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  1. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Small analysis of low tier CVs

    as a DD player i am simply helpless against a CV rocket attack. My only hope is that the CV player misses. Otherwise o am dead after the fourth attack run.
  2. KaLeuWillenbrock

    CV Rework Feedback

    my feedback is short: roll back to 7.whatever, fix the interface and adjust strafing and manual drops. testing legends on console right now and nobody really misses CVs but people are concerned what they see whats happening on PC.
  3. KaLeuWillenbrock

    which class of ship to play

    carrier off course. no reason needed. They are the strongest class right now.
  4. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    yeah … right. good thing i only play mid tier anymore. T-61 and belfast are balanced compared to this … thing.
  5. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Tired of this.

    they are using cover for their advance. cruisers at that tier are floating citadels and get deleted very fast. They want to play for more than 5 minutes. Its not really brave but understandable.
  6. i really hate it when i am not proven wrong. i said, that the 1/4 pen buss might be too much in combination with IFHE. People called me a downer and a hater. Yet i was right. sucks to be right i tell you.
  7. KaLeuWillenbrock


    you abuse your concealment advantage, get close, smoke up and use your hydro to nail him at short distances. If he charges nose in, use HE. When he turns in for torpedoes, switch back to AP and prepare for a torpedo run. … and sacrifice 100 virgins to rngesus.
  8. but adding more and more radar to the game is going to kill DD gameplay as a whole. but we only want to kill haragumo and khaba … right? this can only be done by nerfing the haragumo before its too late.
  9. wrong answer. why? Because radar does not specifically counter the haragumo - it counters all DDs. we are talking about a specific counter to the new t10 gunboat. buffing the khaba is also a very bad idea, because it would nerf all other ships. the best thing to do, is nerfing the haragumo to a balanced level. Nerfing fire chance could be a thing but actually, i would nerf the penetration of the HE shells. Otherwise, it counts cruisers as well as DDs with very high effectivity. they should adjust the raw penetration of the HE shell from 25mm to 20mm. This way, she would be good against DDs and superstructures without IHFE. With IFHE, she would still be able to damage light cruisers with her 27mm of penetration. heavy cruisers however, would still need AP and fires (and superstructure). this way, she would have a counter without some [edited] buffing of still op ships.
  10. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    i never said that the t-61 is weak. i said that she has weaknesses, that can be exploited. big difference. I even said that She is strong but her strength comes from high concealment and her AP-dpm. The concealment bonus is mostly eaten up by the lousy turret traverse and her AP can be made useless by angling. she is strong but not as strong as some people want her to make.
  11. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    and i can still smoke a t-61 with a dedicated DD hunter. she is a hybrid - a good hybid but her HE dpm is lousy and HE dpm is what counts when you fight a real DD player. its pretty simple to counter the t-61 as a DD. Angle bow in or kite away. Her AP will bounce and 50% of the threat is gone. against a farragut, you are going to have a hard time. Sure. You outspot the farragut but your advantage is gone once you fire your guns. the only bad thing a DD can do in a fight against a t-61 is showing broad side. In this case, the AP will shred the DD. when you fight a higher tiered DD (what is going to happen a lot), you will suffer. Imagine facing a gadja mada or haida. the t-61 can not even force both ships to trade damage, because both ships have juicy double barrel front turrets with excellent HE. The haida even outspots the t-61 by 400m. i dont really know why people here always play the IJN DD card? IJN DDs are weak against other DDs. Its their weakness to compensate their good concealment. Its like saying: "belfast is weak, because BBs can delete her with one salvo".
  12. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Noob DD has no Camo!

    on DDs, every meter counts.
  13. KaLeuWillenbrock

    T-61 looks broken and overpowered?

    and don't forget the horrible turret traverse. this ship cries out for a captain with expert marksman for me, she is a must buy. German DDs have basically become my main line and mid tier is where i like to play. She will have a spot next to my z-39 and my haida.
  14. KaLeuWillenbrock

    German DD T61 vs Z39

    for me, its the opposite. the t-61 is perfect for my z-52 captain. on the other hand … my maass Captain could need a few training sessions as well. He is only 15.
  15. KaLeuWillenbrock

    What ships do you play for enjoyment and not-grinding?

    there are lots of ships I simply play for fun. premiums: Warspite, Perth, Vampire, Haida (!!!), Z-39, graf spee, Monaghan, Belfast (aka HMS cancer) - to an extend Prinz Eugen (mostly in ranked) techtree: Gaede, Maass, Yorck, Leander, Fiji, königsberg mid tier ships in general. Less radar, more action and to everyone's surprise - less brain dead gameplay.