written portion of the ingame messages could be in at least English, Spanish or Portuguese on their screen. A high final team position doesn't always mean you played the best you could've for the team. The way Wargaming decides on XP, I feel, encourages more individual play than team play. It frustrates me, but I also benefit from it at times. If you and you're teammate both decide to act on your own individual strategies instead of a single group strategy, then you're all equally stubborn. Them not doing what you want is not different to you not doing what they want, but this is a whole other topic.
  14. The Rising Sun flag is as much a no go as the Nazi flag, wargaming has already stated this. @___V_E_N_O_M___
  15. Gunga_Dinner

    Why no special Japanese commander?

    True, but the OP was concerned that every 'nation' but the IJN had two commanders in the arsenal for sale. There are also only a single British and a single French commander for sale. I am sure more will be available in the future and from differing lines of ships, especially the more prolific a line becomes.