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  1. tenfingerstentoes

    Small Quibbles and how to fix them. Part 1

    I'll tell you what if you give my DM a 32mm bow you can give it a 2mm stern I don't care, haha. Literally insane proposal.
  2. tenfingerstentoes

    So Ranked CV's Balanced?

    In a 7v7 it’s extremely hard to accomplish that at all times, but also 1100hp a sec would be more damage than two Moskvas would put out, or close to it. Further, the issue is that all of the other buffs are generally offset - ships on both sides get buffs. Ships with hp buffs face off vs ships with reload buffs etc. There are no AA buffs, planes just get better and ships can’t do anything to keep up.
  3. tenfingerstentoes

    So Ranked CV's Balanced?

    Of course it does damage, it does its DPS worth of damage every second. The planes are regenerating more hp than the Moskva can deal. This was before the 0.3% patch, at 1% the planes were regenerating a little over 1100hp/sec, far beyond what the Moskva can deal. Since there is no skill involved in AA, it's just math.
  4. tenfingerstentoes

    WG broke ranked with their obtuse cvs

    This didn't need to be tested in any environment. You just look at the numbers immediately and anyone can tell something is wrong. A plane regenerating 500 hp/sec effectively eliminates 500 AA DPS, which is more than a lot of the AA you will ever be ABLE to see. It's not uncommon to stack more than 2 of those buffs as well. With the 4 that the video example shows those planes are regenerating 1000hp/sec. You don't need to test that to understand that it is WAY out of balance with the ship buffs, it's just plainly obvious.
  5. tenfingerstentoes

    WG broke ranked with their obtuse cvs

    I mean, literally didn't even need to be. It would become glaringly obvious just making a spreadsheet with AA values and plane HP regen values with the buffs to see how far out of whack this throws plane survivability. It's honestly like someone just spitballed a number on day 1 as a placeholder and nobody bothered to change it. Deeper still is the issue that the buff system is meant to counter itself internally - HP regen buffs on ships are offset by gun reload buffs, for example. There are no AA buffs, planes only ever get better, and never face any increase in difficulty to offset it.
  6. tenfingerstentoes

    WG broke ranked with their obtuse cvs

    It's very definitely a problem at 1%. At 0.3% its still a problem, mainly because buffs are meant to offset one another, but there is no buff that increases AA DPS. Planes can only ever get more tanky, not less. This is in contrast to ship interactions where a ship with HP regen buffs is likely to face off against a ship with main gun reload buffs. Planes just get better with no additional threats.
  7. tenfingerstentoes

    Most optimal 7-ship Clan Division for Clan Battles

    Well, EGIRL was so dominant last season with 4 Kleber, Shima, Stalin, Stalin, Kremlin that they were both #1 and #2 on NA (they formed another clan mid season and got it to #2). This season they are doing about the same (although mixing in a more traditional comp as well). So, I'd say that's definitely the best composition if you can play it right. The margin of error is slim though.
  8. Sure it doesn't matter how good they are, and just that they're dead, but bad players die early more often, ergo, a team of bad players is more likely to have someone die early, ergo, a team of bad players is more likely to get steamrolled.
  9. Yes, and bad players are more likely to die early, leading to their team snowballing - when one team has all blue/purple players, and the other has all red/orange, guess who's players are going to die first, and begin their teams' descent?
  10. tenfingerstentoes

    Upcoming balance changes for various ships announced.

    I don't see how this is the case though? Gaishus CB strat has a Shima out in front spotting for the Klebs anyway vs DDs, and against cruisers, the Klebs still out spot you, and you still have the issue then of 4 Klebers being able to outright delete a light cruiser before it can even shift it's rudder. It seems like this impacts more in randoms, where sure the gunboating you'll do 90% of the time is the same, but it will limit options in niche scenarios even more.
  11. tenfingerstentoes

    Hot take: Kleber needs more of a nerf than Smolensk

    How many wins did you guys get against Gaishu this season? If one ship is so good that the winning strategy in competitive is "play four of them", and there is no possible counter to it when well played, it's a dumb unbalanced design. Whether or not it's too much for randoms... Ehhh. It's just a dumb design though and clearly ripe for abuse. Also introducing CVs to regular clan battles means probably the top 2 or 3 clans in the world stop playing, so probably not a good idea.
  12. tenfingerstentoes

    Hot take: Kleber needs more of a nerf than Smolensk

    The problem was 4 Klebers together, played well, were unstoppable. Any DD just dies. Light cruisers last literally seconds. Minotaurs and Smolensks just die in the first 4x Kleber AP volley. Des Moines would last 30-45 seconds under sustained fire from all 4. Stalingrads burn down within a minute or so. BBs just get yolo'd. It's a dumb ship
  13. tenfingerstentoes

    Hot take: Kleber needs more of a nerf than Smolensk

    Then again you should know better than most how OP Kleber is, since the clan that ran 4 of them from day 1 this season was so good they formed another clan so they could be both #1 and #2 on the leaderboard, with well over 90% win rates. Kleber is absolutely game breaking OP when played well. A pack of 4 Klebers literally couldn’t be stopped for an entire CB season, by the best clans worldwide. its dumb
  14. tenfingerstentoes

    Indomitable Review - Impotent

    Seriously how is this dude not a CC? Does anyone else even do legit CV content?
  15. In the last beta test you could dev strike any sub at periscope depth by just dropping RN CV carpet bombs in the general area the sub was in. In battle results you would see 0 hits for full health damage. HE Splash damage annihilates subs at periscope depth and it doesn't need to be particularly accurate.