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  1. Scharnhorst 50% Discount 7/20!!!!!

    Well. it was a reason not to spend money during summer sale. its a kick to the quad for all long tine customers.
  2. New incoming commander

    @LittleWhiteMouse for Commonwealth! as a haida-commander! do it wg! but i want jingles too!
  3. RN Destroyer Preview

    i am doing quite good with her as well. she definitely is an amazing ship but hardly op. That's what i wanted to point out. A ship can be amazing of you can compensate the downsides. Its quite difficult to compensate all of the haidas shortcomings. but saying that she has high HE dpm is only right in theory and vs large targets, that can't torp you an are far away while you are in smoke. against DDs, you can only use two turrets most of the time, because you otherwise catch torpedoes are your target outruns you. knife fights are her bread and butter but its a dmg trade every time.
  4. Ultimate frontier: still a mess

    too many tier 7 ships spawn at the end. too much HE spam. You can't out-dps them. even in a gadja made or haida, you are not able to out-dps th le three mahans. Let alone the other ships. I played belfast, Fiji and haida in that ops. my haida results are quite ok. 140k damage are totally ok for a DD. my belfast-results are comparable. problem is, that the whole team needs to know exactly what to do. One [edited] and the whole try is doomed. examples: only one ship tries to defend the repair base? Forget about it. You are missing raw dpm. The repair base gets overrun and you lose. the BB in the north can't sink the Dallas and the Atlanta? you lose fighters and the scenario get even harder. nobody shoots the two DDs at the beginning? The forts get either severely weakened or even destroyed. all those examples lead to a defeat. remember. Most people who play scenarios are not really the top-pvp played with lots of experience. if at least torpedoes were remotely working against the bots, the scenario would be doable but the bots dodge like masters and shoot like snipers.
  5. RN Destroyer Preview

    you pick the wrong fight, because you charged into the enemy without knowing where the haida is. if you are an IJN DD you have to play it a bit more on the safe side. How do you play with radar around? Do you charge into the cap or do you play a bit more passive? I would go for passive. the haida turns like a brick and she is relatively slow. Once she is spotted, she eats damage like a german DD. her theoretical HE dmp is great but you can't use the aft turret without showing broadside or losing distance. That reduces jer practical dpm by 1/3.
  6. RN Destroyer Preview

    No. i look at its concealment and the capabilities to choose who to fight. A conqueror is a yamatos worst nightmare, because the raw HE damage counters the yamatos biggest strong point - the ability to overmatch bows. concealment, zombie-heal (rightfully nerfed) insane HE alpha, can be played like a flanking cruiser, high fire chance. it outspots every other DD and even a lot of cruisers. If the conqueror is played more like a cruiser, the BB is in serious trouble.
  7. RN Destroyer Preview

    conqueror not op. i stopped reading right there.
  8. Haida - Hat Trick Accomplished

    oh yes. we are enjoying the ride on the razors edge. but - You are not a full fledged haida Captain until you get your first close quarters expert achievement. i am now on 41,5k average damage and a little over 1.1 average kills per battle. Once you make her work, 80k+ games are not a problem anymore. but it takes effort. but people already call this ship op or at least borderline op. Total [edited] imo. one of my best games so far.
  9. RN Destroyer Preview

    haida OP? sure … she is an anti-DD-DD. gadja, maass, Leningrad and z-39 can at least make her trade so much damage, that an encounter is not wanted by the haida. at least on EU, there are few haidas around and mostly good to very good players play her. she is not op - she only has two things, that are good concealment and HE alpha. The rest is either mediocre, meh or bad. if you eat her torpedoes, you were not paying attention. If you get gunned down by her, you picked the wrong fight. If she burns you down, you managed your consumables wrong. If she catches you off guard in your smoke and hydro's you, you are an idiot. plain and simple.
  10. RN Destroyer Preview

    don't worry wargaming will give them the "royal navy treatment". both previous royal navy lines were mediocre but balanced when they started development. Then, people complained, that they were not good enough and wg buffed them … and they did not stop buffing them. both royal navy lines were major power creeps and the third kind will not be any different. Shane that the haida will not be buffed together with their cousins.
  11. that's what DD players have to do with every f&%#$ patch. _ we adapt and overcome the next [edited] to make our lives harder and harder. if you get dropped by a CV in a des moines, you had bad luck or you were not paying attention that's all. a Hindenburg turns like a brick and either has def AA or hydro. Desmo can have both. get over it or run AA build.
  12. RN Destroyer Preview

    German DDs are still the masters of hydro. Their range is unmatched on any tier. The royal navy DDs are only tougher to crack and you have to stay out of their hydro range - at tier ten, that's no problem at all. Even on tier six, you have a 1km buffer. The RN DD smokes up, the german DD does not fire immediately and gets unspotted. He sneaks up slowly and spots the RN DD. Torpedos in first and then HE or AP en masse. Until the RN DD reacts, lots of HP will be gone. however, brawling DDs are irrelevant in the current meta of four+ radars per side.
  13. because you were camping behind an island he rng was smiling upon him? desmo getting blapped - my sympathies are limited.
  14. Losing Motivation

    i take a break. a few months off are really working out for me.
  15. sometimes, carrying the game is not enough.