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  1. Yeah, because they suck. You know how easy it is to avoid aircraft torpedoes? I see the planes from miles away, they are really slow, the spread it way to much. Even if you can get a quarter of a turn, just getting hit twice is not that bad. Basically two air craft carriers find it impossible to take out 1 cruiser. It doesn't matter. The planes suck, they are so slow its just too easy to avoid them. On top of that you have the enemy fighters, which makes it impossible to go anywhere because once you loose your fighters, the enemies fighters take out your planes. Simply nothing you can do. Just get a cruiser with some torpedoes and have a lot more fun than spending minutes trying to get your slow planes across the map to attack slow moving objects with a 20% hit rate I'm done with 'wait until this tier' whenever i bring up a issue. The game should be relatively fun, not farming most of the time because that part of the game sucks. I'm deleting this game. Its just wasted my time. That is on top of playing with 5 year old's who just say "your not the boss of me" every time i try to coordinate a attack. Or the battleships that think camping at the start and sniping is worth it. I also love the 20 - 30 second shell reload times on battleships. That is not fun at all. This is the only game where its either playing with children or their grandpa's.
  2. Why will my planes just not fly for some reason? They usually work, but now when i'm on map and i go to click and send them somewhere, they just don't move or just calls attention to that square. Some side issues: The planes suck in general, too slow, not enough extra. "Let me just circle around this ship a couple times before dropping torpedoes, so they turn and avoid the attack." - every plane The bombers constantly miss, its just terrible. 6 of you and only 1 hit? Can i swap them out for fighters? same with torpedoes. You are talking about a battleship going 10 KPH and you cant even change the spread of your attack? How do you reload planes in the first place? Why is it when i loose my fighters, i have only 2 in reserve? I have seen people with my same exact ship and level have two sets of 6 fighters.
  3. Repairing ships

    How about the crew fixes it as soon as it can? To prevent abuse, maybe add a 20 seconds time to repair, but, as you guys said, this is because its 'just a arcade game'
  4. Repairing ships

    You cant learn how to repair ships faster, this is common sense, why are you all so foolish? You haven't even read my side of the argument. 163 battles is enough to know how repairing works, and being set on fire, or haveing a jammed rudder just after you got a bad hit and already used your repair will screw you over. @iDuckman
  5. Repairing ships

    When did i say that? Lying and exaggerating makes you look like a jerk. All i said was that i want my crew to be constantly be working to repair things, since that is logic.
  6. Repairing ships

    It isn't balance its stupid. You cant repair my ship as quickly as possible? Giving someone the ability to put your ship on fire for a entire minute+ is unbalanced. That is called war. Its going to be unbalanced. Giving a small cruiser the ability to set a large ship on fire for a minute to have them a advantage isn't very realistic. Don't try to attack a battleship and you won't get screwed.
  7. Repairing ships

    ?? that is only flooding, and waiting a entire 1 minute for them even to attempt to fix it is just annoying. That is something they should just do. As a sailor, you would be trained t repair your ship as quickly as possible. Yet this game is entirely unrealistic also as you said. What contributes to that is having your crew not able to put out a fire for no reason what so ever. Infinite ammo is a okay and here is why: No one who is playing actually knows how to operate a ship and battle, so they need a lot of ammo. A battle like these would be entirely different if they were real. No way you suddenly see a ship 20 kilometers away, because of how big the sea is. You would've long known before the battle actually happened that they are coming. WIth that big of a fleet they will have some way of knowing what is ahead of them for a big enough distance.
  8. Repairing ships

    Its using it as a excuse not to put out a fire/ fix my rudder for a entire 40 seconds that is annoying. Give me free ships because its just a arcade game.
  9. Repairing ships

    I shouldn't even have to repair my shops manually just like reloading. Its something the crew does >.>
  10. Repairing ships

    If you are going to mark my post as bad with no reasonable explanation, please leave.
  11. Repairing ships

    But it isn't balanced having my ship being on fire and none of the crew can put it out.
  12. Repairing ships

    Yes i think that is cool, Unless your ship is at the bottom of the ocean because of a torpedo
  13. Repairing ships

    No it is. These ships are like unarmored tanks. It takes very little to sink them despite them being so powerful. Battles are only 10 minutes max as far as i know
  14. Repairing ships

    Is it realistic to repair a rudder in 10 seconds and then have a 1 minute and 30 second break. All the people on the ship and i can't have multiple repair parties, or have them repair things back to back. Great your on fire, guess you have to burn for another 40 seconds because... nothing. SO what am i paying you for? To sit around? I wouldn't mind a anti-abuse cool down, but a 13x repair time cooldown for something major is annoying. Ships are very delicate, so why a massive cool down?
  15. Repairing ships

    Is it realistic to repair a rudder in 10 seconds and then have a 1 minute and 30 second break. All the people on the ship and i can't have multiple repair parties, or have them repair things ba