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  1. tenfingerstentoes

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    I'm pretty sure there has to be a PR handbook out there that lists "We're awfully sorry" under a heading titled "never begin your corporate apology with....". It's like you're TRYING to sound insincere.
  2. tenfingerstentoes

    KOTS is fun to watch but...

    Uh, the minimap is the MOST critical element. Can we get a KotS cast that is just the minimap actually?
  3. tenfingerstentoes

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    You clearly have never shot at a broadside Minotaur, Worcester, Des Moines, Moskva, Smolensk, etc in a Kleber. The real problem is if they use the current German 150, which has absolutely terrible penetration. Kleber at 15km has more pen than German 150 does at 8km.
  4. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    Whether or not he was upset with it has no bearing on the "conversation" as it was. Also I probably just turned it off after 48 minutes because I got tired of you not listening to or addressing any of the points El2 brought up.
  5. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    His "conversation" with El2azer was 48 minutes of him talking over El2, not responding to any of his points, and going on long tangents completely unrelated to any topic at hand (like Magic the Gathering instant spells). Also, it might help better to contextualize World of Warships has a vision control game that has a naval combat graphical overlay. Nothing in the game or about the game has any bearing on historical Naval combat beyond how it looks
  6. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    Try to understand this: Nobody cares if it is numerically balanced or not, nobody cares about whether or not there is some "communication problem" with regard to an impact they have vs CVs. Nobody cares about what a CV player thinks about those things either, because by now, they have had 2 years to experience it firsthand. The overwhelming majority of players do not like interacting with them. At all, on any level. Ever. Game modes and events where there are no CVs are popular. Game modes and events with CVs see massive drop offs in popularity as people quickly lose interest. Better skilled and competitive level players are leaving the game more and more, and clans are consolidating down into fewer and fewer high level competitive clans because they just don't care to smash their heads into the brick wall of CV interaction any longer. No matter what spreadsheet of interactions you lay out before them it will not make it fun. It can not make it fun. YOU need to understand that YOU are ignoring the VAST MAJORITY of your PEERS. In your own clan and in other Hurricane clans, who still play for those fleeting moments where DESPITE the absolutely horrid implementation of CVs, they can still manage to eek out some fun with their friends. Those moments are dwindling, and the players along with it. So, maybe you should literally just take a step back and try to understand why so many people dislike the interaction, and ignore your numbers based argument for while statistically it might be OK, sometimes, to the vast majority of players, it just sucks.
  7. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    No one is arguing if it CAN be used, like, DUH, it's there and by some measure is "balanced" by the numbers. Nobody cares about that. What matters is both: is it a fun and satisfying contest of skill between the two participants, and is it exploitable to a degree that a sufficiently skilled CV can exert an unreasonable advantage. It is simply not fun, and not a test of skill, to just be at the mercy of endless CV strikes with nothing meaningful to be done by you about it. Even if you manage to mitigate long enough to survive. Even if you win. Even if numerically the interaction was "balanced". It's bad game design because as people become better at the game they will dislike it more and more, precisely because of that design.
  8. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    Right - so in the D&D example, first of all we're talking about the player using a taunt on an NPC (typically), and not another player. So, off the bat we're comparing a PvE to a PvP mechanic. Secondly, in the D&D example, the creature has a direct and easy method to avoid the extra damage. In the WoWS example, not only are we forcing this mechanic on another player in a PvP setting, they just always take damage no matter what they do. Either they dodge the torps, and eat shells, or they dodge the shells, and eat torps. The cruiser will take damage whether or not its behind the island if the CV wants it to. It has no agency at all in the interaction. The "protagonist" bit is more of a general outlook on this one. Because you have chosen it, of course it must be good. Therefore your arguments are all made from a position wherein CVs can never be bad for the game, can never be a negative overall impact, and can never be the morally wrong choice. Because you, the protagonist of your own life, have chosen them.
  9. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    I bounce BB shells all the time in a Minotaur, by using the part of the ship that can't be overmatched. You literally DO angle against overmatch.
  10. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    Even this extremely overwrought and convoluted comparison doesn't make sense on it's face. The mechanic of dropping torps to force a broadside is not "You need to do this, OR you'll receive X amount of damage", it is "receive X amount of damage, or receive Y amount of damage instead" (with actually an option to sometimes receive XY damage). The problem is that there is never any mitigation or trade. It is only "get spotted by the CV, and therefore take damage". Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over..... Your arguments all feel as though they come from a perspective of "I am the protagonist in my world, therefore my choice must be right". Perhaps you should take a step back, and consider the overwhelming majority of dissenting opinions, the continual erosion and collapse of the competitive scene and flight of better players for what it is: a reaction to a wholly unfun set of mechanics. That's really what it boils down to. Because the interaction is entirely decided on by the CV, thus eliminating almost all of the skill based interaction between the two players, the more time and energy you have invested into developing those interactive skills, the more put off you are by their irrelevance in the face of CVs.
  11. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    Yeah maybe the problem here is the 240 knot aerial spotting beacon with bombs attached to it and not the turning.
  12. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    So your suggestion, when spotted in the open in front of enemy ships by a CV is "slow down and don't turn much". Fantastic idea.
  13. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    Unironically doing anything other than backing up from the start in a no-smoke DD in a CV game is a misplay.
  14. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    Don't forget even if you do manage to smoke up, good CVs know exactly where to drop in the smoke puff that has just that second been deployed, and unlike surface ships they suffer no penalty to the dispersion of their ordinance while doing so. Like, at the very least, CV reticles should always be a maximum dispersion while being dropped on a smokescreen.
  15. tenfingerstentoes

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    So, I just want to point out to most people this stance is just crazy. The DD has "agency" in that he can see his own death from 6-10km away. Agency would imply you could do something to change the outcome.