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  1. Top WOWS youtubers?

    One I haven't seen mentioned here yet that I've been enjoying recently is TheSailingRobin. Very good level headed commentary and very tight tactical play. Odd quirk in that he only uploads videos where he gets a Kraken.
  2. 100 MM Guns After The Buff

    Harugumo is an amazing DD. Also, a complete list of when to use wide spread torpedoes:
  3. Akatsuki, the start of a beautiful thing

    I consider Haida a huge buff for the Akizuki. Especially since it got sold as "a powerful gunboat" and lots of people bought it just because they enjoy touring the ship/are Canadian Navy fans. That thing is positively food for Akizuki, and 3/4 of the Haida captains happily walk right into the fight because they think they can win it.
  4. A question for DD captains

    Reality has nothing to do with World of Warships gameplay, it doesn't matter what a BB sized shell would do (reminder, for example, that single torpedoes frequently did things like tear cruisers in half or rip their entire bow or stern off). The point is it unnecessarily imbalances the rock/paper/scissors game balance. The "extraordinary aim" doesn't so much factor into this - dispersion and the size of the target at that distance makes the hits pretty much up to RNG so long as your shells are in the area. It's also counter to what the game itself tells you - switching to HE for DDs. In a Battleship, the actual mechanics give you no such incentive. Really though, I was just disagreeing with your point that you shouldn't be in a position where getting spotted puts you in a situation where you're taking shells from multiple CAs/BBs. You absolutely should be in that situation at some point in nearly every game.
  5. A question for DD captains

    It's actually the exact opposite man. If you aren't being at least somewhat aggressive in your positioning, you are far too passive and not doing enough for your team. Especially so in any gunboat or hybrid. Just watch the Flamu video above explaining it. A super unicum, top 0.1% of all DD players globally has had this occur to him, and gets spotted near multiple targets all the time, and says exactly that in the video.
  6. A question for DD captains

    Absolutely. But then, if you broadside cruisers, you're screwed. So DDs are in a damned if you do damned if you don't situation whenever they get spotted near anything more than one ship.
  7. It's not a CL at all, before the nerf it's got 5.9km detection. Ok, so it's not Kagero but it's pretty stealthy as is. Khaba is a CL, Aki is definitely a DD and can and should do DD things like contest caps.
  8. With every DD other than I guess Khaba, the first 10 points, no matter what, should always be Preventative Maintenance, Last Stand, Survivability Expert, Concealment Expert. With the 100mm buff, there are at least now two viable options for Akizuki from there: Adrenaline Rush, Demolition Expert or Superintendent, IFHE -- Basically play like the old Aki only now you take a cruiser that you run into, and you melt it like an icecube in hell. Adrenaline Rush, Demolition Expert or Superintendent, RPF -- You find the DD. You find the DD and you end it. BFT is not worth it for the reload buff, and you barely see any carriers anymore. Demo expert is not just for the raw DPM, it's because very often the torp hits you get on people are going to be one out of your small spread of 4, so you want that fire chance to stick a perma fire on them before running off.
  9. A question for DD captains

    This is why:
  10. - IAMCOMMANDER - Time to VOTE

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels this way about Flamu. I don't care at all about the swear words. It's the constant berating of everyone around him that kills it. It fosters a toxic culture where people who follow him feel they are entitled to act the same way. He accepts no criticism, no questions, has no concern for others. We all get frustrated at teammates who may have made poor decisions. The point is though in random battles, the games are for everyone to have fun, be they amazing or terrible. I voted for Flambass, because not only is he an amazing player technically, he's not above laughing at himself, he's not above doing silly things, and he's willing to let things slide when they need to.
  11. Kitakaze, Haregumu.. theory craft and preplanning

    Having watched many Harugumo games on streams, it is not going to replace Shimakaze for people who like doing Shimakaze things. It's an entirely different experience. The torp reload is glacial, like 3 minutes long. There is no chance this is going to replace Shima in anyone's mind. Now, it might very well do better stat wise than Shima, but, it's not a torp boat and won't replace one.
  12. No, just.... no....
  13. DD XP distribution... feels bad man...

    @Sweetsie you realize that a lot of high tier cruisers have detectability lower or close to their radar range? Spotting them can mean instant death, especially if as you're suggesting, you do that spotting in open ocean. I'm not saying reward damage on spotting 1:1 with weapon damage. 50% maybe? It's a valuable job and it makes or breaks lots of games. It only makes sense. Think about how many times you're in a light cruiser, dying for targets to shoot at while in cover. Reward people for doing that spotting and everyone benefits.
  14. DD XP distribution... feels bad man...

    217k spotting damage is incredible. That's over 2 tier 10 BBs worth of damage done solely because of where he put his ship. As far as I can tell spotting damage isn't rewarded in any way which is awful. He absolutely should have been top of his team. They wouldn't have gotten the kills without the spotting.
  15. On Islands of Ice I typically go into B cap, and turn so that my bow is pointed to take cover behind the little island on the edge. You get radar'd, you scoot out, then you scoot back and cap on cooldown. You should always try to cap, always. That said this Shima's behavior is dumb