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  1. francesabyss

    Is HMS Hood worth it?

    Hood is amazing fun but hood ammo specially ap is complete garbage.
  2. francesabyss

    Gimme some low tier love

    Buy a better premium boat and stop being tight maybe?
  3. francesabyss

    What is your "Dream Boat"?

    I would like the hood but with ammo not made from blueberries.
  4. Which is the very very worst ship either freeloader or premium? in the entire game?
  5. francesabyss

    WG has a premium opportunity (USBB)

    Kinda wounded really :( .
  6. francesabyss


  7. francesabyss


    Have you tried the southern dragon captain in your mikasa?
  8. francesabyss

    Gascoigne any fun?

    Thanks bud maybe i got the ship name wrong will take a look later on.
  9. francesabyss


    Well as long as you are happy and having fun thats awesome :D .
  10. francesabyss

    Gascoigne any fun?

    Is the gascoigne any fun?
  11. francesabyss


    As long as your happy then thats very cool indeed :D .
  12. francesabyss


    Might buy a new ship cheer myself up whats the gascoigne like?
  13. francesabyss

    POLL - Deal Or No Deal - Kobayashi Combo Pack

    I would spend my cash on bacon and some mega fresh bread rolls and brown sauce from wegmans english import isle. I have the roma its awful just like a worse hood.
  14. francesabyss


    Do you have fun on maps from the stone age? all the he spam and fires? Radar that can spot you from pluto? Are you having fun?
  15. francesabyss


    What actually are we doing in the modern game. Maps are the same seem very stale. Pushing HE i hate he. Radar.............. What actually is the fun in wows now? Do we have fun or is it all an illusion and we play to pretend to have fun? Unsure?