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  1. Fubuki Tips

    You definitely need to free XP past the stock torps. I have no idea how anyone would make them work. It honestly doesn't seem very sensible for the ship to even exist that way. You can definitely early cap/scout but you need to get better with exit strategy. Go into a cap with your ship angled so that you will get behind hard cover by just accelerating. Then, if you do get spotted/radar'd, you just need to hit W and scoot toward the cover (while hopefully giving a couple of pot shots/dumping torps as you go). In terms of the tech tree split, the alternate line that ends right now in Akizuki is the "gunboat line", although only Akizuki is actually a gunboat. The rest are just kind of normal IJN torpedo boats for the most part. Akizuki is a totally different beast. Only one set of torpedo launchers, but a monster set of 8 100mm rapid fire guns. Because of their small caliber, you will struggle to deal damage without IFHE, so a dedicated captain, with at least 14 points, is really needed to run it. Without IFHE you can't even penetrate the 19mm armor on higher tier destroyers/any battleship superstructure. With it though, and you are a monster. I caught a broadside Roon in a cyclone with his guns pointed the wrong way, and put over 27k of damage into him with guns before he could even get his turrets turned. Most DDs, if they are hard charging into a cap, won't survive to even turn around when you spot them.
  2. My body is ready for Worcester

    Fletcher and Yugumo are both considerably better than their Tier X counterparts to me. Fletcher especially so. Fletcher is so much better than Gearing in basically every way that Gearing's latest buff is getting Fletcher torpedoes. Fletcher is so good Flambass once mentioned that "you can tell if someone is a stat padder if they have the most of their DD games in Fletcher". So, some Tier 9's are really good.
  3. Where is thegun boat line?

    I don't really agree that BFT does much for these ships. BFT has diminishing returns the higher the initial rate of fire. For 3 captain points, you are getting a whopping 0.3 seconds of reload time. My preferred Aki build is: PM/AR/LS/SE/(DE or SI)/CE/IFHE Personally I prefer DE over SI, but, Aki benefits greatly from speed boosting, dakka'ing from smoke, and the TRB. Really any ship with 3 consumables is going to be a good candidate for SI. That said, you will start a LOT of fires with DE. I have also seen/heard of: PT/PM/LS/SE/CE/IFHE/RPF - To specialize in DD hunting. I think right now with DD populations suppressed and shy about capping anyway, this is less optimal. However, Aki is exceptional at DD hunting, like, god-tier, and it is definitely really fun. A great tactic with build 1 is just harassing to the point of forcing an effective enemy suicide. Yesterday I had a GK, Richelleu, and I believe a Hipper all focusing on taking me down, to the point that they completely ignored an NC and Yamato walking right up to them and blapping them from 6km in the middle of shatter. The psychological impact of nonstop HE spam is intense. People will lose their minds dropping everything to get you to JUST STOP SHOOTING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT.
  4. Where is thegun boat line?

    Yeah it's very confusing. The ships in the line up to Akizuki are just ijn torpedo boats. Makes it very frustrating to have your Aki captain on them. Speaking of, your Akizuki captain will need IFHE if you want to do damage.
  5. Best Ship to Inflate WTR?

    The answer is Fletcher. It is the platonic ideal of DD. It is the perfect destroyer, hands down. Gearing is horrid in comparison. Fletcher is the stat paddingest boat on the game for sure.
  6. Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    I have a 12% torp hit rate in mine without TA. I didn't want to respec my normal IJN DD captain, so I run: PM/LS/AR/SE/TAE/RPF/CE. Definitely would suggest getting closer to BBs. I haven't played as much since the US Cruiser event/radar rush, but even in the few Ive played since - you gotta get in at 10km and under. I cap and spot too while I'm doing it. Most of the time I try to do this at B cap/a central spot. This way I can more easily react to wherever the biggest glob of BBs heads to. I put a priority on BBs advancing on my cruisers. The best way to team play in Asashio is not trying to make it something it isn't, it's using those strengths for the good of the team. The biggest threat enemy BBs present is deleting your cruisers. Your cruisers can protect you from those other DDs, they just need to be able to peak out to do so. Getting rid of the battleships that will delete them when they try to support you goes a long way.
  7. I have done stuff like this as well. The other day a Tirpitz that had been stationary suddenly decided to rush across a cap inhabited by 2 Battleships, 2 cruisers, and a DD. I knew that he was there but had no reason to suspect he wanted to just suicide like that. I thought he was bow tanking and waiting for them to come around an island. Anyway still the fault of the launcher, but, I don't really sweat it. A couple games of pink doesn't really mean anything, and these are random, not a competitive format.
  8. Yugumo 12km Torpedo Upgrade?

    Honestly get them and don't rush to Shima, because Yugumo is way better than Shima lol. Savor it!
  9. Asashio regrets

    I think early on you could be a bit more patient - especially that first reload boost, both those torps were blind and while you did get one hit, you probably could have had a massive volley on the BB in A. I also wouldn't have lingered around B for so long. Almost all BBs on the enemies side of this map go to A or hang around that island gap, so I'd have pushed I think a bit more there. Ultimately though no DD would have salvaged this game. Your entire team crawled into a turtle shell at C and didn't listen to a thing/fire on any priority target.
  10. Asashio regrets

    Yet I'm at a 60% WR in it with around 80 games. Clearly it's not a liability for everyone. Deleting BBs quickly means your cruisers can push up more. Cruisers pushing up more means enemy DDs run out of places to be and die. Suddenly it's very easy to win. You'd be amazed what removing an advancing BB for a First Blood does for your team.
  11. Asashio regrets

    Tier 10 MM is best for Asashio. It simply doesn’t care what tier your floating HP pool is. 10 just means more HP to drain. No ship out spots you. Only Kagero and Harekaze match you, otherwise you outspot everything. Your torps are fantastic at hitting any BB. Basically if you do well in Yugumo, you will wreck house in Asashio.
  12. Radar has ruined dd play

    That right there is a great example. I feel like someone at WG should address that specifically. How the hell was that XP calculated?
  13. The worst torps but i like them.

    An incident where I somehow torpedo beat an entire 12 torp spread from an Okhotnik while in my own Okhotnik is what made me decide to turn on replay recording. That moment getting lost forever is a damn tragedy.
  14. The worst torps but i like them.

    I liked @UrPeaceKeeper's joke about the design process that went something like. "Hey, Dimitri, how do we fit 7 guns and 12 torpedoes on this?". "Da, is no problem! I just cut ship in middle and add another 300 meters, we be done in no time!"
  15. The worst torps but i like them.

    Bro those are AMAZING in Okhotnik lol.