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  1. All the co op battles are lasting longer. The players were begging and demanding. You got what you wanted.
  2. Gunga_Dinner

    First Ranked Battle - Frames it nicely - It's a joke.

    That isn't what the OP said though. The OP wants to restrict ranked behind an undefined skill gate. Apparently he doesn't think other players are good enough to play with him if they don't have lots and lots of battles. That is elitist. Everyone wants to win and wants teams that will carry them to victory. Perhaps if the OP was actually as skilled as he implies he would be able to carry teams instead of needing to apparently be carried.
  3. Gunga_Dinner

    First Ranked Battle - Frames it nicely - It's a joke.

    It is a free to play game for all. Ranked is a grind, not a competition.
  4. Gunga_Dinner

    Take your 100 points back

    I don't agree, but to each their own. What you wrote gives me the impression that you want random battles but on easy mode. Just my impression and I figure you'll say otherwise. If you want to work harder for less rewards who am I to stop you? That isn't why I come to co op, but more power to you. I don't want a yolo fest either. My previous experiences with co op was that it used to be an efficient, fast paced way to garner victories and other rewards. Get in, kill, and get out. Now it is as slow as randoms for fewer rewards. It is okay to disagree and goodness knows this game isn't here to cater to me, i know that. I appreciate your opinion, but co op is just tedious to me now. Best of luck! EDIT: When you say we, who else are you speaking for?
  5. Gunga_Dinner

    Wargamming Needs to Fix BB Over Pens

    That is how AP works. It is doing what it is supposed to do.
  6. Gunga_Dinner

    Take your 100 points back

    I am happy for those enjoying the new co op. I don't enjoy working harder for less, but that is just me. I find co op a much worse experience. The value in co op was getting in and out of battle quickly to maximize the rewards over time. If done well you could approximate the rewards from Randoms. Now, you have random length battles with co op rewards. With the new points, one or two players benefit minimally and the rest of the team loses. It feels like we've cut off our noses to spite our taves.
  7. Gunga_Dinner

    How do you report an entire team?

    Oh, and currently you can report an entire team (less yourself) once per day. I assume you don't want to report yourself even though you said the entire team.
  8. Gunga_Dinner

    Fighting against a CV CAN actually be fun

    Dental surgery can be fun too if you're given lots of drugs. I still don't see people lining up for it though.
  9. Gunga_Dinner

    How do you report an entire team?

    If they had time to turn and you saw them turning, why didn't you turn as well? EDIT: Oh, did your team win or lose the battle?
  10. Gunga_Dinner

    Take your 100 points back

    Please. I recently played a week's worth of Tier X randoms. Too many battles are dragging on and on while one or two players try to kill that last ship or.two. Anymore a third of our time in battle is un-productive for the majority of the team. Their time would be better spent in queue for another battle. Especially when bots are chasing bots around with the red fleet having less than 100 points. Take those 100 points back and return a semblance efficiency to co op battles. Please. EDIT: For the boring votes, I couldn't agree more. The added 100 points give co op battles a boring, fruitless, tedious end game. At least at Tier X.
  11. Gunga_Dinner

    can a mod delete this plz

    And DDs can give a false sense of security with their low health. They probably aren't spotted yet!
  12. Gunga_Dinner


    But you still haven't defined what exactly constitutes a steam roll in all instances. Without a very specific definition you cannot measure how often they happen or take a stab at predicitng when they will happen. Is a steam roll a battle where one side loses all DDs before the other? A battle that lasts less than 8 minutes? A 3 to 1 ratio of losing ships? Perhaps the team that doesn't contest caps in the first five minutes? To me a steam roll is a battle that ends in less than five minutes. Anything else is being out played for various and sundry reasons like RNGesus, salt, lack of any semblance of team work, etc.
  13. Gunga_Dinner

    Where Do You Stand?

    On the floor or ground generally. Sometimes even the beach.
  14. Gunga_Dinner

    can a mod delete this plz

    Always seemed to me that the bots generally focus fire the lowest HP ship within range. I try to not be that ship.