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  1. tenfingerstentoes

    Ranked Sprint / T7

    Ranked out mostly in a Nelson/Boise Zombie div (seriously, not dying is very OP). Had a little bit a double Scharnhorst fun (totally wrecking some over-confident Sinop's in the process), and a couple DD games at the end. My only complaint is that it only took us a couple hours to blast through it. Wish we could just rank out again, even for 0 rewards. I love these lower tier Sprints. Maybe T6 next?
  2. Sure but like, that's basically what Stalingrad/Bourgogne are now as well. You have to put in a ton of time in Ranked/Clan Wars to get them. I can definitely understand frustration about that, but it's at least a system that has a basis in how it's always worked.
  3. But, you don't have to? You're missing out on a couple of ships and some cosmetics, there's still literally hundreds of other ships to play/strive toward, and the rest is purely cosmetic?
  4. So then don't do it? Ohio and Colbert are highly narrow focused ships with a pretty limited playstyle, which is kind of great for this. If you don't like the play style then no effort needed. They also aren't the sort of ships that are going to throw off a competitive balance. The rest of the rewards being cosmetic means you're just missing out on some cosmetics. This is a legitimate system, there are plenty of people, myself included, who will have fun re-grinding through some lines, and cool cosmetics and a unique ship will be totally worth it for us. Straight performance buffs was always the absolute no-go, and now that we're not going there, great!
  5. tenfingerstentoes

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    My issue is simply the rewards. They absolutely should not be buffs to ship performance. I would be happy to do this grind for steel and coal. I could see it for special camos , maybe picking what ship I could put the camo on the same way the current plan has it for the buffs. In game emblems, maybe stripes or a special tag next to our name in the battle roster. Literally anything other than permanent ship performance buffs would be fine.
  6. tenfingerstentoes

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    To think I was considering buying some crates to make up the missing tokens for a Benham. No way now, no way at all. This is SHOCKINGLY bad.
  7. tenfingerstentoes

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    @RadarX @Sub_Octavian This is absolutely the worst idea I have ever seen presented in a dev blog. To the point that I had to wonder if there's somewhere on Earth where today is April 1. This should never have even left the drawing board of someone's imagination, let alone made it to a dev blog. You will literally delete your game overnight if this happens.
  8. tenfingerstentoes

    New Ripple Fire, I hate it

    The best reason for the new ripple fire https://clips.twitch.tv/PerfectCallousClipsdadCclamChamp
  9. tenfingerstentoes

    Trying to be civilly critical here, can we do that?

    @Sub_Octavian I'm curious - do you track player engagement relative to skill? For example, using an aggregate metric like PR to classify players into various skill buckets, and track games played by skill level? I ask because I feel the vast majority of quit posts, complaints about CVs in general, and complaints about lack of clan engagement are coming from disproportionately a higher percentage of above average / great / unicum players and Typhoon and Hurricane clans. I feel that the effect of the 'meta shift' of reducing the value of concealment impacts those players in particular. WoWS is fundamentally a game of angles, and those angles are found by getting places the enemy doesn't expect you in. The less that is able to happen, the less skill can be employed. I worry that while overall player levels might be ok, the gradual 'brain drain' of losing mainly the most skilled players could have a snowball effect.
  10. tenfingerstentoes

    New Ripple Fire, I hate it

    Im not sure why but in the old system, with BFT and AR with less than 50% health, the guns would maintain a perfect rhythm from start to finish. Either 0.3 was really like 0.38 or something else is going on.
  11. tenfingerstentoes

    New Ripple Fire, I hate it

    See my post - with the .3 second delay certain ships were unable to utilize their full DPM in ripple fire mode
  12. tenfingerstentoes

    New Ripple Fire, I hate it

    It's in the patch notes. I presume it was added because certain very quick reloading ships (Harugumo for example), would have their RoF significantly nerfed by using ripple fire, as they could not cycle through all of their guns with the .3 second delay between shots fast enough.
  13. tenfingerstentoes

    8.4 same old

    I think the issue is a self-imposed impasse. In order for CV gameplay to be fun and interesting (and therefore popular), CVs have to be able to continually get strikes in. Most people likely wouldn't enjoy constantly flying around avoid AA no fly zones hoping to get only an occasional strike in before AA deleted their planes. However, this is directly at odds with surface ship enjoyment. Even if the CVs aren't as overpowered as Im sure you of all people remember, they are significantly more frustrating for the chosen targets. Ancillary to this is frustration for the ships near the chosen targets, because while not actually "constantly" spotted, they are quite often spotted by virtue of being near the intended target. Because the core of the CV gameplay relies on guaranteed repeated strikes and fast cycling of flights, it's an un-ending relentless slog of wave after wave of planes. When people speak of wanting an effective counterplay, they mean that they want to, if they chose to spec fully into AA on an AA focused ship, completely deny any planes access to that area, at any time. The problem of course is that this would significantly cut into the enjoyment factor for the CV player. I don't have any good solutions to this core rift in gameplay goals. I've thought about it for a long long time. The only change that I think would help and also not severely impact CV player enjoyment would be changing air spotting to Minimap only. This would at least curtail the constant spotting frustration while honestly impacting the CVs enjoyment very little. However, we've heard from Sub Octavian that this is apparently not even on the table. I believe you have created a truly impossible situation for yourselves here.
  14. tenfingerstentoes

    CVs focusing DDs all game, is it always a winning strategy?

    Its not especially hard to light a fire on a CV, it's just that CV fires last 5 seconds maximum. Not a typo.
  15. tenfingerstentoes

    Why No Arms Race for Ranked Season 12?

    Yeah, the top XP thing has me thinking that in almost all situations the CV is going to be saving the star. They will almost always die last, they can rack up tons of defense ribbons, they can damage multiple targets easily, and of course sicne they will die last they will be able to likely rack up more damage etc. I don't see many situations, especially with a competent CV, that they don't save their star. Honestly I stopped playing CV for a number of reasons but I might just have to go back to it for ranked because I can't think of anything worse than enduring a season where I have no hope of saving a star in a loss no matter what.