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  1. Gunga_Dinner

    Public Test of Update 0.9.2: Round 1

    Yeah, from the PTS announcement: If you want to join the Public Test for the first time, register your account on the Public Test portal, install the Wargaming.net Game Center (WGC) and the test game client. You can also log in using your Steam or Microsoft Store accounts and create an account for the Public Test. Seems I won't be doing PTS anymore. Shame, that is where I went to experiment and the play style was always different, much more diverse player base it seemed.
  2. Gunga_Dinner

    Public Test of Update 0.9.2: Round 1

    I recently changed computers and I don't have the previous PTS client anymore. I need to re-download it and it appears you can't do that anymore without installing the WGC. Also, someone above said something along the lines that the Update button on the PTS client doesn't work/exist anymore when you try to login with an old client.
  3. Gunga_Dinner

    Public Test of Update 0.9.2: Round 1

    I would gladly participate if it didn't require the installation of the WGC. Shame. I always enjoyed the public test server games.
  4. I received the Missouri and the Belfast from Christmas crates.
  5. Gunga_Dinner


    All my steel has come through snowflakes and one season of ranked.
  6. Gunga_Dinner


    I just faced this choice and ended up going with the Black. My reasoning was mostly that using the coupon for the Black saved more steel and seemed a better use of the coupon.
  7. Gunga_Dinner

    Let me hear your guns...

    Out driving the Asashio, spotting, torping, dodging planes, chasing BBs, and making a nuisance of myself when something unusual happened. Had a match, 3 kills, but below average damage: An average match I would say. Yes, I do use my guns as you can see. What was unusual about this match though is that all three kills were gun kills and all three were DDs. As you can see I survived the battle even after three gun fights. THAT doesn't happen everyday. It made me think of this scene from 1941: Smooth sailing Captains!
  8. Gunga_Dinner

    LOL at the T9 Russian BB

    Its cause the Captain and crew are usually drinking vodka and need the help from WG.
  9. Gunga_Dinner

    Moskva or Hindenburg?

    I would take the Hindy over the Moskova if you want to get in close.
  10. Gunga_Dinner

    buying upgrades

    That is up to you and what you want/need. I can't make up my mind what to do half the time and that is why I have 450k coal.
  11. Gunga_Dinner

    buying upgrades

    You should get coupons every so often and if you use them it makes it much cheaper. Over time you will aquire all the mods you need.
  12. Gunga_Dinner

    buying upgrades

    If you use the coupon to buy them each time a coupon comes out, the upgrades arent that expensive amd can be handy. The speed boost one lets you speed boost for half the battle on some ships.
  13. Gunga_Dinner

    buying upgrades

    The hydro mod will only go on certain ships. You can demount and remount it like any other mod. It will cost you to demount it and remount it, I dont recall the exact costs in dubloons and silver. Once you buy the mod it is yours and will be available even if it isn't mounted on anything. If you purchase the mod and you don't see it available to mount (the mod slot it goes in will have a green plus sign), it probably means you can't mount it on the ship. If you have two ships with hydro and want the upgrade on both at the same time, you need to purchase two upgrades. Here is the wiki entry in the upgrades: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Upgrades#Hydroacoustic_Search_Modification.C2.A01
  14. Gunga_Dinner

    buying upgrades

    The mods can only be on a single ship at a time. 1 mod, 1 ship. You can demount it and move it to another ship, but they can only be on one ship at a time. If you want the mod on tjree ships at the same time, you have to buy three mods. Also, pay close attention to the descriptions. Each mod will only go on specific ships. Like the smoke mod WILL NOT work on the Italian cruisers.
  15. Gunga_Dinner

    Help With Montana In Randoms

    Patience is the key to the Montana. Finding a place, a way, to keep your bow pointed at the enemy and be ready to exploit opportunities is what I try to focus on, always watching for BBs and cruisers showing broadside and focused on something else.